All of them were gathered in the living room, even the elders, Om and Arjun had returned from their works, Shivaay had called everyone, they were talking to each other as to why Shivaay had called everyone,

Anika: Shivaay, what has happened that you have called a family meeting now?
Shivaay: There is something very important that I have to tell you all…. I’ll tell you all but let Ranveer come….
Ranveer: I am here Shivaay…. (He said entering the living room)….

Ranveer sat down near Rudra,

Aniruddh: What has happened guys…. Shivaay and Ranveer, you both seem worried….
Shivaay: Actually, two days back Kaveri has got bail…. (All are shocked hearing this)….
Shekhar: Kaveri got bail…. But how is that possible? Who can bail her out?
Pinky: OMM…. That woman got bail…. Who can help her?
Arjun: Shivaay, who got bail for Kaveri?
Shivaay: Roop bua…. (All of them are more shocked than before)….
Tej: Roop…. Why doesn’t she let us live in peace…. We need to talk to her before she does anything to harm anyone us….
Shakti: Bhaisab is right…. If Roop has done this, she won’t keep quiet…. We cannot let her harm our family at any cost….
Omkara: Don’t worry Chote papa…. We all are together and Roop bua or anyone cannot harm us….
Dadi: God…. Give some mind to Roop that she stops plotting against her own family…. What has happened that she is doing all this again and again….
Sumitra: Don’t worry Maa…. We are all together…. Nothing wrong will happen….
Ranveer: Yes Dadi, you don’t worry, we all are there together in this….
Shivaay: We have to be very careful…. I have increased the security and I know Khanna will manage everything…. But still we all also have to be careful…. No one will go anywhere alone….
Anika: Shivaay, don’t worry none of us will go anywhere alone…. We’ll always accompany each other….
Ishana: Haa Shivaay Bhaiya, don’t take tension…. We all will be with each other….
Vikrant: I think Ranveer, you all should also stay with us only…. If we all are together, it would be better….
Gauri: Haa Ranveer Bhaiya, I think Vikrant Bhaiya is right…. You all also stay here only….
Ranveer: I think that will be better…. We’ll stay here only…. Anyways we don’t know what they might do, if everyone will be at one place…. It’ll be easier to monitor everyone….

They were talking sitting in the living room, after some time all had their lunch and returned to their rooms. Priveer and Devakshi went to get their belongings needed for their stay from Priveer’s house.


Janhvi: Tej I don’t know why but from the time I have heard about Roop and Kaveri being together…. I am feeling that something bad is going to happen…. I don’t know what will happen….
Tej: Janhvi, don’t worry…. I am there naa, I won’t let anything bad happen in our life and with our family….

They were talking when Pinky and Shakti also come there and hear what Janhvi said,

Pinky: OMM…. Jethani ji…. You don’t take tension only…. Remember all our children are with us….

Tej and Janhvi see Pinky and Shakti and smile at what Pinky said,

Shakti: Haa Bhabhi…. You don’t worry so much, otherwise it’ll affect your health….
Janhvi: You all are right but still thodi chinta toh hogi naa….
Pinky: Don’t worry Jethani ji and even if they come here and we all will do their OMM together….

Janhvi smiles hearing Pinky and Tej feels relieved that finally Janhvi smiled.


All of them were sitting in the lounge enjoying the tea and snacks that IshRi had made, both Ishana and Gauri had not got this chance to cook for their entire family even once after their marriage, so they thought to do it today, everyone was happy and praised their cooking. After some time, the elders retired to their rooms.

Anika: We have a lot of work for Dadi’s birthday….
Ahana: You are right Anika…. We have to call the decorators tomorrow only to start the work….
Ishana: And also we have to decide the menu so that we can finalize the caterer….
Vikrant: And also we have to send invites also by tomorrow evening….
Omkara: I think we should plan a surprise for Dadi…. Something special for her….
Arjun: Om is right…. Party and all is good but something special only for her….
Priyanka: I have an idea…. (She tells them her idea and all nod happily)….
Sonakshi: This is an awesome idea Prinku…. Dadi will love it….

They discuss for some more time and then go to their respective works.



Om was standing near the poolside lost in his thoughts…. The pool reminded him of the pool back at Oberoi Mansion…. That was the place where he would sit with his brothers leaving behind all his worries…. That place held so many memories from their childhood to the day he had left his home…. After he left his home and his family behind, he had thought he wouldn’t meet them ever again…. He was so adamant that he would never meet them that he didn’t leave Shillong even for a single day…. He thought that if he arrested himself in that city, miles away from home, he would be away from them…. But they weren’t away from his memories, and he missed them every single day when he was staying there…. Many a times he made up his mind to go back to Mumbai but then something in his heart and mind stopped him…. He was being so selfish that he didn’t think that his decision would not only affect his life but all those lives that were related to his….

Om was brought out of his thoughts by a hand on his shoulder, and he looked to his side to see his best friend smiling at him,

Omkara: Ranveer, you should take rest…. You have been working since morning….
Ranveer: Nahi yaar Om…. You know naa whenever I have an important case to solve or handle, I don’t get sleep….
Omkara: Of course I remember…. How can I forget how you used to disturb Shivaay and me from our peaceful sleeps whenever you couldn’t sleep…. Sometimes even Karan had to sacrifice his sleep for you….
Ranveer: So what…. You are my best friends…. I have complete rights on you all….
Omkara: By the way, this reminds me of Karan and Natasha…. How are they?
Ranveer: Both of them are fine…. They got married last year…. We all missed you so much that time….
Omkara: Sorry yaar…. I know I have hurt many people with my decision….
Ranveer: Leave it Om…. Being friends we understand your state of mind that time…. But why are you taking the same decision again…. After years we all are together…. Don’t leave everyone again….
Omkara: I understand your point Ranveer…. I just need time….

Om smiles at him and he smiles back.

They were talking when Ranveer’s phone rang, he was surprised who could call at this time, he checked his phone to see an unknown number, Om waited while Ranveer picked up the call,

Ranveer: Hello….
POC: Hello ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa or should I say Ranveer Rana….

Ranveer’s facial expressions changed to shock and he couldn’t say a word, the phone fell from his hand, the sound of the fallen phone gained Om’s attention and he turned to see Ranveer, Om could easily register that Ranveer was shocked, but this was something that Om had seen for the first time on Ranveer’s face,

Omkara: Ranveer…. (He didn’t respond)…. Ranveer…. (Om jerked him and Ranveer turned to see Om)…. What has happened, you look shocked and worried…. Tell me….
Ranveer: I…. I…. I have to…. I have to go….

Without waiting for Om’s reaction, Ranveer picked his phone and left from there.

Omkara: Something is definitely wrong…. Ranveer has never behaved like this before…. Whatever it is even if work related, he has never been so worried…. I have to talk to him…. But at this time, he won’t tell me anything…. I’ll talk to him tomorrow….

Om walked back to his room thinking about Ranveer.


Ranveer was sitting in a corner of the mansion…. He sat down as tears filled his eyes…. And for the first time in the past fifteen years he let his tears flow…. He didn’t even try to wipe them as he knew that these tears weren’t going to stop…. The scars that he had kept hidden from the entire world were now bleeding again and he didn’t have the courage to sooth that pain…. He who always stood as the shield for everyone on his missions was so vulnerable today…. The flashes of the past that haunted him were now replaying in his mind…. He couldn’t do anything then and he couldn’t do anything now…. For the entire world he was the brave and fierce ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa but here at this point of time he was the vulnerable and scared Veer…. Ranveer just buried his head between his legs, covered himself with his arms and cried…. He wished to drain out all his pain…. Not wanting to keep any of the pain inside him anymore….

He was crying when he felt a soft touch on his arms…. He looked up with his red swollen eyes to meet a pair of eyes that were filled with concern and love…. He without thinking anything just hugged her tightly…. Priyanka was shocked by his state and by his sudden action…. But keeping everything aside she hugged him back tightly giving him assurance that she was with him in everything and that she won’t let him suffer alone….


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