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All of them were gathered near the river side where the puja was to be conducted, ladies were wearing saris while men were wearing kurta and pyjama, simple yet stylish attires suitable for the puja,

Ranveer (thinking): After the puja, I’ll talk to Priyanka and tell her about my past…. She deserves to know it more than anyone else….

Arjun comes to him,

Arjun: Ranveer yaar…. Come…. We have to start the puja…. All are waiting for you….

Ranveer came out of his thoughts and walks with Arjun, all get seated around the hawan kund,

Keshav: Who will perform the puja…? They should come and sit here…. (He pointed to the seats near the hawan)….
Dadi: Shivaay and Anika will do the puja…. Being the eldest son and daughter-in-law…. It is their right….

Shivika were surprised and looked at each other while others smile,

Shivaay: But Dadi…. I think Bade papa and Badi maa should do the puja…. (Tej and Janhvi smile hearing this)….
Tej: No Shivaay…. I think Maa is right…. Anika and you do the puja….
Anika: Okay but then Arjun and Ahana should also do the puja with us…. They are also eldest son and daughter-in-law…. It is their right also….

All of them smile hearing Anika,

Keshav: This is a good indeed…. So you four get seated….

Shivika and Arhana sit down at their places and the priests begin with the puja.

(“Om Jai Shiv Omkara,
Prabhu Har Shiv Omkara,
Brahma, Vishnu, Sadashiv,
Brahma, Vishnu, Sadashiv, Ardhangi Dhara,
Om Jai Shiv Omkara”….Plays in BG)



Omkara and Aniruddh get down from the train with the luggage followed by the others, Om felt something different as his heartbeats increased, he was thinking when Aniruddh put his hand on his shoulder, he looked at Aniruddh,

Aniruddh: Om, where are you lost? Are you fine?
Omkara: Nothing Aniruddh…. I just thought something different in this place….
Gauri: You’ll feel different only naa…. This place and its atmosphere are filled with devotion only….
Ishana: Right Gauri…. I feel like my heart is at peace by itself…. This place has some magic….
Sakshi: You are right Bhabhis…. This place has some magic…. (She smiles)….
Vikrant: Acha…. If you all are done with your magic and devotion…. Let us go to the hotel…. I am tired from this long journey….
Omkara: Right yaar…. Even I am tired….

They all take their luggage and move towards the exit.


(“Om Jai Shiv Omkara,
Prabhu Har Shiv Omkara,
Brahma, Vishnu, Sadashiv,
Brahma, Vishnu, Sadashiv, Ardhangi Dhara,
Om Jai Shiv Omkara”….Plays in BG)

All were praying from their heart….Only one wish in everybody’s prayers….God….Bring their family back together as it was three years ago….Bring the lost happiness back in their lives….

Janhvi (thinking): God…. I have always wished for one thing….Happiness for my family….Please bring our children back and with them the happiness of our family….

Shekhar (thinking): God…. All I want is that our family becomes complete again…. Please do some miracle and bring our children back to us….

Rudra (thinking): God…. Whenever I want anything…. I just run to my Shivaay Bhaiya and he gives me whatever I wish for…. So God… Today also I won’t ask you to give me something as I know my Shivaay Bhaiya will give me everything…. So just give my Shivaay Bhaiya strength and keep Anika Bhabhi and him happy always…. They both do everything for our family’s happiness…. So give them all the happiness they deserve….

Vidhi (thinking): God…. From the past three years I have seen how unhappy Papa has been…. Ishu was his heart and heartbeat and he misses her a lot…. Ishu is the happiness of our family…. Without her Papa will never be happy…. Please bring our Ishu back and also Papa’s lost smile….

Sonakshi (thinking): God…. When my Mumma and Papa died in that accident and you made me alone in this world…. That time Shekhar uncle, Sumitra aunty, Arjun Bhai and Aniruddh gave me all the love, care and affection I needed…. I thought I would never ask you for anything more than this family…. But today I am asking you…. God…. Please bring Aniruddh back…. Please bring my best friend back…. He is the happiness of this family…. Please bring him and everyone else back….

Sandhya (thinking): God…. It has been three years since we have seen our children…. I miss my Gauri a lot…. God…. Please bring back our children…. Please make this family complete…. I have always believed in you and your power…. Please prove my faith right and bring the family together…..

Dadi (thinking): God…. I have always wished for only one thing and that is always keeping all my children safe and happy…. Today during this puja…. They all are sitting here and only wishing for one thing…. That you bring back the lost happiness of our family back…. God…. Please keep all my children happy and safe…. I have only one wish now and that is to see my family complete once again…. Please fulfill it…. I have full faith in you….

All were busy doing the puja and concentrating on their prayers…. All just wanted happiness for their family and nothing more….



All of them (Rikara, Anish and Vikshi) went to their respective rooms to freshen up. They decided to meet after sometime and decide about the puja.


Sakshi checked her phone and saw a message,

*We all are at the Ghat…. The puja has started…. I hope you all have also reached on time…. Please bring everyone here as soon as possible…. Everyone is here and all are praying for only one thing…. Sakshi…. We have to bring the family together*

Sakshi read the message and quickly typed a reply,

*Don’t worry about us, we have reached here…. We are at the hotel…. I’ll bring everyone to the Ghat as soon as possible…. We’ll bring our family together…. This time we won’t listen to anyone and anything…. The family has suffered enough in the past three years now no more sadness…. Only happiness*

She was thinking about what was going to happen in the next few hours, she had to be ready to face whatever was going to happen, she was thinking,

Sakshi (thinking): I have to take Bhaiyas, Bhabhis and Vikrant to the Ghat soon…. The puja has started and we have to reach before the puja ends….

Vikrant came out of the washroom and saw Sakshi lost somewhere, he called her,

Vikrant: Sakshi…. (She came out of her thoughts and looked at him)…. Where are you lost…. What were you thinking?
Sakshi: Nothing Vikrant…. Just like that…. I’ll get ready, we have to discuss about the puja also naa with the priests here at the Ghat….
Vikrant: Yes, you are right…. You get ready…. We’ll go and meet some priests….

Sakshi nods at him and goes to the washroom.

Vikrant (thinking): Why I am feeling that Sakshi is hiding something from me…. She behaves like this only when she has something going on in her mind…. First the puja, bringing us here, in Haridwar…. I hope so she doesn’t do anything that brings any problem in our already messed up family and life….

After some time, they all gather in the hotel lobby,

Sakshi: So let us go to the Ghat…. We’ll find many priests there…. They can guide us about the puja….
Vikrant (thinking): What is so special at the Ghat that Sakshi is so eager to go there…. I am getting a feeling that she is definitely going to do something there…. God…. Whatever she does I hope it is for the better….
Omkara: Sakshi is right…. Let us go the river side….

They all agree and get into the cabs and proceed towards the Ghat.

After some time, they all reach the Ghat, as soon as Sakshi got down, she looks here and there, her eyes were searching for someone, Vikrant noticed all this, he decided to talk to Sakshi before things get out of hands,

Vikrant: Sakshi…. Come with me…. I need to talk to you….

All were looking at him surprised,

Aniruddh: What has happened Vikrant…. What has happened to you suddenly….
Vikrant: Nothing Aniruddh…. You all go ahead…. I’ll come with Sakshi in some time….

Before anyone could say anything, Vikrant held Sakshi’s hand and took her to the other side, Rikara and Anish looked at him surprised as they had never seen Vikrant like this,

Omkara: What has happened to him…. Why did he behave like that?
Gauri: Don’t know…. Maybe something between the two of them…. We should give them time….
Ishana: Gauri is right…. Let them talk and come…. If still something is there, then we’ll talk…. Now let us go and meet some priests….

They all nod at Ishana and then the four of them walk to the other side.


Vikrant brought Sakshi a little away from the crowd,

Sakshi: What has happened to you suddenly…. Why did you bring me here and what is so important that you couldn’t wait for some time?
Vikrant: Sakshi…. I have known you from childhood and I know it whenever you hide something from me…. (Sakshi looks at him surprised)…. And now looking at you only I know that you are again hiding something from me…. What is it Sakshi…. Tell me everything now….
Sakshi: Vikrant…. There is nothing like that…. I don’t know why you are feeling like this….
Vikrant: Sakshi…. Please don’t lie…. I very well understand when you lie to me…. If you don’t tell me now, I’ll talk to Om and Aniruddh…. And then you’ll have to answer….

Sakshi is shocked while Vikrant turns to go,

Sakshi: No Vikrant…. Not Bhaiyas…. Please…. (Vikrant looks at her surprised)…. I’ll tell you everything….

Sakshi tells Vikrant something and he gets shocked,

Vikrant: Sakshi…. What were you thinking while planning all this…. And why didn’t you tell me earlier…. Oh God…. When they will know about this…. They’ll feel hurt…. How could you do this?
Sakshi: I know I should have told you earlier but I was afraid what if you said no…. I had to do this at any cost….

Tears flow from her eyes; Vikrant feels bad for scolding her and immediately wipes her tears and hugs her.

Vikrant: Don’t cry Sakshi…. Now I am there with you…. We’ll handle everything….

He smiles at her and she smiles back.


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    Who is second secret person in other clan….waiting … hope my guess turn out right.

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