Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th December 2013 Written Update

Kartikeya is worried about Devi Parvati. Parvati tells him that she knows he is worried but only she can take care of this responsibility. And knowing this it wouldn’t be proper to leave it. She says like you cannot see me in a problem I cannot see this works in problem. As I am mother nature. I cant let the world be destroyed. But I promise you that all will be well soon
Nest morning Mahadev says that Arunasur was unable to defeat Surya tatva hence he is bound to release Sun God.
Ganesh says mothers pain will be lessened, Lord Vishnu says that we have many times seen how a perverted mentality can ruin the world. Mahadev could have killed him in a second but he believes in giving chances to every one to improve. So he gave Arunasur five

chances o become aware of his mistake and to choose the right path. Arynasur has alternatives but whether he will be ruined or blessed depends on his free will
At Arunasur’s kingdom he is very angry. He releases sun god. Sun tells him that in the first phase of the war has he still not realized who is Bhootnath? Its impossible to defeat him,. You still have time to think about it. Arnusyr walks into his hut without replying
Surya dev appears at Kailash and asks for forgivness and says they should have come to Mahadev rather than going away like that. Surya dev says let me take back my responsibility so that Ma Parvati’s pain will be lessened. But Mahadev says Parvati had taken the five responsibilities togather and she can release them to gather not one by one. Till All devtas are not free of Arunasur Parvati woll not be free of her responsibility. Every one becomes sad.
Arunasur is walking about angrily. He reflects on what bhootnath had said to him. He remembers him saying that all tatvas are in him and he is in them. So find the tatvas. If you find you will have to fight me. He looks at the sky and the earth and smiles wickedly.
Mahadev says the light of the Sun has brought out Arunasur’s childhood memories which he had suppressed, Now moons’s coolness will bring out the solitude of childhood. Ganesh asks him what is the importance of childhood memories? Mahadev says past is the seed of the present. Arunasur has to understand that he was not like this since birth. The circumstances of childhood have made him like this. When he will realize who has made him this way then choice of alternative will be easy for him. Ganpati says but does that mean he is not responsible for his karma? He won’t be punished?. Mahadev says sometimes understanding your mistake is the biggest punishment.
Arunasur calls bhootnath and he appears. Arunasur gets stuck at one place, and gets frozen in snow. He remembers some childhood memories. Mahadev says this was the time when Arunasur became ambitious. Murder was no longer wrong for him.
Arunasur breaks the snow wall. He says by reminding my childhood memories you have made me more determined to win this war. Bhootnath says there is a difference between Determination and stubbornness. This stubbornness will lead you to sadness.
Arunasur aims different types of fireballs at boothnath but it has no impact
At kailash they see lightening. All are worried.
At Khseer sagar Ma Kakshmi says she is worried for Parvati devi every second is tough on her and the fear is that impact will surface one day.Parvati seems in pain. Mahadev kepps his hand on her head and it seems that she felt better
Arunasur and bhootnath are fighting. Many boothnath appear.Arunasur is blown in the air and is thrown on the ground. Fear will follow you he says as much as you suppress it, Fear has to be won over and that can only happen when one accepts it
He remembers that his mother had taught him the path of goodness and she used to be angry with him for crualiry.
Parvati feels better

The End

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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