Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 15th May 2013 Written Update

J (Jalandhar) has reached Brhma loka. Says, Mahadev now your ansh will bring your end. He finds his origin standing in front of him, who asks him to stop. J asks him who gave him the right to decide what is right & what is wrong, just because they are Tridevas. My fight was with Indra. But after defeating him, this fight is with the thougt pattern, that creates difference between people of being superior & inferior. This thought pattern came in existence much before creation of this World & you know who I am pointing to? Shivji tells him to stop, this is his last warning.
Here Vrinda comes running from her worship, to Shukracharya. Says she has sensed something. Shukracharya tells her, what you have sensed is already happening somewhere. J has reached Brhamloka.

He is making the same mistake like other Asuras. Vrinda asks him since he was aware of everything then why didn’t he stop J. Shukracharya says your worries started after your marriage. But mine began the moment I met him as a child. Vrinda apologises for her behaviour.

Shukracharya suddenly says J shouldn’t do it, he is about to attack Mahadev. Vrinda says she’ll not let that happen. She leaves.
Parvati, Ganesh & Kartikeya are walking, suddenly they face a storm . Kartikeya suggests, they should take shelter nearby. Parvati agrees. She moves ahead. Ganesh says this indicates father’s anger. Kartikeya is wondering what can be the reason? Ganesh says only one condition is possible.
J moves ahead, asks Shivji why isn’t he killing him? You can’t kill me. Shivji says to stop you, I don’t have to kill you. J laughs at Shivji, says without your wife’s help you can’t kill me. She doesn’t even remember & recognise you. This angers Shivji.

J continues, right now others want to know can Trilokadhipati J kill Mahadev? We’ll soon know. He moves ahead. Vrinda reaches there asks him to stop. She pleads her Swami, to stop. J orders her to leave. Vrinda offers her pranam to shivji, J objects to this. Shukracharya looks worried. Vrinda pleads to Shivji not to harm J, he laughs & moves towards Shivji, who warns him to stop. Even Vrinda does so. Shivji gets angry. He brings his Trishul infront of J, bangs his right foot , with this strong jerk, J falls down, straight in Patal loka from Brhma loka. Shukracharya comes to him. J trys to get up, but can’t.

Lakshmiji asks Vishnuji, what will happen now? He says we all know, this is not the end. J will understand now, about his stupidity. His wounds will heal with time but his wounded mind, will never heal. Now what path he takes, that’s worth watching. Brhmaji, Vishnuji, Naradji have smile on their face.
In Brhma loka, Shivji tells Vrinda, J is saved today because of you. In Sansar, you’ll be known as Partvrata. J is my ansh, he’ll not accept defeat. But if he doesn’t stop now, this will be the beginning of his end.
J manages to get up. Vrinda reaches there. He stops her from coming near him. He seems to be shocked.

Precap: Inside Amarnath cave Parvati sees Shivji in meditation. Asks Aadi Guru, she feels her Swami had been here in past. Shivji outside the cave tells Ganesh & Kartikeya to guard & not let anyone enter inside. For Parvati’s chakra awakening he needs to go now. Inside the cave Parvati is in Dhyan.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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