Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th January 2014 Written Update

Parvati is worried about Kartikeya going to Kritikas. She tells Ganesh about Kartikeya thinking of Kritiksa loving him more & how he felt about her not taking care of him after his birth. Fb is shown about his first meeting with Kartikeya.
Here Kritikas are excited meeting their son. Tells him, during his childhood days it used to be a test every day for them while making him eat his food. He gets emotional, says he is here to experience their unselfish love. Why did they allow him to leave them? For a bigger motive, a mother can never be selfis. His wellbeing was at Kailash, tell one Kritika. He gets emotional, leaves that place. Kritikas understand something is bothering him. One of them goes to talk to him.
Arunasur is doing penance to please Parvati. One of his gurds asks other, will she be pleased considering what he had done to other Devas? Arunasur’s minister shuts him up, saying their maharaj will achieve his goal. Later they admire his feelings for his mother & wish he’ll be successful in pleasing the Jagatmata Parvati.
At Ksheersagar Naradji says he did tell Arunasur, that Kartikeya’s promise is not time bound but the fact is it has to be fulfilled. It depends on Mata Parvati, Arunasur’s penance may last till his life time. Vishnuji doesn’t answer, he looks serious.
Mahadev is remembering how Kartikeya was born, his fb is shown. Vishnuji comes there, says Kartikeya may be a great warrior but still is a child at heart. Mahadev says, he knew it’s not Narayan but Kartikeya’s mama, who’s come to meet him. Vishnuji says, he is here to enjoy some peaceful moments. on one side a son is doing penance to get his mother back, on other side a mother is worried about her son’s feelings & a son is looking for answers of his action. We are in middle of them. Mahadev says this moments of peace will get over soon & a series of destructive moments will begin soon.
Kritika insists on knowing the reason for Kartikeya’s disturbed state. He explains her Arunasur’s story & his promise. Says mother took her Viraat roop to make Ganesh alive, but she’s failed in understanding my feelings. Kritika gets angry, tells him it’s not mata Parvati’s but his failure for not understanding his mother. She leaves.
Parvati is sad, is thinking about Kartikeya. Mahadev comes, asks her not to do anything that may have longer lasting effects. She says, those effects can be handled, right now helping Kartikeya is more important. Mahadev thinks, this will have quite strong effects, I can not even tell you about them Being Trikaldarshi is not easy.

Precap: Indra insults Kartikeya, who gets very angry.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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