Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Banasur goes to the kailash and informs K and co that he has declared himself as the new Trilokadhipati.
Even Balram has felled the battle and its better if they too accept him..Nandi tries to disciplines him that its Kailash, he replies that he has a spl place for Kailash and thus he seeks surrender or he’ll start a war.

Nandi is furious… Banasur tells that he doens’t want be the reason of thier destruction..K is in rage…Banasur tells he’ll go to Indr to make him surrender..and he also asks K and co to surrender and accept him as their king.
K tells him to stop saying such ignorant things-its not right for a Shiva bakti, he better go back to Shonikpur. Banasur tells that he has decided to conquer..but seeing K’s attitude he feels that K wishes to fight..Nandi tells he’ll have to fight him first..K tells Nandi that Banasur has challenged him and he’ll answer it himself.

Banasur reminds K abt Mahadev being his protector n he can call him anytime in the war..Ganesha meanwhile asks Nandi to come along to talk to Mahadev.

K tries to remind him abt his ancestors and requests him to turn back to Shonikpur. Banasur tells he got afraid of it…he just wanted to remind K abt the potential mess he’ll be into.. and besides Mahadev would come only on his call.
He says that he is capable of defeating anyone and is v excited to fight with K as he is one of the best opponent and he won’t find as deserving and capable opponent to fight.

K(Kartiekya) says he wont fight him, (Banasur) BS tells he’ll feel bad that such great fighter as him flee the battle field, he assures K that he won;t call Mahadev.
K says that doesn’t get it, for BS can attack him but he won’t attack back.
And if he wishes to fight sucha war he can.

Nandi complains Mahadev on BS’s audacity of attacking Kailash..

BS and K start the sword fight…K tries to defend himself against BSs’s attacks..BS gets annoyed as K isn’t attacking him

Ganesh tells Mahadev that if K fights back then BS will surely lose, and if BS calls Mahadev then BS will never be defeated.

Parvati ma feels worried abt the unfair war…as he is siding one of the fighter..
Mahadev tells that K is using his wisdom to fight thee war and is right in his decision..
Indr and gang comes , Agni dev tells that he can’t see K n BS unfair fight..its not just his concern that K is Mahadev’s son but..he has taken K’s enormous energy..and he is by every way present to give a helping hand to his family.
Shiva says that whenever Agnidev’s help n support is needed he’d surely be given the chance to do so…

BS again taunts K that he must be afraid that his dad is his protector..K in fullon confidence tells that if his father is BS’s protector then mind it he too is SHivansh! *whistles*

Banasur brings out his 1000arms …K thinks in his mind that if BS gets to know that he can’t defeat him, the he surely will call Mahadev to his rescue…and probably what he is doing now might not be the right thing.

The whole Kailash trembles as K digs his sword on the ground showing his powers…

BS is successful in provoking K…he asks K to surrender falling on his feet..
K does as said..all are shocked..Maahdev comes and calls K…

Back here two pahakis Usha n Chandrleka sneak out in teh night..where Chandra magically makes two horses appear.. USha is all surprised to see Chandra do magic on asked she tells that the journey is very long..she’d tell her anytime while they cont the trip
As they move ahead mom calls USha, they freeze. She rants at them for not informing her of their night trip…when they try to justify..she tells her that how USha has been influenced by ppl teh last time she left teh palace..which ended up BS to prove his capabilities by becoming trilokadhipati…she doens’t want USha to be in any trouble.
SHe also warns Chandra for misleading Usha.
Chandra apologizes.

Mahadev warns BS not to think his mistakes as his strengths… he dnt dare think that his son has lost against BS. Bs asks mahadev to tell K to surrender as everyone did, which has left him dissatisfied of not fighting to any one capable.

K accepts that he is defeated by BS.. its better than fighting his own father and get defeated by accepting the defeat. Saying so K leaves.

K then gets his flag and hands it over to BS…Mahadev is furious…(great dad keyliye self respect ko davpar lagadiyaa..K u won wid distinction man..kudos!)
BS tells that he is happy that K surrendered…now he has already conquered the swarg lok…he tells that K’s jhukahuva head shows that even if he is Shivansh has lost from a Shiv Bhakt..

He asks Mahadev if there is any one else who can fight him..Shiva says yes there one who can break his arrogance and defeat him in the war

Mahadev tells BS to wait for the day when the peacock flag which he hoists at his palace will be brought down

Update Credit to: sankalp

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