Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang says to biblarth that ganga is very important part of mahadev’s life. Tell me about her story. Biblarth says, this story starts with rishi gautam. Some rishi tries to let down to rishi gautam. Rishi gautam says, i havent done anything. Villagers decided to kill rishi gautam. rohitang says, now what will mahadev done. Is he again came late, after rishi gautam’s death. Biblarth says, no, he comes in some different face and says to villagers that if you will throw stone to them then stone will again return back to you with fast speed. Mahadev tells to him to worship devi ganga for removing stain of your image. THey worship devi ganga and then ganga says, i will come here but you have to worship to mahadev so that he will control my wave. They again worship mahadev and mahadev arise and stay as shivling and named it “Triyambakeshwar” and also name godavari to ganga.
biblarth says, now you can suggest your expression. Rohitang tries to move from that place and then dev kampan stops them and says, is it right to behave wrongly in front of your guru? Biblarth says, i am not annoy with rohitang, i will give him some more time. dev kampan says, i am thinking somethign wrong about rohitang. biblarth says, rohitang is shivansh and he realize about mahadev while calling om.
Kartikaye practising on his aim, but he couldnt get the perfect aim. Mata comes and says, i havent seen you with distracted aim. Kartikaye says, indra can called me anytime and this is wrong because he has done nothing. I have to go when he will call me. mata says, we have to fulfil our duties, whether somebodies intention is for hurting someone else.
Minister says to nigas that we have only few grains left. Nigas says, i will not let down my head in front of indra. why will i put down my head in front of indra. INdra says,
one day, nigas will bring out and i will kill him. Here shankchur comes with his force. indra says, i am king of devta and i can decide anything. mahadev and brahma ji does converse with each other. Brahma ji says, with OM, rohitang is going in right path. Mahadev says, by right path, seed can also grow perfectly and same by rishi biblarth, rohitang is going to right path and your devotee will participate in whole scenario. Minister says to nigas, i will definitelly beat down in this war. Nigas says, if mahadev wants that i will beat down in this war then i will accept it and if they decided win for me then indra cannot beat me.

Nigas comes out with his force. Indra says to himself, now its time when i will become famous and tridev will also win by me. Dev guru says, i am your guru, it is my duty to guide you and you are doing worthlessly. You have to pay for it. Indra says, i know it dev guru and after this, i will earn fame. Rohitang thinks about biblarth wordings. Rohitang says to himself, arent you going to wrong path rohitang. Dev kampan comes and says, before hearing next story, you have to wait for sometime. Rohitang says, no guru dev, i am eager to hear all story. No mahadev, nothing make me weak, i will kill you. Shankchur migrate to defeat indra and he will return back to me.
Narad ji comes and says, you want to hesitate to say. Narad ji says, something happened and rohitang and nigas will unite after this attack.

Precap:- Indra says to nigas, whether you accept my proposal otherwise i will kill you. Nigas says, i love to do war and die and warrior. dev guru says, shankchur comes to help nigas.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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