Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Baburaam asking what is happening. Raghu says this marriage is not happening. Everyone get shocked. Shivani feels dizziness. Sumitra asks, why did Karan refused for marriage. Shivani faints. Bella shouts babyji. Raghu holds her and panics. He makes her sit and asks what happened. Bella and Maya ask her to open the eyes. Baburaam sees blood on Shivani’s leg and says blood. Raghu removes the sandal and takes out blade from Shivani’s feet.

Raghu asks, how it came in her sandals. Gini gets shocked. Sumitra smiles. Raghu says, we shall take her to the hospital. He takes her in his arms. Gini tells Bella that she is responsible for babyji’s condition and cries. Bella says, you didn’t do any mistake. You penance is true. She asks her to be at home. Bella goes with Raghu and Shivani. Baburaam asks Rupesh to start the tempo. Sumitra offers to come, but Bella asks her to stay at home.

Raghu is holding Shivani and sitting in the tempo. He recalls Karan’s words that Shivani loves you and if you wants your babyji to be happy then marry her. Do Dil Bandhe Plays…………………………………….Shivani is still unconscious. He makes her rest on his shoulder. Sumitra comes inside and breaks the marriage altar. She says, I thought I would become the elder bahu of this house, but the marriage have broken and she acted to get unconscious in my Raghu’s arms.

Gini comes and asks what are you doing? Sumitra says, I will give answer to babyji. Gini says, so much blood have lost from her feet. Sumitra provokes Gini against Shivani. Gini says, you provoked me against babyji and I suffered because of you. Babyji always saved me. Sumitra gets irked.

Shivani is lying on the hospital bed. Raghu is standing on her bed side. Bella looks at Raghu. Sad music plays. Doctor comes and checks Shivani. Raghu says, why she is not getting consciousness. Doctor says, I don’t understand. Raghu asks, what is the matter. Bella says, she was not eating properly. Doctor asks, she might be suffering from some ailments. He tells that they will get the reports tomorrow morning and until then she will be kept under observation. Raghu gets tensed and feels bad. Bella asks her not to worry. Rupesh asks Bella to stay there.

Raghu asks Bella to go home. Bella agrees. Raghu sits at her bed side and looks at her. He holds her hands and says please get well soon. Please come in your consciousness. I can’t see you like this. He apologizes to her. He says, please wake up. I will do whatever you says. Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hain plays……………………………….

Bella comes home. Baburaam asks, where is babyji, Raghu and Rupesh. Bella says, babyji is still unconscious. Doctor is not understanding what has happened. Sumitra says, she just had blade cut. Maya tells Vivek that same case came in their hospital and later they came to know that she was acting. She says, truth will come out after the reports come. Bella says, you acts infront of babyji. She doesn’t act. She says, you have changed your colour. Maya says, I doubt on her. Why she is doing this.

Maya says, I can understand. Babyji is acting as everyone will ask her why her marriage called off. Bella asks Maya to shut her mouth. She says, it was babyji’s decision to marry. Bella asks her not to open her mouth. Maya says, you forgot her mistakes and praises babyji. She asks her to remember that she is bahu of this house and not babyji. Bella shouts and says babyji is bahu of this house. Nobody can raise a question on babyji and Raghu’s relation.

Baburaam asks them to end the matter. Maya tells Sumitra that she can feel how she is feeling now. She says, I pity on you. Sumitra says, do you really care for me. Maya says yes. Sumitra asks her to do her work. Maya says, I will help you. Sumitra says, I will throw her out of Raghu’s life. I will make Shivani unconscious in reality. Raghu asks the doctor about Shivani’s reports. Doctor asks him to come to his cabin. Raghu asks what happened. Is she alright? Doctor says, she is serious. She has a hole in her heart. Raghu gets shocked of his life.

Raghu asks, what is in this envelope. Maya says, I booked honeymoon package for you and Sumitra. Raghu tears the envelope. Raghu says, I am not going with Sumitra, but going to Mumbai with babyji. Shivani looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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