Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th September 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with demons are stunned to see Devi Baglamukhi. One of the demon faints down, and the other one falls down to Devi’s feet. Devi Baglamukhi cuts out the tongue of the demon.Brahma, Shiva, Indra and other gods look on. There in Brahmalok, Brahmadev explains the importance of Devi Baglamukhi, and her impact on the people who will worship her to the gods.Indra gets worried as Parvati is turning into Mahakaali. And that starts to happen !!! As just Parvati was about to transform into Kaali, Shiva sitting on Mount Kailash tries to calm down Parvaati saying that it is necessary to control our ennergies.Prvati hearing so, calms down.. Indra is happy seeing Parvati normal and wants her to return to kailash.. Parvati says to Shiva that she knows what is going on with her, and even she is firm that she won’t be returning to Kailash.

Mallu and Mani get angry, seeing Parvati calming down, but there are still happy knowing that Parvati is still unstable.Mallu stops Mani from doing anything stupid, as they both are joined with their thoughts. mallu says that we should do something to make Parvati unstable again.Brahma, Saraswati leaves for Kailash. Shiva knows the reason why both are hear, and tells them Parvati will be fine.Indra asks for clarification yo which Shiva tells that some people wanted to take advantage of Parvati’s condition, but she knows what to do.Some foolish people will again come, and that they will be responsible for themselves.

There some women are harassed and abused by some demons and cannibals,but there intentions are not good.Women calls Parvati for help..Indra asks Mahadev to stop Parvati from geeting unstable which infuriated Shiva and he tells him that she is Aadi Shakti and that she won’t go unstable. Aadi Shakati is responsible for all the strenght in the world.Love is the main essence of AadiShakti and that is what Parvati will do.Parvati is the one who will take decision where to be stable and where to be not.Parvati don’t need any security, but this will be an example of what a mother will do when her chil is in trouble. Indra begs forgiveness, stating stationg that his intentions were good and for the sake for Parvati.

Wiinds roar,and with the winds comes Parvati in a furious state of mind.Parvati in a strong tone askes the demons to come fight with her.Therein the cave are doing Pooja to gaitate parvati. Parvati takes out her weapons and atart ti kill demons.Parvati asks them to come, but those cowards run away.Women are happy and shouts, ‘Mata ki jai !!!’

Parvati explains to those women that you should be independent enough to tackle all the problems you face.She also states that some of the energies of mother[Aadi Shakti] are in her childrens too.Parvati Parvati also says that a women fulfills allher duties like a daughter, wife, mother, sister. but in a place or in a world where a woman is not respected or ill-treated, such a pace or world should be DESTROYED.Anyone who would disrespect woman will meet ME.


Precap:- Some demons circle parvati, Parvati gives them a chance. Indra gets worried.

Update Credit to: Kalyani_shiva

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