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“Shesh” he heard a voice from the other side of the phone. “Hmmm” his reply were always short and sharp. “Okay” he disconnected the call. He placed the phone on the dining table and walked and released his laziness with bending his knuckles. He bent right and then left stretching his arms. He turned his neck and relaxed by rubbing it. “Angel” he opened his eyes smiling. Ragini stopped her steps jerked behind him. His voice hoarse and cold always used to make her body shiver. She composed herself. He turned to look at her smiling. “I… I was just going to the kitchen” she fumbled.

He strode to her slowly and analyzing the changes in her face. One extra wrinkle on her forehead and she is caught. “I told you to take rest. Didn’t I” he trailed his finger over her jawline and inhaled her fragrance. She was controlling her urge to react to his closeness. She smiled closing her eyes. “I…. I just wanted water” “Sita” he screamed in next moment. Ragini opened her eyes horrified. A lady ran and stood behind him. He turned and fumed looking at her.

“Didn’t I tell you to take care of my Angel? I had told you before she herself asks for anything you should keep it ready even if it is a glass of water. Didn’t I?” The lady jerked due to his outburst. “It wasn’t her fault Shesh” Ragini tried cooling him. Suddenly his anger vanished and he smiled turning to Ragini. “Angel… Relax. I’m there na. I know to handle people. I hope you know that” he smiled widely and turned and his anger was back on his face. He walked to Sita and in a moment he took the knife from the fruit bowl on the dining table and before anyone can realize the knife was across Sita’s neck. She opened her eyes shocked. Ragini gasped for the sudden happenings.

“I hope you know Sita what this knife can do? If you failed to do your job you know this knife will not take a second to do it’s job” he smirked looking at Sita. His eyes moved and locked with Ragini’s horror filled eyes. He winked at her biting his lower lip. “I will remember Saab ji. I will. Please forgive me this time please” Sita begged for her life still her eyes fixed on the knife. “Good” he removed the knife and wiped it with his left hand finger. Sita ran inside the kitchen scared. Ragini stood blank looking at him.


“This is for playing with my trust” Shesh stabbed someone in a dark place. He wiped the blood on the knife and handed it to his man who was standing at right. He smirked looking at the person who was wincing in pain and struggling. He sat in front of him. “You know I was aware of your intentions first day I met you and I could have you killed you the same day” he spread is hands in air. “But no. I don’t like it when my prey don’t suffer. I love slow deaths.” he held the persons jaws and squeezed them as hard as possible. “Unless I see that fear for death in your eyes I don’t get satisfaction of killing” he threw his face and got up and signed his men to dispose the body and walked to his car.

He sat inside the car and dialed a number. “Did you finish him?” “Hmm okay” “You will get your payment” he disconnected the call. “He already killed the killer right then about whom is he talking” one of his guard asked the other. “Boss has some rules. The person he killed just now is the one who was assigned the job. But he will not kill the assigner directly. He assigns the job to Black Hawk his most trusted companion. He is the prime key person who has helped Boss to build this secret empire. And he is most loyal to Boss who can give his life also for Boss. Whenever Boss wants to finish someone without a clue Black Hawk is the person whom he will approach first” the guard spoke.


“Hello Mr. Karma” Shesh shook hand with a person in the party. “Hello Mr. Shesh Mittal. Glad to meet you” Mr. Karma smiled at him. “How are the stock prices playing?” Shesh took a glass from the bearer and sipped a sip. “Pretty well” Mr. Karma smiled at him. “But anyways they don’t effect you isn’t it?” he mocked Shesh. He paused for a second before replying with a smile. “Not really” he took the next sip. “I understand” smirked Mr. Karma. “Do you know something you should not know Mr. Karma” he cocked his head. “You think I will survive that secret” Mr Karma’s voice had a slight shiver which did not go unnoticed. “That’s true” smirked he taking the next sip. “Okay meet you next time” Mr. Karma shook hand and walked further.

“I’m sending you his pic. I want him to stop breathing before 12 am” he took his phone in his hand and searched his gallery and found Mr. Karma’s photo what he clicked just few minutes back with his spy camera fixed in his pen which was synced to his gallery and sent it. “I’m sarcasm king Mr. Karma. Only if you know. You will surely know it by 11.59” he smiled and whistled his favorite tune and walked out of the party.

He sat in his car and looked out. The air was soothing. He loved nature because that was the only thing which did not betray him. His profession had given birth to many of his enemies. Jealousy can be termed as the reason for most of his enemy formation. And some were due to his nature of business. It was mystery to many specially the intelligence department – what was it exactly which made him financially so strong that the market prices never effected him even an inch. Perhaps something illegal of course. The people had the slightest doubt were not spared of their life which made his business more mysterious.

Even getting a glimpse of him was so difficult where as tracking his zigzag tactics and movements were hell of a work. You cannot tackle Devil with your brain even if you are the smartest. You have to be cunning. Cunning enough to make a plan against him and trap him. His intrusion were so strong he could study a person’s face very well and he was always right.

He was thinking he cannot be defeated. He forgot he wasn’t God who will know everything. He certainly cannot be. His only obsession was his Angel, Ragini. His brain used to work less around her can be said. That’s why he spared her earlier once and now he was in a battle inside. For that very first mistake of his; he is paying till now.


“Boss this is the girl” his guard removed the mask which was covering her face. She was unconscious. Her lip was bleeding due to the rough handling of his men. His eyes popped out. “You morons” he screamed nearing her. He held her lifeless face in his hand. “A…” he paused. “Ragini” he patted her cheek but she did not respond. Anger crept his body and he got up furious and approached his man. “Who did this with her?” he held his collar and shook him furiously. “I only Boss.” he spoke hesitantly. He was confused due to his Boss’s behavior. He was never so furious when he had brought the beautiful girls earlier. And this girl was most beautiful among all the girls they had kidnapped till now then instead of appreciating he was furious.

“How dare you touch my Angel haa? How dare you?” he screamed at top of his voice. He took his gun out and shot at him. The man collapsed on the ground and succumbed to death. Shesh sat near his head and looked at his popped out eyes. “This was for hurting her” he got up and neared Ragini and touched her bleeding lip. It pained him. She shivered a bit. He signed his men immediately and they turned on the flood lights which blurred her vision and the intensity was so high that she couldn’t see the person’s face who was kneeling in front of her. His hand was on her hand she jerked and dragged it away. But still her vision was blinded and she was struggling through the light to see. But wasn’t able to. She could see a faint figure at far that’s all.

“I want her to reach her home safely. One scratch on her or one clue about us. You know me very well” he guided one of his man.
Next morning he watched her lying outside a house door lifelessly and waited someone to see her. After sometime he witnessed Pari opening the door and shocked on finding Ragini unconscious on the door. “Adi” she screamed. “Now she is safe” he patted his chest and disappeared from his hideout.


“That was my first mistake angel. For which I’m still paying. No I don’t have any complains. Because I’m enjoying this game. Finally after so many years I found a equal competitor and whom I love ahaa. Actually I obsess. I love it when you think I don’t know anything. I love it when you try escaping me. I will catch you more tightly. It is kind of fun.” his face was shone in the moon light


“You are okay?” he asked Ragini who was sitting beside him. He took a water bottle from the rack in front of him and made her drink the water and she fell asleep after sometime. He found the tracker she was hiding from him. He took a similar tracker from his pocket and placed in her hand and broke her tracker and threw it outside the car. “Now you can stop rounding and go on our actual route” the driver nodded his head and drove the car. He smirked looking at Ragini who was fast asleep in his arms. “Didn’t I tell you many a times angel I love you and only you. And I haven’t let go off people whom I love at any cost. And you I cannot even think of letting you go” he kissed her forehead. She cuddled like a small kid in his hold.


“I will pay whatever possible to keep you near me Angel. I will do Everything. One thing I cannot do is harming you.” he smiled taking a deep breath. His phone ringed. He smiled when it flashed “BLACK HAWK” He received the call. “Good. Now I’m waiting for the assassin he had sent. I will handle that” he disconnected the call


A/N: Okay one more closer look to Devil. Any clues when did he meet Ragini for the first time. I’m thinking of dedicating next chapter who guesses it right.
And tell me did you like his name “Shesh” And your reviews on his character. I know you people are losing interest in the plot. If so please let me know I just want to know how are you people liking the plot.
I know most of you are impatient to know the whole story. So one angle will be coming up from next chappy. Hold your breaths to get some answers of your questions. *wink.
Love you guys.

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