Ishq Aaj Kal (Love at these days) Episode 6 (Rocky’s help)

The sixth Episode of my fanfiction Ishq Aaj Kal is here. The episiode starts with,

Shivangi’s college,
There is a intermission. Shivangi is eating snacks with her friends. But she is mesmerized in the thoughts of Rocky. She is always been thinking of Rocky and her marriage. She saw Rocky outside her college standing nervously. Shivangi got excited and runs to Rocky. Shivangi asks him, “Why are you so tensed, Rocky? Are you ok?” Rocky asks, “Shivangi, why didn’t you pick my phone?” Shivangi answers, “There is no charge. But why are you so anxious?” Rocky says something to her that leaves Shivangi shocked and she cries. Rocky takes Shivangi to hospital. Shivangi is crying.
Angad, Amrita, Ruchika, Divya and Gautami are there crying. Shivangi asks, “How is my father?” Angad in watery eyes answers, “Rithik brother is in third stage heart attack. Doctor prescribed for Operation.” Ruchika says, “Operation charges and bill is 2 lakhs. But..” Divya says, “Its possible to arrange only 75,000.” Shivangi says, “Shall we sell our house.” Angad refuses, “We need amount by today, Shivangi. That too Immediately.” Shivangi cries.
Rocky comes and hugs her. Rocky says, “I have some savings in my bank. It amounts 2 lakhs. Shall I give you?” Shivangi says, “Are you serious? It was the money you earned so hard last years.” Rocky answers, “It is just savings. I don’t do anything with that. Atleast I can help you.” Shivangi agrees and thanks him, “I am so grateful to you, Rocky.” Shivangi hugs Rocky.
Rithik’s operation is successful and he is discharged.

After three months,
Shivangi and Rocky consummate their love.
The next day morning,
Rocky asked Shivangi, “I am really surprised but how did you agree for consummation?” Shivangi answers him, “Because you are so attractive yesterday.” And laughs. Rocky comes near her and pulled her cheeks and laughs. Shivangi pushes him lightly. Rocky says, “Then, answer. Or otherwise, I will be pulling your cheeks.”

Shivangi says, “You know one thing, I have several stages in love. You passed four stages. Still there is one stage.” Rocky says, “Are you from mental hospital? What stages are you talking?” Shivangi says, “Oh, you don’t know it. Let me say. I have done a big Research to search my love partner. I’ve seen many boys through social medias. Among them, I liked five. That is, Piyush, Anant, Rocky, Ashish and Prem. All were good in all virtues. So, I decided whom I met first among these five, he is my boyfriend. You’re lucky that I met you first.” Rocky feels proud and lift his shirt collar. Shivangi continues, “Then you longs for my love and not my body. Eventhough I am with you alone, you didn’t take any advantage. That show you hotter than than ever. So, I accepted last night.” Rocky pulls Shivangi and gives her a kiss.

Shivangi leaves him and says, “Still there is fifth stage.” Rocky says, “Madam, see how I complete the fifth one and marrying you.” Shivangi smiled at him and leaves for her college.

The days passed,
Shivangi and Rocky starts to stay alone but they don’t have physical activity. Shivangi asks Rocky to switch off the AC. Rocky stays adamant and says, “Shivangi, I have switched off the AC for many days as you could not tolerate the low temperature. But as a normal boy, I want to enjoy this coldness, please.” Shivangi says, “Rocky, please. I get wheezing.” Rocky gets irritated.
Rocky shouts, “Shivangi, I am always hearing your words but please I could not sleep sweat always. Everything is happening as your wish.” Shivangi too shouts, “Rocky, why are you tensed now? And you are creating scene for petty issues. If you want, you switch on the AC. I shall sleep in sofa, no problem.”

Rocky didn’t leave her, “Oh, now you started your new drama.” Shivangi says, “Please Rocky. I can sleep here if you switch off AC.” Rocky says, “Why are you so adamant Shivangi?” Shivangi feels irritated but says, “Ok, we can solve the problem. Tomorrow you shall buy me a sweater. So that I can wear it and I too feel warm and you too can enjoy the coldness.” Rocky is convinced with the solution but feels guilty of accusing her unnecessarily. Rocky hugs Shivangi. Rocky switches off the AC and he switched on the fan and additionally he took a table fan for his sleep.

To be continued..

  1. Jasminerahul

    ritik’s heart attack was unexpected.I got tensed.i am glad that he is fine nice of Rocky to spend his savings for ritik’s operation.I never expected consummation.I didn’t expect Shivangi to tell Rocky about her what’s the 5th one?for AC both fighting like this was shocking.good solution by Shivangi.glad that rocky felt guilty for scolding her n hugged her.where are they living together now?perfect pics

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Rocky and Shivangi are living seperately. I’ll elaborate it soon. About the fifth one, it don’t have much importance as the storyline is going to concentrate on some rom-com tracks

  2. Hey sorry for the late comment. Great episode. I also didn’t expect consummation. The pic shows were nice too

    1. Shesha485

      No need for apologies. Thanks for commenting. Soon I’ll upload the next episode

  3. Adhu

    Rocky giving away his saving for Ritik’s operation was a generous move. Rocky and Shivangi is really nice as a Jodi. Even I didn’t expected consummation. Their fight over AC , it’s good that Shivangi came up with a solution. Rocky felt guilty to scold her was also nice . But it’s natural for him getting upset , that in their relationship Shivangi’s wish is only getting fulfilled. I hope both of them understand each other well.

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Adhu

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