Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th August 2013 Written Update

In Raja Janak’s Court , Vishwamitra calls Ram , Ram Comes towards the bow and ravan is looking at him , and Janak Says that every one who has come for this swayamvar has lost there self confidence and also pride. Janak says also he has seen some descent people who are shy are able to win hearts. He either will be loose the privillage of kanyadan or he’ll give Ram A chance. Then he announces that Ram will be taking the privillage to pick up the bow.

Rani Sunaina comes to Janak and says that whether is it ok or not as if he will not be able to pic it up and If Raja Dashrath will feel that they called there son and made him offended before many people present in the Swayamvar. Janak Says that he had forgotten that they have got there daughter by lord

shiva’s grace only. So he’ll take care of everything. Ram takes permission from Vishwamitra that he should bless him for the work he is going to do.

Sita is worried and she prays infront of Gauri Maa and Mahadev that , she can have half of the weight of the Bow but please they let him pick it up so that her wish and her father’s promise will be kept. Mahadev says she should not worry, as it will happen as that. Ram goes to the bow and keeps thinking something. Laxman thinks and asks his master that why he is not picking up the Bow and Vishwamitra says he should weight.

Ram thinks that how could he pick mahadev’s bow. As he worships Mahadev and he starts meditating Mahadev . Mahadev comes in his meditation and says him that what was the main objective of the picking up matter of the bow as to break the pride of all the kings present here and to let them know who actually is the maryada purushottam( Idle Man ) . And if he is worried about the bow so that is going to complete its role in in this world. It is gonna be praised by his tying up the thread is gonna praise the bow and will increase its being and he has to do this for keeping the promise

Ram is now composed and he starts picking the bow up and is successful . Every king and Ravan is worried and surprised seeing that. He ties up the thread and then breaks it. Then in the effect of his energy whole world is disturbed and every one is worried.

Parshuram stands up by witnessing this. Every one is happy seeing that. Narad says to Bramhma that the disturbance should be stopped soon otherwise its gonna be very bad for world. Brahma dev says this can only be stopped by mahadev and he must have thought the process of doing so. Vishwamitra in the palace says that he is so much praised to be part of this game of Narayan. And more than that the role he has played in this .

Ram is happy now and Mahadev mata parvati is witnessing Whole Word is witnessing but because of the disturbance Indra comes to mahadev and Mahadev says him that Shakti (energy) has no beginning and no end. It can only be controlled, and the energy which has been released because of Ram’s does that is gonna make many changes in the world. Mahadev controls the energy by some power .
In King Jana’s Palace Vishwamitra says Ram that he is really proud to have a Desciple like him. Urmila says Seeta that she is happy for her as all of the happenings are like a dream and sita says not dream it has dream come true. Raja Janak comes with his daughters and says he announces that he is very happy to give his daughter’s hand in Raja Dashrath’s Eldest Son .

Seeta comes and puts garland and ram does so. They are looking at each other and shares a touchy moment J Mahadev and Maata parvati and whole world is witnessing the divine marriage. And suddenly a scream is audible to everyone in Janak’s palace . Everyone sees that there Parshuram.

Precap: Mahadev Says that Hanuman will be more powerful than a thunderstorm. He will be more fast than air. They show a glance of Hanuman’s Shape as he is coming out from the rock. BG says , watch on Monday how Mahadev’s 11th Rudra Avtaar is gonna come out.


Update Credit to: Celestial

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