Dhadkan 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Aditi insults Deepika

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The Episode starts with Deepika arguing with Aditi. She explains Ananya that they can’t lose hope, they have to do the surgery. Aditi says no, you are wrong, you are misleading the teenager. Deepika says I m telling her the truth. Aditi says this is wrong. They argue. Abhay goes. Deepika asks did you tell Ananya that your research is going on, you have no documented proof, its a third stage cancer, I can’t take risk, I have decided it, I m taking patient to OR. Aditi says we won’t let you do this, we will talk to hospital authorities. Abhay gets Vikrant and says we can consult him, he is our senior, he can help. Vikrant says we shall talk in our cabin. Sia comes to Ansari and says I was waiting for you. He says sorry, I forgot, there are other imp things in life than coffee. Prince says he went to meet Kukreja, the factory owner. Sia asks what did you talk. Ansari says he was refusing, I showed him the reports, I told that Geeta died because of arsenic poisoning. Sia asks what did he say.

He says he said sorry, I asked him to pay a compensation. She asks really, well done, now I can take you for lunch, please. He says this is my world, I m habitual to it. She says I have seen your world, I don’t mind it, you have also seen my world, you can bear it for some time, we can co-exist. He says you had worn the same perfume when Geeta passed away, please don’t wear this perfume when you are with me, I hate it. He goes. Aditi explains the therapy to Vikrant. She says sometimes we should accept things. Deepika shows the patient’s reports and history. She asks which line of treatment will you prefer. He says we can try Deepika’s line of treatment, then we can try immuno therapy later, surgery first. Deepika says thanks, Abhay inform Ananya and take Madhurima for the surgery. Abhay goes. Aditi insults Deepika. Vikrant says Aditi please… Aditi says you think you are Lord, you will decide who will live and who will die, you left Vikrant for this sense of power. She asks Deepika is she happy, she left Vikrant and got this power. Vikrant says you can’t mix personal feelings into profession. Aditi says its personal, Vikrant took Deepika’s side, she achieved a lot, why is she regretting now. She asks Deepika to say. She says you wanted power and now you want Vikrant, why do you want to break my family, why. Deepika says whatever I did, I have no regrets for my sacrifices, dream is one which doesn’t let one sleep at night, I m a surgeon, I want to save Madhurima, so that she can help Ananya in deciding to choose between marriage or career, Madhurima can cry with Ananya if she gets a heartbreak, she can support Ananya if she feels low. She says my heart can break many times, when I hear a patient’s normal heart beat, I feel happy, I live to save lives, I save the patient and his family’s lives, we are doctors, our work is really big, we aren’t imp than someone’s life, I m not doing any favor, I m doing my work, I serve them, I m not God, but God has chosen me for this, I don’t care for my struggle, none can snatch this from me. She leaves.

Vikrant scolds Aditi. He says you joined FMS to insult Deepika, she knows her work, as a surgeon, I will support her. Aditi says no, you took her side because you love her, you are taking your mistress’ side in front of your wife. He says stop it, will you call her a mistress, how can you call her that. She cries and says my heart is hurt, I m angry. He says I can see, I m worried, I m also hurt, this is my Karma, I was a disgusting man before, I m getting punished now, I can’t see you become bad like me, no, you can’t do this, you fight with me, I will tolerate it, but I won’t tolerate bad words about Deepika or any other woman, do not cross your boundary again. He goes. She cries. Deepika comes. She says surgery went well, tumour is removed from the body. Ananya thanks her and hugs. Deepika says cancer will go away, don’t worry, I told you, I won’t promise, but will try, promises break, tries succeed. Vikrant looks on and goes after Deepika. Aditi comes home. Suman sits. She says I asked you not to work in the hospital else you will cry. Aditi says I will cry a lot but I will work here with Vikrant, I won’t let Deepika be with him.

Its morning, Peroz talks to Meena. He says I think life is difficult. Meena says yes, I got rejected by a guy again. He smiles. He says if any guy proposes you for marriage, which is unexpected, then… She says then I will be very happy and blush, I will smile and go. He says I didn’t propose for real. Isha looks on and jokes. He goes.

Vikrant asks Deepika to listen. He says sorry from Aditi’s life, I told her that she can’t misbehave with you. She asks him to stop it. Beetein lamhein…plays… She cries. He looks at her. He goes. Aditi says she was fighting with me, then Vikrant took her side. He comes home. Suman says food is ready. He says I don’t want to have it. Suman asks Aditi to calm his anger, and get him to have food. He packs his bag. Aditi stops him. He says I m leaving this house. She says you want to live with Deepika, you are going to her, what wrong did I say. He says I m wrong, I should have left this house before, I will transfer the rent agreement on your name. She says please listen to me, we are husband and wife, we will stay together. He says its all okay, understand this soon. She says no, marriage is a lifetime relation.

He says its not about us and our marriage, its about love, sorry, you feel hurt, I love Deepika, I want to live my life with her. Abhay comes to Deepika. She wakes up and says sorry. She says go home and sleep. She says no. He says it will take time, insane work hours, every day, this won’t help, give life a better chance, sleep well for patient’s betterment. She says I don’t like new Abhay. He says you are getting insecure, right. She goes. Aditi says you think your life will go on smooth with Deepika, you already have me with you, value it. He says I can’t leave Deepika. She argues. He gets Deepika’s call. He says yes, okay, I will reach in 15 mins. He leaves. Suman asks where are you going. Aditi cries. Suman asks where did he go. Aditi says she called and he went to her, don’t know what magic she did on him. Suman consoles her and hugs.

Sia collides with Ansari. Abhay looks on. Ansari says sorry, I told you a lot. Sia says its okay, I have thrown that perfume, you don’t like it, I will never use it from now. Ansari says I also thought of co exist, we will see, but its more tough for you to accept my world, my people, my talks, my thinking, what matters to me, my way of lifestyle. She says okay, I will try my best, like you said, can try. Abhay looks on.

Deepika attends a patient. The couple worries for the girl Shivi. Vikrant comes to help her. Meena tells her future plans, marriage and kids to Peroz. He gets shocked. He tries to say. Isha looks on. He says I m so sorry, I didn’t propose you. Isha laughs. Meena scolds him. She takes her tiffin back and goes. Vikrant says she is stable now. Deepika says sorry to call you, I really needed your help, I don’t want you to think that I m using this case to get personal. He says you don’t need to clarify. She goes to update Shivi’s parents. Kukreja meets Ansari at the hospital. Ansari taunts him. Kukreja says I have told you, I will fix everything, I m offering 5 lakhs compensation. Ansari says its less, we need to start a clinic in the locality to save people. Kukreja says my factory is going in losses, sorry, its not possible. Ansari says you go in losses if one quarter gets less, Geeta lost her life, that’s loss. Kukreja says I know, I feel sorry, I m doing my best. Ansari says I want results, not intentions. Kukreja says take it or leave it, its the last offer of 5 lakhs, talk to Geeta’s family and call me. Sia sees Kukreja and greets. He hugs her. She says you didn’t come to meet me. He says I m busy. She asks are you ignoring health. He says I m good. She says promise me, you will come for dinner. He asks how can I refuse to you. She says take care uncle. He goes. Ansari looks on and cries.

Peroz says this is your fault, I wish I never met you. Isha says chill, its a small world, you have to be open minded, like me, I will help you in finding a GF, I think you never had any, never mind. He says keep your help and sad jokes to yourself. Deepika says Shivi is fine, we have to start liver repair procedure, there is risk of blood loss, I can’t promise. The man says save our daughter. She says we want your consent. He says I want confirmation, not your try. Vikrant comes and says step back, we want to save the patient, you can’t threaten us, just trust us, that’s it. He goes. Deepika also goes. She says anger is a person’s defence mechanism, he was afraid for his daughter. He says I get it, but they should know handling their anger, I can’t let everyone vent out their anger on you. He goes.

Sia asks what happened to your hand. Ansari says I got a cut, don’t show fake concern, your dad and Kukreja are friends. She says yes, they are good friends. He says you don’t care for the poor. She says relax, why are you talking like this. He says Kukreja is responsible for the arsenic poisoning, I met him, you were hugging your uncle, you think we poor are not humans, but things, rich people won’t change, I hate rich people like you. He goes. Sia cries. Abhay looks on. She turns and sees Abhay. He asks are you fine. She goes. Aditi cries. She lies to sleep. Deepika and Vikrant get close.

Suman and Aditi see Deepika hugging Vikrant. Suman insults Deepika. Deepika runs and locks herself. Abhay goes to Vikrant and says your sister has publicly humiliated Deepika, I will not leave you if this happens again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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