Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev does medication and here mata calls to devi prithvi then devi prithvi arise. Mata says, i think that one mata can understand other mata. Rohitang is getting bad manners from andhak, he is making warriors and he is preparing against swami. Devta is worried about this and due to this, they do yagya and for that my son kartikaye is giving protection to them and i am not happy with this. Devi prithvi surprised. Mata says, i need your help, andhak is capturing rohitang’s childhood, he is taking bad use of boon. Rohitang is thinking that andhak is his brother but andhak is doing miss use of rohitang. Prithvi says, this is wrong, rohitang is getting bad manners. Mata says, you are rohitang’s mother so called his childhood again, tell him, his life is precious and his life is for asur wellness not for andhak profit and also tell him that swami is not his enemy, he is his father. You made his heart soft. Devi prithvi assures mata that i will bring back rohitang’s childhood. Rohitang runs and says, why am i not getting answers of my questions?
Prithvi mata comes in front of rohitang and says, i am your mother then rohitang remember all the previous conversation. Rohitang hug devi prithvi then rohitang ask, why will you not come to meet me? Mata says, i am bounded in some duties and mahadev has given your responsibility to andhak and if i will meet you then andhak worry about it. Rohitang says, if i am son of mahadev then why will he trying to kill me. He sent gann to kill me. Who is mahadev? Where is he living?
Devi prithvi says, it is impossible to know properly to mahadev thats why it will uncomplete if any one tell you about mahadev. We can only feel mahadev and if we worship to him then we will come near to them. Mahadev lives everywhere and he is always near to you. we goes far away from him by our work. ROhitang sleeps then prithvi again arise in front of mata. Mata says, you are looking happy to meet with your son.Devi Prithvi says, it is really happy to meet him. Rohitang again and didnt find mata and says, i feel happy to wait for you and i feel truth in maa wordings. i dont know why will i mahadev comes to meet me.
Mahadev says, it doesn’t mean that if sun glows the world, then i will glow the world with moon and i can touch you with this moon light.
Andhak comes and calls rohitang. Andhak says, what happen rohitang, are you ok? YOu said to me that you will come up from sleep but anyways today we will practise against mahadev so for that if we will face stone then we have to practise with stone. Prithvi devi says, i am worried about rohitang, he thinks that mahadev wants to kill him and he is his enemy, i tell him truth but now we will see that my conversation will work on him. Mata says, you should meet rohitang regularly and due to this he will get proper manner and follow his duties. Devi prithvi gives thank to mata. Rohitang thinks about his practise and says, why will i think that it is unvaluable today. Mata says, if anyone is eager to something then he will get the answer, i think that he will get you soon. Mahadev says, rohitang is my part so it is possible but rohitang is in childhood and he will get manner as andhak will give him.

Precap:- andhak takes face of mahadev and calls mahadev for war.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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