Dhadkan 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Jamshed rectifies his mistake

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The Episode starts with the doctors stopping Mr. Singh. Chakravorty says I understand your anger and pain, I will help you. Singh says I don’t want your help. Chakravorty says seriously, I will help, please come with me. Singh stares at Jamshed and goes. Later, Jamshed says its not the hospital’s fault. Singh says its my loss, who will compensate for the loss. Jamshed says you said that we can’t get back the dead, we already had the talk, what happened suddenly. Singh says that time, I didn’t know that she carried my son, I was burdened by two daughters, and now I lost the baby, its a big loss, you have to pay for it. Jamshed asks what do you want to do, shall I inform the police, if you want to open the case, then I will report. Deepika says that’s illegal, you didn’t report till now. Singh says don’t threaten me. Chakravorty asks her to go out. She goes. Abhay and Ansari ask is Singh calm now. Deepika says he isn’t angry that his wife and baby died, he is angry that his baby was a boy, he wanted to cover up the case, Jamshed was helping him. Ansari says they all are same. She says I won’t let Jamshed do this. Abhay says girl and boy are the same, I have to do something to teach a lesson to Singh. She says I don’t want another post from Krantijeevi social handle. She goes. Ansari asks did you see Prince, he didn’t come on duty today, don’t know why. He goes and calls Prince. Prince says someone had stabbed that woman on her stomach intentionally. Deepika asks the man to file the police report. The man says I follow just Jamshed’s orders. She says fine, I will file the report. He says no use, you can’t prove that she had come here. Abhay and Ansari see Singh scolding his daughters. Abhay says I think Singh had cut his wife’s stomach, he wanted to check its a girl or boy, he dropped his wife outside the hospital and left. Deepika says unbelievable, its a wrong thinking, do you have a proof. He says no, this didn’t happen for the first time, we can find the cause of death by postmortem orders. She says Jamshed will not let it happen. He says we have to find another way, I will tell you and do this, social media is powerful, you would understand this, we can debate on it, but can’t deny that this is the only way sometimes. She says okay.

Ansari checks Varsha. She says I m a bit nervous. Abhay and Deepika come. Deepika asks Sia and Ansari to go out. Abhay says sorry Varsha, I had to tell you that you are Krantijeevi. Deepika says we want your help.

Singh asks Jamshed to compensate. Jamshed says don’t get adamant, I know how your wife had died, she had told the doctors before dying that you had cut her stomach to see the baby gender. Singh says 10 lakhs today, else I will do what I want. Jamshed says wait, I will just come. Singh sees the news of Singh’s crime. Singh worries. He scolds his daughters and goes. Madvi tai consoles them and asks them to have food.

Jamshed asks why are you taking this big risk. Deepika says you can fire us from the job, we can do a lot for revenge then. Jamshed says fine, you are forcing me to do this, I will check the cctv footage and find out what were you doing. Deepika says don’t waste the time, I made this post, you do what you find right. She goes. Deepika says Varsha helped us, she shouldn’t get in any problem. Singh asks his goons to catch Deepika. Abhay holds her hand and asks her to run. The goons ruin the things in the canteen.

Abhay and Deepika are in the lift. Varsha gets a stomach ache. The lights go off in the hospital. Someone switches off the lights. The lift gets stuck. Madvi tai saves the girl and gets hurt. Chakravorty says you are doing wrong, its not useful. Jamshed says this crashing will stop, I will tell Singh that Varsha is Krantijeevi, he will not hurt my hospital. Chakravorty says enough, I won’t let you risk the lady’s life, you are the reason, you didn’t wish this case to come out, you didn’t allow the ER room. Jamshed says I have to think the hospital’s best interest. Chakravorty says its about the patient’s interest, we couldn’t save the lady and baby, if you filed the police report, Singh would be in the jail, I will call the police, you won’t stop me. He goes. Varsha gets treated. Sia asks sister to call Deepika immediately. Sister says she is not reachable. Ansari says call Deepika or Khanna, I will prepare the patient. Ansari says we have to do the surgery, we can’t wait for Deepika. Sia says we didn’t do any solo surgery before. Ansari says we have to do it. The patient gets scared in the lift and shouts. Deepika and Abhay attend him. Peroz handles the patients in ICU. He asks sister to call Dr. Ali. Sister says he has gone home to sleep. Jenny helps Madvi tai and takes her. Ansari says I can’t wait for Deepika, I will do this surgery alone, are you with me. Sia says yes. They do the surgery together. Peroz tries to save the patient. Sister says no use now. Peroz says I won’t give up. He saves the patient. The sister says you did right by tearing the death certificates, you have to give him a party. Deepika and Abhay talk to the patient in lift. He asks him to trust Deepika. He praises her that she saved his mum’s life. Deepika treats the patient. Abhay says I told you, she won’t let anything happen to you. The lights come. Deepika asks Abhay to take the patient, she will go and see Varsha. Jenny apologizes to Madvi tai. She says this girl is brave, the police has come. The police catches the goons. Deepika says I m proud of you doctors. Abhay comes. Sia asks are you fine. He says I m fine. He hugs her. He says patient is safe now. Ansari says security guards are outside Varsha’s room. Deepika says I will go and meet Chakravorty. Abhay says I will come with you, Singh is missing. She says I can take care of myself. Jamshed gets his mum’s call. He says sorry mummy, I tried hard. She says we want results, our family name and reputation is your responsibility, we can make Pranab the CEO, he is better than you. Inspector asks the girls about their mum. Deepika says they are in trauma, you may ask later. The girl sees Singh hiding. She goes out and says dad is hiding there. Police arrests Singh. The girls say dad had hurt mummy that day to check the baby. Deepika says don’t get scared, tell us what did you see.

The girl says dad and mum used to fight, dad used to ask for baby boy, he used to beat her, he was drunk that night, he said he wanted to see the baby’s gender, he had cut her stomach. Deepika says its wrong to do gender discrimination, you are brave, you will make your mum proud. Jamshed calls the media. He boasts of his family’s good intention to run the hospital. He says whatever happened with Mrs. Singh was a mistake, its my responsibility to rectify it, I spoke to the trustees, I proposed an upgrade in casualty, an emergency dept will be the best, I have convinced the trustees, I promise, this won’t happen in this hospital again. Ansari says he always gets the credit. Abhay says congrats, emergency dept is getting upgraded. Deepika says thanks, it would not be possible without you. Deepika drives her jeep. She races ahead of Chakravorty’s car. He smiles. He says you took my parking space. She says sorry, I didn’t see you. He says good morning. She jokes. He says I have arranged conferences, emergency dept will open soon, I want you to become a part of these conferences, I m going to suggest your name for the head position, no one else can keep this responsibility. She says I will try my best.

Jamshed says I won’t let Deepika become the head of ER. He calls Dr. Saxena. Deepika sees Vikrant and goes out. Abhay gets suspicious and asks her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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