Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th August 2013 Written Update

At night Sita comes to the Gauri temple, says, the one whom I want to marry is only a guest in this Swayamvar. Why do I have to give this test?
Parvati asks Shivji why can’t I go & tell Sita now, only Ram will marry her. Shivji answers, in future Humans will have to learn to be self sufficient & confident, instead on depending on God always. Parvati says have patience Sita. As if Sita has heard those words, she too repeats, patience.
Next day same exercise starts by various kings of lifting the Shiv dhanush, but all fail. Janak looks worried. Ram is smiling. He & Sita smiles looking at each other.
Ravan comes via Pushpak Airlines. All are surprised. He walks inside the Sabha grah. He asks Janak, you’ve invited all

but me. Why? Am I not a king? Are you unawre of my greatness. I am Lanka pati Ravan, am capable of lifting Kailash. Except me no one in this World can lift this dhanush. So I had to come, says looking at Sita. That’s why I came uninvited. He tells other kings, you all are fools, have come to lift this dhanush. You can’t even move it. This si Mahadev’s dhanush. Mahadev is watching this. Ram, Lakshman are watching too. Ravan goes toward the dhanush. One king stops him saying I am invited, so will lift it first & marry Sita, but is thrown by Ravan. One rishi tells him to follow rules of Swayamvar but Ravan says, is anyone capable of stopping me? Today this Ravan will lift it & put pratyancha too.
Among the live viewers Naradji says why isn’t Ravan making up his mind, whether he is a Mahadev bhakta or not?
Ravan says after I do this, everyone present here will accept my superiority.
Naradji says it will be fun to watch whatever is going to happen now.
Ravan throws one rishi trying to stop him. Ram says we should protect rishis. Lakshman says he will go & stop Ravan now. Rishi Vishwamitra says this is happening in Mithila, only Mithila Naresh Janak can do it, till he doesn’t tell us to interfere, we can’t.
Urmila tells Sita, even if this Rakshas lifts the dhanush, don’t marry him.
Ravan says it’s a conspiracy against me to stop lifting this dhanush by the kings present here. Only if Mithila Naresh tells me not to touch this dhanush, I’ll agree but no guest is turned away by Janak.
Janak tells him, Mahadev himself has accepted you as his bhakta, you can participate in this exhibition of strength. Ravan asks, does anyone have any problem ? Now I’ll start the process of tying pratyancha on this dhanush. He moves towards dhanush. Ram is watching him. Sita has closed her eyes.
Ravan says when I had lifted Kailsh, Mahadev & Devi Paravti were on it.
Parvati says, Ravan has ignored your warning. Mahadev says today itself Ravan will experience his first defeat by Ram.

Precap: Janak says, it seems nobody is capable of lifting this Shiv dhanush. Isn’t there anyone brave enough capable of lifting it? Lakshman gets up says allow Suryavanshi, Maryada Purushottam Ram to litf this dhanush.


Update Credit to: mnx12

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