Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Mahadev sitting inside a cave, thinking about the situations. There Parvati comes in front of Arunasur, she asks him to reconsider, reconcile his thoughts. She is happy that Arunsaur spent time for doing penance for her, but she says that she would have been more happy if he would spent the same time thinking about his actions. There in cave, Mahadev is thinking about the consequences, and that he by Parvati’s side
and he send his 3 powers.
There in Parvati makes Arunasur’s mother alive, Arunasur is happy seeing his mother alive, but as he was going to hug his mother, he cannot do so, which leaves Arunasur shocked. Arunasur accuses Parvati of playing with his emotions, but his mother steps in saying you always achieve what you wanted, but you never thought of what your mother wanted, and that is to be free. She asks Arunasur to remember the moment she was dying, he remembers, his mother praying to Mahadev, Mahadev comes in front of his mother, he pleads to Mahadev to free her from the human clutches and take her to their world, and also ask Mahadev to forgive her husband and her son for the sins they both deed. She also tells Arunasur where she was going every night alone, she used to worship Shiva-Shakti to free her.
Arunasur mother asks Parvati to forgive her son, and show her to mukti. Parvati tells her to go Vaidyaneel dham, where she would her road to be free.There in Ksheersagar, Vishnu recalls what Bhoothnath and Mahadev tried to convince Arunasur, about his actions and their consequences, but he did not paid any heed. Brahmadev feels proud that Mahadev do not discriminate between anyone, and that he also gave Arunasur a chance. Narad feels worried about what will happen, Vishnu tells him that Arunasur has 2 choices… either he should accept that his mother is gone where she belongs or if he does not the situations would be terrible.

There Arunasur asks Parvati as to why she did not him that his mother used to worship both of them for her mukti. He accuses Parvati for cheating with him, and that Prakriti will be killed, but Kartikeya comes to his mother rescue. Kartikeya knows that he cannot kill Arunasur because of his boon, but he can give the same pain a person undergoes when he’s dying.

As Kartikeya was going to attack, Mahadev stops him. Arunasur gives Mahadev an angry look, saying that he does not have to fight with a woman. He also accuses mahadev that he has a false personality and only fools listen to what he says.

Precap :- Arunsur says that he’s ready to fight with Mahadev as he was not invited by him and he would lose his wife again, this infuriates Parvati, and she will reveals her Brahmari Devi avatar<

Update Credit to: kalyani_shiva

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