Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th March 2013 Written Update

4th March 2013 : ‘Bidaai’

The newly wed take the blessing of the elders… then they go to Nandi who was their sympathizer apart from her parents.

Then they go to Gannu bhayya, she says that the wedding has come to its existence and climax mostly cause of him and she wishes that every girl gets a brother like him. She doubts he earnestly wished to get read of her! AS says at a lighter note.

She goes to elder bro Kartikeya who feels sad as his sister is going away from him. She says her gratitude for being the best bro.
Then they take Parvati Parmeshwar’s blessings. AS feels grateful to her mother for the love she bestowed on her.. and an ounce of the love she was showered with, she could give to her own child then her life be complete.
The daughter goes to her dear father, she feels terrible on leaving her father and her Guru.
Mahadev reminds her to always remember what all he said and that she would follow it with her own consent.
She leaves with a promise of keeping the honour of her paternal house.
All have a teary eye including Mahadev himself.
Then as AS is been taken to the Palanquin Gannu bhayya calls her out and says that she needn’t worry of anyone at Kailash, he is there.
He further tells her not to be upset and whenever she wishes to see him she just need to take his name and he’d be there. And when he had said something he’d surely do it!

Seeing everyone weep, Mahadev tells everyone to farewell cheerfully for a good future to the newly wed.

Vishnu dev says to Mahadev that, its natural to be sad on parting with AS because she is their their part.. and she must me sadder than them as she has to leave them all her entire life has altered; new life new family there she won’t have any of them.

To maintain this continuity of this scarifies of the world women is significant.
The place she is born, she gives happiness there and then continues to give her love after her marriage to a new family.
Shiva thanks to everyone for attending their daughter’s wedding and bless her.
Parvati ma thanks Rishi Vashist and his wife for the preparations. They say that its their fortune to be helping the Gods themselves.

At Lanka..
Dashanan chants Om Namah Shivay and beam of light illuminate from his forehead and a Shiv Ling appears there.

Seeing this Indr is again insecure of his position as questions Naradji’s motives.. saying what has he done, if Ravan prays Mahadev, he would only be nearing Mahadev and tha way doesn’t lead Mahadev disliking Dashanan.

Naradji asks if he had seen sowing a seed?
Indr asks that’s not the answer he was lookin for..Narad says so he was!
When asked the link between his pb and what he is talking by Indr, Naradji says like a plant never grows the moment is been sown

Indr is now vexed abt the whole seed thing, Naraji then explains to him that he has sown the seed of their plan in Dashanan’s mind and the penance is the sign that he roots ave started to grow.
And whatever they try to make Dashanan do needs lots of power and that is got by penance.

The whole family of Mahadev comes back to Kailash and finds it empty as there is no AS.

Ganesh says that he did knew that in the absence of his did there shall be pain, but little he knew the intensity of it would be so painful.

AS is being welcomed into her in-law’s house with love and the mother-in-law informs AS that not only the relations but also the subject is looking forward to see the face of the new queen.

Lucky father got to see the grihpravesh of his own daughter though telepathically.

Back here Hund has nightmares of getting killed by Nahush.

Poor father continues to watch the ceremonies held at Nahush’s place…
Mahadev shares that they all should be happy as she is happy at her in-law’s place.

Ganga says that as AS’s wedding has be performed she has to go.. she her leave.
Nahus’s mother tells her relief to AS and that Nahush is safe after marring her.

HUnd runs to Sumali, and tells his sob story of getting nightmares.
Sumali puts his hands in the air saying that the time of killing has come and gone.
He tells Sumali that he shouldn’t be in a misconception that his life depends on him (Sumali) as Hund himself has many asur who can do anything for him and they’d kill Nahush.

There is a face off between Nahush and Hund
Nahush says that he’d fufill teh curse given by his wife.
Hund says which Hund is he gonna kill?

Parvati ma worried sick comes to Mahadev telling him abt Hund’s attack on Nahush.
Mahadev the says that the curse will come true this day.

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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