Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyush telling Pankaj that they have given Kunal this much respect. Bua instigates Pankaj. Kunal says I am happy with what I got. Pankaj says they have to give answer for insulting my damad. Rukmini thinks why didn’t Pankaj family call them. Deepu calls Piyush and asks if he talked to Kunal. Piyush acts as he couldn’t hear anything and ends the call. Rukmini snatches phone from Deepu and asks her not to talk much. Mishra ji asks Deepu not to be sad and give his phone. Deepu is about to tell him, just then door bell rings. Deepu opens the door. Taya ji and mishra ji greet him. Pankaj tells nothing is fine. Rukmini asks them to come inside. Mishra ji asks Ragini to make tea. Pankaj tells that we didn’t hope this from you and says we have eaten salty food to keep up your daughter’s respect. Mishra ji asks what happened?

Pankaj says we can’t digest this insult and says you have kicked our respect. Mishra ji says we always thought about your respect and says it must be misunderstanding. Pankaj says why did you keep 500 Rs in my son in law’s envelope. Mishra ji is shocked. Deepu recalls Piyush assuring her that he will make Kunal understand. Pankaj tells that he can bear his insult, but not his son in law’s insult. Ragini says I have kept 5100 in Kunal’s envelope.

Pragya says what do you want to say that we came here to get money. Deepu says mummy didn’t mean that. Pankaj asks her to keep her eyes low and not to interfere. Ragini says I kept 5100 rs, and don’t know how 500 Rs came out. Pragya asks if this was magical envelope. Madhuri asks why did they insult her damad. Mishra ji says we never think to disrespect anyone. Pragya instigates Pankaj and tells that they have been insulted even after apologizing to Rukmini. Deepu calls Ragini. Piyush smiles and tells Amit that the fire is high. He picks Deepu’s call and tells that Pragya Bua opened the envelope and made issue. Deepu says I know you have tried. Piyush asks her to pray to God and ends the call. He smiles. Deepu prays to God. Rukmini says it is enough of insult, and says what do you think that we are greedy about money and throws that stolen money on Pankaj’s face.

Pankaj gets angry. Deepu is shocked. Mishra ji asks what you have done? Why did you do this? Taya ji scolds Rukmini. Pankaj says it is good that you slapped money on my face, I did a mistake to make relation with you. Pragya says you showed our value by throwing money on our face. Pankaj folds his hand and says bye. He says today I am breaking this alliance. Ragini cries. Rukmini acts to be sad. Deepu is shocked. Ragini sits down shockingly. Taya ji folds his hands. Pankaj says matter is over now and asks Madhuri to come. Mishra ji goes following Pankaj and asks him to understand. Ragini runs and collapses on stairs. Mishra ji holds her and continues to request them. Rukmini asks them to let them leave.

Deepu gives medicine to Ragini. Rukmini badmouths about them. Taya ji blames her for the happenings. Rukmini says it is good that this marriage broke up and tells that they were cheap people. Mishra ji says mistake was ours, we should have checked the envelope. Ragini says I have kept money in the envelope and says someone took money. Rukmini says Pragya must have stolen the money. Darshan recalls seeing Rukmini keeping the envelope in the temple and tells everyone. Rukmini asks what do you mean, that I am a thief. She acts and says family is not trusting me. Ragini says I know you well and says you have done this before also. Rukmini tells that she gave money from her pocket. Ragini says you have thrown stolen money on his face. She says Deepu is not your daughter, no mum would do this. She says Deepu loves Piyush and this alliance is broken because of you. She cries. Rukmini still acts.

Deepu cries and recalls Pankaj’s words. Piyush drinks wine with Amit and says today he is feeling freed and saved from moti. Amit says yes. Deepu cries and looks at their pic in her phone. Piyush tells Amit that he will name his life for Sarika and says she will love me some day. Amit asks what Deepika will do now. Piyush says I am feeling bad for her and says I pray that she gets a good guy she deserves, and says it is destiny’s game. Kunal comes and says it is Piyush Sharma’s game.

Kunal tells Piyush that he won’t let this matter resolved here, and tells that he will get him married to Deepu. Piyush says this is babu ji’s order and asks him to change it. Kunal tells that son is son and damad is damad. He says now see what this damad do. Later Kunal meets Deepika and tells that he will give her Raam Baan and tells you are quite understanding. Deepu says I can’t accept defeat so easily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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