Devon ke Dev… Mahadev Ishq 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th June 2013 Written Update

Shivji answers bhakti is remains as mere show off if one can not see me in Vishnuji, Brhmaji, Devi Lakshmi, Devi Saraswati & Parvati.

Rishi Bhringi is adament on his stand of believing in only Shivji, Purush tatva. Doesn’t feel the need to acknowledge the Prakriti tatva. In the Gyan sabha, rishi Markandeya & Bhrigu expresses their wish to do pradakshina of both Shiv & Shakti present there. They do so followed by rishi Bhrigu. Shivji looks at rishi Bhringi. He does pradakshina of only Shivji leaving Parvati. Both Shivji & Parvati look at each other. Other rishis are shocked at Bhringi’s act. Nandi thinks inspite of explaining by Shivji, Bhringi has still not accepted Mata Paravti. Shivji asks him, will he do pradakshina

once more. Bhringi agrees.

At Ksheersagar, Naradji asks what will happen now? Vishnuji answers Bhringi will be taught a lesson.
Both Shivji, Parvati look at each other. They merge into each other in their Ardhnarishwar form. Vishnuji closes his eyes in admiration. Other viewers too like the Ardhanarishwar form. All the rishis are wondering how Bhringi will stick to his beliefs. Bhringi takes form of a Bee & does pradakshina of only the half part Shivji is of the Ardhanarishwar form.

Shivji, Parvati return to their original form. Parvati tells Bhringi since you’ve accepted only Purush tatva, not the Prakriti tatva. The eniter Prakriti tatva will no longer be part of your life. Bhringi’s boy turns into sand.

At Ksheersagar, Lakshmiji & Saraswatiji are smiling. Vishnuji says this is what remaines once Prakriti tatva leaves Bhringi.

Just before that in the Gyan Sabha, Shivji hears his bhakta rishi Vishwanar’s chants of ” Om Namah Shivay”. He is doing a penance to get ason. His wife comes there, starts pleading to Shivji to give them his darshan.

From the sand Bhringi’s voice is heard, he apologises to Mata Paravti. She blesses him, returns his body. He falls at his feet. Shivji says Shakti is incomplete without Shiv & Shiv is just a Shav without Shakti. Absence of any one tatva will create imbalance in life. Through you, I wanted to explain the unity of both Purush & Prakriti tatva to all.
Durgasur is ready with his army to attack. He is advised to to hurry up, wait for the right time. But confident Durgasur says I can not be killed.

Here rishi Vishwanar is disturbed at his penance failing. Shivji appears in front of them, asks them what is their wish? His wife says we want to give lots of love to our child. Shivji asks him what kind of sun do you want? Rishi Vishwanar describes the qualities of Shivji in his son. Shivji answers, I’ll become your son. He turns into an 7 year old boy. Parvati is seeing this.

Precap: Earlier it used to be Devas lead by Indra, now it’s Devas lead by Nahush comes to Parvati, complaining about Durgasur has taken over Swarga. Only she can save them in Shivji’s absence.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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