Dewana dil Part 7

Sanjana getting ready for hospital. Thinks of apologizing to Dr. Samrat. Reaches hospital to to find Sutton and her friends making fun of her.

Sutton: oh look theirs a rich guy, I’ll fall on him to make him fall in love with me.
Sanjana: it didnt happened like that.
Sutton: whatever! But look ms. Village girl Sam is out of or league. If he would date than it would b a girl of his class and not some cheap like u. So stop roaming around him.

Sanjana and krisha leaves. Krisha is though angry but sanjana ask her to leave.
Duty assigning.
Each senior doctor( Dr. Samrat and Dr. Varun) gets a 2 junior doctor(Sutton, Chelsey, krisha and Sanjana). Head doctor decides that staff should know each other.
Hence sanjana Chelsey and Dr. Samrat are team 1
And Sutton krisha and Dr. Varun are team 2

Dr.samrat: sir! It would b better if u give me krisha or Chelsey instead of Dr. Sanjana.

Dr. Robbins: its my order and even trustees need to follow it in my department, am I clear Dr. Samrat?

Sutton gives a curt look at sanjana to show her that Sam despice her. Sanjana doesn’t see it fit to show reply.

Dr. Robbins: the girl is new, who would b better to train her than u, of course.

Dr. Robbins and team 2 leaves. Sutton tells Chelsey to keep an eye on sanjana.

Samrat: OK! So I m stuck with u 2. Don’t expect any forgiveness from me, if u do any mistake than it would b ur last mistake. I want u to report me at sharp 8 not a minute less or u will face my hell, understand?!!!
In a manner of army general samrat said. Shocking Chelsey and Sanjana

Both a bit scared nodded a slow yes.
They go to see patients Sam is deliberately speaking fast so that sanjana has problem in writing he has asked Chelsey to take samples. And sanjana to write changes. He is throwing case paper on her.
Sanjana is arranging the case paper and walking behind samrat as a habit. She hasn’t seen that patients are over. Samrat stops for a step to open the door. Sanjana gets hit to him as she was just behind him.

The case papers falls. Sam holds sanjana and have an eyelock. Sam eyes can clearly show feelings for sanjana. And sanjana is blankly looking at him.

Samrat comes to his senses and removes his hand from her waist and sanjana falls. He acts weird and leaves. Sanjana gets angry. Thinking how dare he??

She runs behind him keeping papers at desk in a hurry.
Sam gets in lift sanjana enters as well.
Sanjana: sir do u have a problem with me??
Samrat: no. Why did u think that??
Sanjana: u asked for other junior doctors than me! . I assure u sir I m hard working. And all that mistake that happened yesterday was by mistake. I didn’t wanted to harass u. Believe me.

Sam: its OK Dr. Sanjana.
Sanjana: so everything is OK. And I m forgiven for yesterday.
Sam: yes. ( he is busy in his phone) and without looking at sanjana tries to end conversation

Lift says ground floor.
Every one gets out. Sam has to go to 1st floor but due to sanjana could get out and sanjana has to go back to seventh so they stay in lift.
Lift close and goes toward basement and gets stuck due sanjana’s repeated stabbing of buttons.

Sanjana feels now she is gone. Dr. Samrat won’t leave her.
In order to hurry the lift she had caused emergency brakes of the lift.
Dr. Samrat checks it sanjana is hidding her face and not making an eye lock to Dr. Same at. Sam is frustrated. Thinks I can’t stand a second seeing her face and look wat she did.
( funnily samrat curts) sanjana makes faces as well.
Sanjana ask pls call someone I m claustrophobic. Samrat says reception is not their. As the lift is in basement no one is their to hear them and even microphone is not working.

He tries to make noise by hitting on lift. Sanjana is scared. She has difficulty in breathing and anxious. Sam says don’t worry I will do some thing.

Lift comes on ground floor. With sanjana in Sam’s arm and Sam hugging her. Whole hospital watches them like that.

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