Did Dar Ji steal the recipe diary from Ginni’s Father? | Channa Mereya (Theory)

Dar Ji/Rajwant Singh, Adi’s grandfather goes to meet a famous actress, Soniya in the episode released on 14th July. They share an interesting conversation about sin, and repentance, which implies that a past sin commited by DarJi weighs heavily on his conscience.

A few episodes earlier on 7th July, Gulabo, Ginni’s mother while reminiscing her husband, Khushwant Grewal informs Ginni of her father’s debilitating dementia, a disease of forgetfulness that caused him to rehearse, and memorize his recipes. As safekeeping, he informs Gulabo of writing a diary for Ginni to follow his recipes through so she can make a name for herself as a chef.

During the first visit of Chimas to Singh House, Chacha Gi gets food from Ginni’s dhaba served which he believes to be brought by Adi from their hotel chain. Dar Ji tastes a bite, and immediately recognizes a familiar taste.

When Chimas car breaksdown during Roka, Dar Ji gets to meet Ginni, and in order to make up for a past mistake, he obliges Adi to give Ginni the catering contract of Gurleen’s wedding festivities.

Now, in presence of such a huge amount of circumstantial evidence, it is safe to say Khushwant, and Rajwant used to be close friends, a relationship which ended in DarJi making use of Khushwant’s dementia, and stealing his recipes to erect a renowned empire in name of Singh family.

The real problem here is what happens when Ginni, and Aditya learn this.

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