Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episdoe starts with mata says to mahadev, indra didnt do right thing. he has done this for his throne. Swami, you have stopped me, when i was going to save rohitang. but i cant tolerate about insult of tulsi. Mahadev says, relax parvati, indra will pay for this soon. We cannot comes in between matter. Here shankchur thinks about indra’s wording. Tulsi goes into rohitang’ room and says, take meal. Rohitang says, no, i dont want. Tulsi says, if you are in pain then will i call to doctor. Shankchur reaches into fort. tulsi says, if swami will see that you are not taking meal then he will become tensed. i will do anything to make you happy. Shankchur reaches at same time. Indra gets happy to see it. Rohitang says, what you are thinking i know but can i tell something. Shankchur says, indra has said truth. Then rohitang says, if you think that indra is saying truth then kill me right now but trust on only one thing whether you trust me or kill me. Indra is trying to break our friendship, think very calmly, do you really disbelieve on your wife. Indra wants to hurt by making break you and your wife. But if you still believe on indra then i am ready to get killed. Just think on one thing that dont believe on indra or just trust your wife. Tulsi gets worried to hear this and cried. TUlsi thinks about mahadev’s wordings. Mahadev tells to saptrishi that you have stay calmly because if anyone will proud then he sustain him in that situation. If person will think himself then he will powerful and if he will stay on others then he cannot transform himself. Pain and sorrow is only person’s result. Most of people tries to put on someone and make himself free. But they dont know that there nature create pain. We should make balance in nature.
Shankchur says sorry to tulsi and tulsi says, now rohitang, you can go from here. Shankchur says, if rohitang will go from there then people will think that i dont trust you, so for that reason, rohitang must stay here.
Rohitang takes an oath of mata prithvi that i will see you as my sister and fulfil all my duties. Rohitang says, if now from onwards, again any question arise for satitva of tulsi then you have to battle with me. mata says, it is very harmful to attack on satitva. I will tell you a story of satitva. Mahadev says, sati anusiya’s story is whole known. Rohitang says to mata prithvi that i have made tulsi as my sister. Mata prithvi gets happy to hear that and says, i am happy to see that you respect ladies and tridev also respect them. Rohitang surprisingly says tridev. mata prithvi says, i am surprised to see that you dont know the complete truth. Then mata prithvi tells the story of tridev. All three mata takes an examination of their satitva. All the devis calls narad munni. THey said to narad ji, we want to ask that who is in most satitva. you move in whole world. narad muni gets confused. Narad ji says, sati anusuiya. Laxmi ask question, how could you say that anusuiya is lead in satitva. All three matas gone to take examination. Mata parvati says, i also want to see that sati anusuiya is lead in satitva. Sati anusuiya gets happy to all matas. Sati anusuiya tells lesson of satitva.
Anusuiya says, pati is complete for her wife. do you really want to hear only this conversation. Mata says, i am surprised to hear anusuiya but devi laxmi is not satisfied with anusuiya satitva. Mata laxmi says, we all faced so many cases then how we can retain satitva of anusuiya. i will accept only when he will give examination. Mata parvati says, now tridev will include in it. We all sent narayan, brahmadev and mahadev into strangers face. THey said to anusuiya that we are strangers, can we get food? They all like food and appreciate it. mahadev says, we are happy to take this food and now can we stay here for night. Sati anusuiya thinks about strangers and ask from God that make them child. Then tridev becomes children.
Indra gets angry and says, my plan got failed and my fool soldier was unable to kill rohitang thenafter rohitang met with shanchur and then after my distraction, rohitang and shankchur become more closer. Dev Guru comes and says, i have already alert you but you didnt hear me. You have blame on tulsi for rohitang and shankchur relation. If devta will do like that then what is difference between devta and asur and you have to thanks to rohitang because he saved you from evil and if you can think then dont do same mistake again. Indra says, why dont anyone can see that i am seeing. My main motive is to make powerless to rohitang because i know rohitang will again attack on us and this time, he will return back with full power. Shankchur ordered to make more powerful to boundaries. Dev kampan comes and says, does shankchur respect to guru’s. dev kampan discus with shankchur about rohitang. You have spent your life in luxury but think rohitang is born by mahadev and dont you want that they will get your father’s love. Rohitang didnt get that he deserve and mahadev has done wrong with him. His main aim of his life is to destroy mahadev.
Mata says to sapt rishi that we have left our proud and tell everything to anusuiya. Here mata prithivi says, tridev depends on each other for their duties. mahadev, narayan and brahma ji comes into actual faces and then mahadev says, you have completed your task anusuiya and we all know that you lead in satitva. Mahadev says, when i have taken poison in my throat then parvati has taken narayan help to save this world. Here mata prithvi also completed the story of sati anusuiya. Rohitang gets happy to hear that tridev depend on each other. Mata prithvi gives blessing and pray for his wellness and then gone.
Rohitang says to himself, tridev depends on each other. If i will stop any one of them then all of them will stop.

Precap:- Rohitang says to dev kampan that my aim is still same. Is someone who can help to achieve my aim . Dev kampan says, yes. Mahadev says, for blaming tulsi, indra have to pay for it. Rohitang takes promise from shankchur that he will attack on indra and then shankchur promised him.

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