Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th March 2013 Written Update

In Parvati van Shivji & Parvati are on swing. Parvati thinks, it’s better to be quiet when appropriate words are can be found. She says she can’t differentiate between dream & reality. He says even dream is a reality. She spots a water fall, wishes to go near it & her wish is granted.
At Kailash Ganesh to his mitras, after the wedding he has to take their blessings & eat to. Comes to Shivji’s aasan, which is empty, starts wondering where are they?
He says everything of Parvati van is for fulfilling your moments of happiness. Asks her what is she thinking? She says after the marriage, husband gives a new name to his wife give me a new name too, so I am known by your name. He asks what is the need of this? She says If you are Shiv then I am Shiva. If you are Mahadev then I am Mahadevi. He says you’ll be known by those those names. But you will be always Paravti for me. She is surprised at Gyanmurti’s talks of love. He says Love is reason for knowledge, our union, happy marriage, everything is because of love. They are enjoying the beauty surrounding them.
At Kailash Ganesh wakes up sleeping Ganas. Asks them mother & father are not seen anywhere, even Kartikeya bhaiyya is not found. He wants to search for them. Nandi stops him saying they need some time for them, after a long separation. He agrees. Mushaks asks him who will looks after Kailash in their absence? Ganesh offers to do the job.
Someone is doing Brhmaji’s penanace. Indra & Brihaspati comes there. Indra asks Brihaspati, who is he? He is Trishira, Twastha’s son. Says Brihaspati, about Dashanan too you were worried but he only wanted Shivji’s bhakti. May be Trishira too wants Shivji’s bhakti. Worried Indra says he’ll not allow his penanace to get over, will go to Kailsh now & discuss with Shivji. Brihaspati smiles.
Ganesh is sitting on Shivji’s aasan in his pose. Nandi, Ganas, Mushaks offer him their pranam. He says Shivji-Parvati’s ansh’s blessings to them. Todays he’ll do Gyan charcha. Ganesh is meditating. Gnanas are excited seeing him acting like Shivji, are eager to hear his Gyan. He opens his eyes. Mushak asks him what was he meditataing on? He asys abot the topic of this Gyan sabha, which is bhojan. Everyone is surprised.
Under the Banyan tree, bhojan is required to live. For that one has to work hard. It depends on their karma. Good karma, takes one towards God & bad karma, like cheating, stealing, that takes one away from God. One gana says those who have enough food & wealth, should spend their life, going towards God. Ganesh praises his thoughts. Indra comes to Kailash. Ganesh says some people have enough with them but they are not satisfied, instead of going towards God they become egoistic. Indra hears this.
At Parvati van, Parvati tells Shivji, you’ll created such beauty for me, had never expected this from my Vairagi husband. I am not able to decide among my wishes, which one is stronger, to love him or to be loved by him? To merge in you or to find myself in you. Winning over you or loosing to you. Your’s & Aadi Shakti’s union was destined, the resulting feelings are Aadi Shakti’s saubhagya too. You’ve not restricted marriage in those 7 vows but have allowed me to evolve as a wife.

Precap: Ganesh tells Indra in father’s absence you can discuss your problem with me. Indra tells Ganesh he here to discuss something important with Shivji, cakk him.. Ganesh tells him you must be surely insecure. You’ve harmed me & my bro due to your insecurity. Indra is shocked. Nandi looks supportive to Ganesh.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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