She is the diamond in his crown (Episode 4)

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Hi guys I am Santhiya.

The episode starts with Sarah, Sona and Elena arranging their things. They hang their photo in their hall and watches it and says “ so girls let’s rock Goa”. They laugh and hug each other. Sona and Elena paint their bed rooms. Sarah prepares food. They dine with each other.
Sona: so girls let’s make a rule.
Elena: what rules…. Sona plastic.. stop this is not the place to make rules..
Sarah: s yaar she is right. Let’s enjoy no rules.
Sona: guys first listen to my rule. Then speak.
Elena: ok say us.
Sona: the rule is whatever happens we should sit 2gether and dine ok.
Sarah: wow yaar this is gooood…
Sona(in mind): but my wish is to make more friends and enjoy the life and make my future the best … I am so excited…

In morning
Sona and Elena reach college
Sona: I was scared.
Elena: but y?
Sona: if someone ragged us or something else.
Elena : stop it Sona grow up..
Sona: ok just chill.but still..
Elena scowls at her.
Suprisingly there was no one in corridors or outside the class.
Bose sisters go to class and take their seats.
Sona: Elena surprisingly no one was there and we escaped..
Elena makes faces.
A staff gets in and asks everyone to introduce themselves.
Bose sisters introduce themselves.
Some students play a prank on Elena.
Elena slips down and she gets injured.
Sona gets temper and complaints about them .
They get anger and plans to teach her a lesson.
Meanwhile Sona: how can I do it. I have no idea what is this?? I have no guidance. What will I do??
They hear it.

Some girls go and speaks with Sona.
A girl: Hi Sona.
Sona: hi
A girl: actually Sona we are sorry. We did the mistake. We are sorry
Sona: it’s ok
They was about to leave.
Sona : excuse me .
A girl : s
Sona: can u help me?
A girl: s how can I help u?
Sona: I need a sketch for the project. Can I help me?
A girl: no yaar I am so sorry . I have no idea about it but they knew well. U can approach them.
Sona: oh! But there was a controversy between us .
A girl: no Sona if u think like this then u cannot make good friendship with them.
Sona(in mind): s I shouldn’t hurt anyone and my wish is to make everyone as friends . I should go and speak to them.
Sona goes there and tries to speak to them but they pretend to be busy.
Sona: excuse me.
A boy: s
Sona: hi I am Sonakshi Bose.
A boy: oh! Hai.
Sona: actually I need a help.
Another one(rithwik): oh really! So sorry we don’t help to someone who plotted against us.
Sona : oh guys that is….
A boy: pls.. we have many work so please.. can u leave and if u need a help try to be our friend then we will decide that we should help or not.
Sona: what should I do?
Rithwik: if u think u want to become our friend then prove our seniors that juniors can do anything. If they get impressed then decided u will be my friend.
Sona : but how?
Rithwik: dance..
Sona: what?
Rithwik: s can u do it..
Sona leaves.

Sona(in mind): I think I should do it more than my project my wish is to make friends. So I should do it..
A boy : so be ready in 6 there will be our power to show us through Ur dance right Sonakshi.
Sona: s I will do it.
Sona leaves.She goes to dance room.
She starts practices. It becomes six.
Sona becomes nervous and gets ready to dance.
Rithwik: lights off.
Sona starts dancing . She dances for the song sun Saathiya. She dances emotionally. Suddenly someone comes in and the person tries to leave but she pulls him and dances with him for the song sun Saathiya..The man stands speechless and stares at her. He seems to wear blue coat with white shirt.
Lights gets on. Sona suddenly turns and shocks to see Rithwik there.
Sona: oh! Sorry…
Rithwick: it’s ok

Everyone starres at both rithwick and Sona.
Sona and Elena reach home. Sona opens her laptop and checks her ID in friends book. She sees friend request from dev Dikshit and asks Elena. Bose sisters look shocked. Suddenly Sarah asks that what happened in college. The whole college is speaking about u.
Sona tells everything to Sarah and Elena. Sarah and Elena teases Sona with rithwick..

Precap: Sona starts her chat with dev Dikshit. She chats upto late night.. In morning Rithwik behaves kindly with Sona. But his friends think how weirdly rithwik is reacting with her.

Thank you guys for Ur support. Keep supporting me.

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  1. Shanayakaur

    Nyc epi dear….

  2. Priya12

    Awesomeeee di

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      Thank u Priya.. hope u guys liked stay for late but I will give us many episodes

  3. Aarti32

    Awesome episode.. Looking forward to Devakshi’s chat love?

  4. Awesome

  5. Erina

    Nice one dear but u r super late…….

  6. Amazing…..

  7. Santhiyalathamanian

    I mean not stay sorry for late

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