Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Narad coming to Kailash and asking about Mansa as to why Mahadev allowed her to stay in Patal lok. Mahadev
says that there Mansa would be brought like any other person without knowing who she is.

In Patal lok Diti and Vasuki come before Rishi Harjaneya and Diti tells about Mansa’s birth and also says to him that you can bear the heat of her. Rishi Harjaneya feels blessed to nurture Mahadev’s child and that he has understood the aim of his life. As soon as Vasuki hands Mansa to Rishi, Rishi is able to withstand the heat which makes both Diti and Vasuki happy.

At Kailash, Mahadev asks Parvati about the reason of her worry. Parvati says that she’s worried about Banasur and that he can create havoc once again and also call for your protection and then once again we both will stand against each other and that the thought of not helping you is making me helpless. Mahadev says that Banasur has been given a choice and it is up to him, we just have to wait. Mahadev also add that you (Parvati) are with me I every form, thought, power.

There Diti is performing yagna when Narad enters. Narad tells whatever offerings she’s is giving it will not stop the coming problem Diti feels sad for her son as whenever they are given opputunity they do not use it and a make mess of themselves. She also says that Mahadev has given her a responsibity to protect Mansa, but my sons will affect her. Narada tells not to worry as she will protect herself, but two different personalities cannot stay at one place.

There a demon is performing tapasya to gain boon from Brahma dev. Brahma dev comes to meet Mahadev that important event will take place and it will affect the whole family of yours once again and more than that Devi Parvati will be most affected. But Mahadev says that his concern is not limited to his family but of the entire world. When revenge matters the most, there is loss everywhere.  Brahma tells that the demon is performing my tapasya and then he will be coming to Kailash. But Mahadev says that it will be his (demon) choice. And Kailash is ready to face any problems. Everyone in Kailash will have to accept the present
situation. Nothing will change on Kailash.

There at Kailash Ganesha and Kartikeya pull Nandi’s legs by saying that Nandi loves Ganesha more than Kartikeya. Everyone asks Devi
Parvati also mixes up with her sons and says that he is partial towards Ganesha. This upsets Nandi and finally Ganesha opens the truth. Nandi feels sad and he asks Parvati as to why she also mixed up with her son, to this Parvati’s says that you should have recognized Ganesha intentions first.

Then Mahadev comes, Nandi tells him that everyone took advantage of his bull mind, but Mahadev says Nandi to get ready for Dwanda
yudh with Kartikeya. Kartikeya is confused and asks what is the reason to this Mahadev says Nandi ha s played an important role in his training and it is time to learn new techniques.

Precap: – Demon ask Brahma for boon of immortality, but Brahma grants him a boon that who so ever he touches he will get that person qualities, Mahadev trains Kartikeya with Nandi…

Update Credit to: Kalyani_shiva

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