Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Bheelni asking Mahadev for a boon to stay with her. Mahadev obliges to this which stuns her as how come said yes to stay with another woman. Bheelni decides to make kheer for Mahadev with a hope that her swami will finally understand her feelings.

Mahadev recognizes Bheelni as Parvati and suddenly Narad comes there with question about Mahadev and AdiShakti’s leelas when Brahma answers that even if this is about their personal life it will benefit the world. Narad asks whether if this all is related to Manasa. Mahadev tells Narada both Manasa and Parvati have important roles to play and Brahma says that you (Narada) will have an important task in this leela.

There at Kailash, Nandi is happy to see Parvati back as he was not hoping to see his Mata for a long time. Nandi ask Parvati is
she preparing kheer for Mahadev. Parvati says yes to this and Nandi becomes happy. There Laxmi comes seeing Laxmi decides to leave letting both of them talk…

Laxmi asks Parvati as to what she’s doing. Parvati says that Mahadev has always been listening to his devotees and hence this time
she has taken an avatar of their devotee. Parvati is sure that this will work which will make her swami understand her feelings. Laxmi asks whether Mahadev will recognize her but she says that this time Parkriti has assumed maya.

There people are attacked by some demons. Narad says to Brahma that Manasa’s negative energies have given rise to new energies.
There people are scared when Manasa comes there and tells that no gods or goddesses is going to come to save you, you yourself have to gather courage to save yourself. These words of Mansa ignite the spirit of people and they start to fight against those demons. Then suddenly their head and challenges Manasa…

There at Bheelni’s place, Bheelni comes with kheer and places to some distance from Mahadev. She asks Mahadev to wash his hands
and feets first, but Mahadev being one step head asks Bheelni to wash his hands and feets, which shocks Bheelni. Bheelni serves kheer to Mahadev with a hope that Mahadev will say that he’ll say that Parvati makes the best kheer, but in turn Mahadev praises Bheelni, which again shocks her.

Bheelni moves away from Mahadev. Mahadev asks her what the reason for her doubtful face is. Bheelni says that she has a thought
but it is not related to him. Finally Bheelni ask whether he really liked her kheer… Mahadev says yes… Bheelni he just have said to make her feel happy… but Mahadev says that all he said was from his heart. This crushes Parvati’s heart.

Precap: – Saraswati and Laxmi have come at Kailash; asks Parvati what she is going to do next; there Mahadev is travelling with Bheelni; Parvati says to laxmi and Saraswati that she will putting Mahadev to a final test by asking him to marry Bheelni.

Update Credit to: Kalyani_Shiva

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