Dhadkan 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Deepika gets upset seeing Aditi

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The Episode starts with Aditi saying nice to meet you. She says we met before on holi at Vikrant’s house, so much changed, you and Vikrant were together that time. Deepika says sorry. He says Aditi has come for two or three days. Aditi says yes, I came to see if he is staying well, the maid said that he isn’t staying at home, where was he. He says I was at Deepika’s house, she helped me in detox, I was taking drugs, relapse. Deepika says I should go. Aditi thanks her for taking care of her husband in her absence. She says if you need anything, then we are there to help you. Deepika smiles and says yes. She goes. Deepika cries and thinks of Vikrant. Rishte to nahi….plays….

Nandita says Prakash wanted to apologize to Karan, our unfulfilled wishes break or sometimes we have to break it, this is life, we can’t accept it, its the reason for our pain. Abhay feels sad. She says thank you so much. Abhay says I don’t know if I helped him or he helped me, its time for him to go, be with him, I will be outside. Aditi asks shall we go and meet the gynac, we are already late, maybe you thought I will be upset seeing Deepika, I know you had a past, its known to me, she isn’t your present and future, she was your past, we have to meet Dr. Gayatri Singh, do you know her, come.

Chakravorty comes to Deepika and says you are looking stressed. She says no. He says I have mailed my niece Isha’s details, she will join your team. She says I have checked, happy to have her. He says I want people to know me as her uncle, I have assigned her with Peroz. She says okay, I will inform Peroz. He thanks her and goes. Aditi holds Vikrant’s hand. He sees Deepika in her cabin. Deepika sees them going. Abhay looks on.

Peroz asks Isha to come, he will brief her. Isha checks the patient. Ansari checks a patient Rojak. Rojak gets difficulty in breathing. Sia comes to help. He says I will manage, did you forget your manners. Aditi and Vikrant meet Gayatri. Gayatri asks them personal questions. Aditi says we had an arranged marriage. Gayatri says I find it romantic, because mine was a love marriage. Gayatri and Aditi compliment each other. Gayatri asks where did you go on honeymoon. Aditi says Himachal, its been ten years now. Gayatri says but didn’t get a child. Aditi says we are trying the treatment since a year, he is busy since he shifted to Mumbai, I thought to take a second opinion. Vikrant says you said we are going for routine consultation. Aditi says yes, we have to become parents. Abhay comes and sees them. He asks Gayatri to come for consultation in ER. She says I will just come. Peroz and Isha check Namita and treat her. Peroz says you will be fine with medicines. Isha gives the prescription for immediate relief. Deepika asks how many weeks. The lady says 33 weeks, I slipped in the bathroom and got hurt, fetal activity got less. Deepika checks. Abhay says I called the gynac, she will come, I saw Vikrant there.

Deepika says focus on case, fetal heart rate is low, treat the hand fracture. Gayatri says continue the same treatment, I can’t suggest any advance treatments. Aditi says we couldn’t conceive. Gayatri says stress, pregnancy chances get less when stressed, find a way to destress, plan a vacation. Aditi says thanks, we will seriously work on it. Vikrant and Aditi thank her and leave. Sia says let me help, Ansari. She also tries. She sees Vikrant and calls him for help. Vikrant treats Rojak and says he is stable now. Ansari says I don’t know what to do in the case ahead. Vikrant suggests them the treatment method and goes. Peroz asks Namita why did she eat chillies. Namita says I wanted to say sorry to my boyfriend, so I ate the chillies. Isha says wow, your BF is sick type. Namita says I loved him and didn’t wish to lose him. Isha asks who loves someone like that. Peroz says true love happens once, Namita did a romantic thing, I m sure he has forgiven her and apologized. Isha says Namita, just dump him, explore, love can happen again. Peroz says teenagers don’t know anything and make expert comments. She says whatever.

Aditi comes to cafe and orders a juice. Meena says Aditi is Vikrant’s wife. Vikrant stops Deepika. She goes. He holds her hand and takes her to the supplies room. He says I have to talk to you. She says there is nothing to talk, let me go. He says listen to me, I didn’t wish to hide about Aditi, she called at night, I was shocked, we were happy, I didn’t wish to snatch your happiness, I lied and went home to know why she had come, I m sorry that you got to know it this way, nothing will change between us, our feelings, our relation, give me a chance, I will tell her tonight that I want to get separated, give me time, just one night, look at me, say something. She gets sad. Meena and others talk to Aditi about Vikrant. Aditi says he is not so rude, he just talks about work, where is he. Deepika says Aditi is your wife, you are her husband, its your decision to be with her, its not my decision. He says I will tell her that I want to end that relation, we have no bonding. She says I m not asking you to do this, I can’t break someone’s marriage. He says I m doing this by my wish, don’t misunderstand yourself, its already broken, wait for me, give me some time, I will fix things, I know what to do. She makes him away. He says give me some time. He goes out. Aditi sees him and asks what were you doing here. He says come, we will go home. She says thanks. They leave.

Sia saves Ansari from falling. He thanks her. She says I m really sorry. He says you can call me Wasim also, do you want to do the liver biopsy. She nods. They smile. Abhay says baby can be distressed, call Gayatri again. Nurse says she went to OT for emergency. He says call Deepika. Deepika gets a call. She goes. Peroz comes to Isha. She calls him an old wise man. He says not old, just wise. She says Chakravorty said you were a topper in college, how. He asks how means. She says true love is nothing, its just a chemical reaction. He says love is a strong emotion, its not a joke, true love is like a universe. She says you are funny, how can one person fulfill all your needs, monogamy is a fake concept, polygamy is the secret mantra for happiness. He says typical American mentality, use and throw attitude. They argue about true love. She goes.

Aditi and Vikrant come home. She says its a good hospital, did you know all the people before, they all are good, this city got you, your decision was right, I realized this on meeting everyone today. Gayatri checks Shivika. Shivika says I m scared, I got pregnant by IVF, I am waiting for the baby. Gayatri says we should do C section immediately, IVF is doing magic, I suggested the same to Vikrant and Aditi. Deepika asks her not to disclose the patient’s details. Gayatri says sorry, you and Vikrant work together, so I thought to tell you.

Vikrant argues with Aditi. Aditi asks him not to take stress. He says it was my fav shirt, where is it. She says I don’t know, it would be at Deepika’s house, you can wear this. He says I need to talk to you, don’t do this, don’t touch my things, don’t behave like a wife. She says I m your wife. He says I know, but I don’t love you. She says leave my hand, its hurting me. He says you have to tolerate this, listen to me, I love Deepika. She cries and goes. She serves the dinner. He says we have to talk about it, I don’t want this to happen, lets talk. She says I m listening, lets have food first. He says I don’t love you, I love Deepika. She says I know it, you just loved Deepika, what shall I do, shall I quit having food, you don’t love me, I accepted it, Deepika can be your love, its your truth, but I m your wife, you can’t deny it. He says we got married, but we have no such relation, I don’t feel anything for you, I want to end this marriage. Deepika is tensed at home. She takes Vikrant’s shirt. She recalls him. Teri dhadkan….plays… She hugs the shirt and cries.

Vikrant says I did wrong with you, I m ending this relation. Aditi cries. He says I told everything to Aditi, I have come back to you. He hugs Deepika. He says I will always be with you. Deepika leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Deepika is an idiot, He didn’t want you become surgeon as he wanted stay at home wife to look after his children. Now when having problems having child with aditi he wants deepika. Disgraceful
    Rather watch Sia love story than this nonsense irritating Vikram.

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