Different Shades Of Love – Episode 4

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“Obsession” what does the first thing comes in our mind
Nah love is not one there are too many obessions..
And here i comes with a obsession of drugs..
Yeah guys drugs when we are obsessed addicted to drugs it really gets hard to leave it infact impossible…
So here comes the story of swara who deals with this obessions and what actually her life took turn when her hero sanskaar came in her life…

Am man in his mids 20’s walking towards his cabin wearing blue shirt white coat and white jeans…
He reached his cabin and greeted a person
Man : hello mr. Shekhar gadodia its pleasure that you here…
Shekhar : pleasure is all mine Dr.Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : plz have a seat
They both sat
Sanskaar : so what made the famous business man mr. Shekhar gadodia here in in this rehab centre
Shekhar : actually dr…. my daughter swara she is addicted towards drugs… its became her obsession…
Sanskaar : so feom when she has started taking drugs.. i mean from school
Shekhar : are no no she was preety good when she was in school but as whole mumbai knows i dont have a perfect relationship with my wife and she left me… swara always wanted both of us together but it wasn’t possible… and swara started to be alone and then she stayed with me but she has distanced herself from me too then what happened i dont know when she was in her college final year i got a call from her principal that swara haven’t attend college feom past 1 month and at home she use to leave daily daily for college… then i searched for her… i found her with her friends and she was injecting herself with drugs that time i realised i was so much engrossed in my bussiness that first i let go my wife and then swara she isnt the same swara…
I tried everything but she has got so much addicted that once she was going to do suicide because i didnt let her use drugs..
Then i bought her here and i have heard that in your early age you have solved many cases… i beg you dr. Plz save her and bring her back i will give you plenty money just save her don’t let her die…
Sanskaar : sir plz calm down i will study her case and promise you that your daughter will be back…

Sanskaar then checked swara’s file
And he got to know that she has taken too much drugs that her body is destroying her from inside and if she doesn’t stop it now she will soon die….
Sanskaar then moved towards her chamber to see her…
Sanskaar pov

I entered her chamber and there she was sitting in corner
Wearing white frock little messy hairs puffed eyes seemed that she cried.. her perfect face she was so cute but why she was crying..
She was looking outside the window…
Sanskaar pov ends

Sanskaar : hmm hiiii swara
Swara looks at him
And he gave her his million dollar smile but she ignored and again started looking outside…
Swara : so you are my doctor see its better that let me go off here neither i will run away myself and then you couldn’t find me..
Sanskaar : so much confidence on yourself miss swara i will not let you go away from here..
Swara : you cant trap me drugs are my obesession and i cant leave them
Sanskaar : you can just try
Swara : and why should i try what is left for me my mom who is married to another man and his happy in her life or my dad who don’t get actually time to give her own daughter… what has life given me nothing… sometimes money isn’t enough…it cant buy happiness….
Ok you tell me how much money my dad has given you to keep me here i will give you double just let me go…
Sanskaar : swara let me clear you one thing i dont want any money coz i have lots i do all this coz i love it… and for your kind information i will not let you go from here… you will only step out when you will be absolutely fine…
Swara : ok then do whatever you want to do… you will never succeed…
Sanskaar smirks and went out
While swara just kept her head back and started to shiver as she started to carve for drugs but she kept quite and gone in her thoughts…

Sanskaar went to his mansion where he live all alone as he was orphan from birth but his dad has left a lots of money for him…
He works in rehabs as he likes to spend time with patients and make them recover soon…
He went to his room
And lay on bed

Sanskaar : first time in my life any girl has challenged me and this girl is different something is there which is attracting me towards her…
I promise you swara i will bring you out of darkness….
And he slept

Next day he reached rehab centre..
He goes to swara’s chamber…
And saw that the food was given to her was like that only and she was sleeping on floor looking all pale…
He got worried and tapped her cheeks
Sanskaar : swara swara
Swara wakes up
She started to clutch her head with her hands and she wanted drugs…
Sanakaar : swara what happened…
Swara looks at him
Swara : plz plz listen to me atleast one time give me my drugs for the last time i will never ever take it plz i beg you…
She was acting like mad
Sanskaar : swara come in senses swara
He shakes her and made him look in his eyes
Sanskaar : swara you dont need them..
Swara : i need them… i need them to live i cant live without them
Sanskaar : no you dont swara you can live without them… trust me
Swara : no you are lieing
He made her look in his eyes
Sanskaar : swara look at me i am lieing i am saying the truth… you dont need those things to live… they will only damage you nothing else…. i will make you fine as previous
Swara : and what if you fail
Sanskaar : i won’t because i can have that assurance in your eyes you want to live swara like old time but you are restricted to your this obessions but I promise i will make you leave this…
He left her swara was just looking at him as if she has given her heart to his words…

Days passed sanskaar was trying his 100% to swara to change swara also started ro get close to him she has started to open up she was bow slowly slowly becoming normal and stopped carving but till when..
Sanskaar was now confirmed towards his love for her but he first wanted her to be fine then he will confess her but swara she was confused at her own feelings she liked him but couldn’t recognize…

One day she realised that sanskaar has gone without locking the door…
She again got some black in front of her and she started to shiver and think of drugs she immediately ran away from there…
Sanskaar reached her cabin to meet her and saw it empty suddenly security came and informed him that she is escaping from her…
Sanskaar ran behind her
Swara goes to a nearby chemist shop
Swara : bhaiya plz give this medicines…
Man brings those dugs she gulped seeing it..
Man : mam money
She suddenly realised that she has no money…

Suddenly sanskaar saw her and hold her wrist
Sanskaar ; am sorry bhaiya we dont want any medicine thanks
And he started to take her again
While she was struggling
Swara : plz leave me i want that plz sanskaar let me go
While sanskaar shouted
Sanskaar : what do you think of yourself haa i am giving my so much effort in your case and you were just trying to run again for that stupid thing
Swara : so what should i do sanskaar i cant live without it i will die let me take one plz its making me die inside…
Sanskaar : swara why just cant you give your little effort…. you know i wanted to tell you all this after your treatment but by seeing all this i have to say that i love you… not because who you are but because how happy i become when i am with you… you dont know swara in these days when i was trying to make you fine your love towards nature your attitude has just blown my mind i just want you in my life…
Swara : no no this cant be poasible… sanskaar just look at me i dont have a future and yoy have your whole life please sanskaar live your life happily not with me who will make it hell..
Sanskaar : swara i know you also wanna live… swara just little more efforts than you will be fine plz swara trust me please…
Swara : please sanakaar dont do this you will be in great loss
Sanskaar : wrong swara by loving you and having is my great benefit… just some trust
Swara nodded…

Some days passed now swara health was inproving she has now started to live without drugs and now she has also fallen completely for her handsome man…

Sanskaar decided just few more days then her treatment will be complete then he will marry her and will keep her with him lifelong…

One day he was searching for swara when he saw
Swara was injecting her something…
He quickly grabbed that injection but she has injected half to herself
And it was nothing but drugs
Sanskaar eyes were blood shot red
He slapped her with full force that she fell down unconscious

He quickly grabbed her in his arms and took her to cabin…
He splashed some water and made her to come in senses…
She came in senses and saw him with teary eyes…
Swara : am sorry sanakaar i was trying to control myself but when i saw that injection lying there and it was containing drugs so i cant stop myself…. i told you sanskaar its impossible to stop it..
Sanskaar then grabbed her arms..
Sanskaar : yeah right i was a fool i thought by seeing my love you will change you will live again but no your obsession has won infront my love go great you won swara… you know what just go just get lost go have drugs as much you want i will never stop you… you are free here just go…
Sanskaar banged his hand on door and left
Swara sat there and started crying…
Sanskaar reached his cabin and cried that he can’t take her out of that world he failed…

Two days paased swara was in her chamber and sanskaar didnt came to look at her at once thinking that she had left but no she was there and finally she came up with something…
She searched sanskaar all over and funally she goes to his cabin
She make him turned around and slapped him
Swara : you too left me like my maa did like my papa left me here and now you too left me…
She started crying
Sanskaar could see everything but not her tears
Sanskaar : swara no you are getting me wrong
Swara : so what sanskaar i know i had a obession towards drugs but i am now clear that i have one more obession above it which is you… you are my obesession your love is my addiction… i have lost everything sanskaar i dont wanna loose you please you want me to leave my drugs i have left it i will now never look at them just dont go away… take me from all this away far away from all this… i love you sanskaar only you…
Sanskaar was having tears
He cubbed her face
Sanakaar : i love you too will go far away from all this
He then kissed her with all his love to which she reciprocated smilingly
Sanakaar chew her lips and started sucking to which she enjoyed and both had tounge fighting between them
After sometime they broke and hugged eachother

5 years later

Swasan were living peacefully with their two children name saakshi and saayansh..
Swara was having no obsession except her love towards sanskaar…

Swara’s Obsession was dangerous but all getsfailed infront of love her biggest obsession was his love and it stayed lifelong and sanskaar was always with her

Heyaa guys so how was this part and yeah last part was written by ridhima so do give credits to her too with anishaa….

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  1. Mica

    waa.. love it again Ridhima.. ty Kay!
    if only there is LOVE WITHOUT OBSESSION, we will happy with one side love
    we won’t craving that our loved one will love back..
    we don’t want unite to our love one…
    yeahh.. this ff about, an obsession over another obsession…

    1. Kaynatk01

      actually mica this episode is written by me last one was by ridhima and anisha so this obsession is by me but thanks

  2. Simi

    Really nice

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks simi

  3. Deeksha

    Awesome dear….!!!!!!!!

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks deeksha

  4. Deeksha gupta

    awsm yr kaynat ..loved it

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Wow Risha, it’s awsm… Loved it.. Really,pyar ne bada koi obsession or addiction nehi hoti.. Keep going guys..
    Take care
    Keep smiling??

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks dear but its written by me last one was by risha

  6. Nice………..

  7. Vyshu10


  8. Pooja26

    loved it…..

  9. awesome…!!! loved it…!! It’s like a proverb…’Thorn is to be taken out with thorn only’…!! Hehe…!!lol…!! This translated proverb is soo funny…!!

  10. Simin

    Awesome awesome awesome

  11. awesome..ur stories r too gud..tc..

  12. Soujanya


  13. Arshaanya

    Loved it

  14. True there is no big obsessions thn love .Love is the only medicine which can cure someone mentally.U know di ur writing skills has an attraction that attracts to dere readers like me .As a reader I m saying it’s splendid.u r tooooo goood,awsm,and many more.And ridhima and anisha u too dear u are also damm good in writing skills

  15. Areyy it’s written by kaynat di
    Only last para has been written by ridhima and anisha.

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