Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansa gets reminded of teh baba’s say while her baba (Mahadev) utters the same…she is starightfwd and seeks the same type of answers. Mahadev asks her to be broadminded to get answers…to stop preconceived notions in order to accept the fact.
Manasa says that when she could accept the bitter fact of losing her father at the tender age..she can accept anything..Mahadev replies that she needs to sink in that her creation was for a way to someone’s sacrifice

Mahadev narrates her abt Vasukhi’s wish n how his energies where established in Nag lok..he can never separate her ever. She was glad to know the answer…he said the truth. She questions was it so easy for him to abandon her after knowing those reasons. Mahadev tells her that sometimes one need to take tough decisions even if we dnt like it- for the betterment of the world.
The fact is that no one can ever be content n happy being apart from ones own entity…they always remember n miss their entity..

Its her specialty that she first seeks the proof before accepting stuff..and she can in the future do great things if she wishes..she puts forth her wish if she wants to accept the world as it is..he needs to make her a goddess. (lol kya wish manga hai dad say..Bhagwan hai is ka yeh matlab nai ki u ask for being a goddesses..kuch aur hee mangleti.) So that she can free her devotees from superstitions.

Mahadev tries to explain her that one need not be prayed in order to do great things…Mansa demands an answer on why did he give his sons the right to be prayed..she was time n again abandoned..she spits venom saying taht when he couldnt fulfill his devotes wish while he was dying and he has abso no hope in him..
Parvati devi disciplines her and asks her to behave her self. she has abso no clue what all Mahadev did for her protection…When Mahadev asks Parvati devi to let it be..she retorts and rants Manasa for being rude. She has to be told abt rishi Halahal’s truth..
She tells Mansa abt Halahal’s death…it was her own (Mansa’s) heat n energy he was was her anger which was the cause of her death,
Mansa retors saying that she is not the source of those deadly energies…n powers..she blames Mahadev. Parvati ma is angered n worried abt mansa’s behavior..she too wont bear her husband’s insult be it anyone.
She or no one can point fingers a his acts..Manasa says that she has right to ask quests n proof that she is the unlucky one to be his mans putri..she blames Mahadev for being alone.
This irks…Parvavti ma..she better knows her self together and not blame Devon Ke Dev..its her ignorance n fault for knowing the truth n not accepting it..she has to bear the result..Ganesh feels something wrong..K n others feel they should wait it out till their parents themselves dnt sa anything.
Mahadev asks Parvati devo to calm down n forgive her..Parvati devi doesn’t accept it.

parvati ma points that though she was been made clam by panchbhooth process but still teh mind is teh same..having conflicts all the time. She can be teh cause of her destruction just by her thought n anger/..she better make use of the life gifted to her by Mahadev.
As of now she can leave for it will be ruining for her to stay forth her..Manasa says taht that is all the devtas do to escape showing their powers when one seek justifications from them.

Asur ma rants Mansa …Mahadev tells her that she needs to open her mind in order to know the truth…she is imp not him..till she rises above past experiences she can’t find truth..its not some lost object that she can find it anywhere she is lost..she has the find the truth herself.she needs to let it find her and give it a path.
Manasa self loaths that all is her fault…
Parvati ma asks Aytymaata Diti to take Mansa from there or they r not responsible for the consequences.
Diti apologizes n takes full responsibility of her..
Mansa says she knws the one who comes to Kailash gets something or the other… she too finds- the inspiration to lead the world out of the fake things like devotion n practise as its the base of prejudice n she’ll destroy it
(wonder why most of Mahadev’s ansh/ Manas kids are a messed up version of him?)
Mansa leaves glaring at him.

Parvati ma tells Mahadev..I said so..she is not ready for Kailash. He gave her new lease to life…for two times..Mahadev tells anger wont work explain Mansa with bring her near them n vice verse…they need to help her find sthe answers herself.
She asks him that tehy could haave changed her mindset too..Mahadev tells that they cant just interfere in trakrit’s work and besides there will be no importance to a human’s life cycle..if they lead the human to their paths n goals..unless the human tries n finds ways to differential between right n wrong no one can help him.
Her anger will destroying effect on the world..Mahadev says that tehy can only just guide her but she herself has to be awoken f truths n then she can ge some help..if she doesn’t understand even then then she’ll be


Parvati devi tells taht she disagrees with Mahadev’s decision..of giving Mansa another chance.
Ganesh says taht Parvati ma has left Kailahs n has gone somewhere
Mansa has gone out of hand its not just her hurt or revenge from Mahadev’s..but if she is Mahadev’s mans putri she too deserves to be prayed by all.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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