Devanshi 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalki stopping Devanshi and asking her to hold her hand to support. Devanshi asks what. Kalki says I want to tie this thread to you, it will always protect you. Devanshi says I don’t believe in all this. Kalki asks her to atleast tie her for love, not Dharm, I love you and want to tie this to your wrist. She ties the thread to Devanshi’s hand. Pavan comes there and smiles. Devanshi walks down and slips. Pavan holds her. Kalki stares at Maya and smiles. Nutan says how did oil fall on stairs, I just got stairs cleaned. Pavan says I m going to find about doctor Devanshi, I will reach there and call you. Kusum looks on and thinks to stop Pavan, else Mohan and her child will come out in front of everyone.

Kusum goes to Vardaan and sees him with money. She says I will become mum like you want, you become the son like I want. He says this is your greed talking. She says you are mistaken, I m giving you right advice, we can make ourselves strong by money and throw out Devanshi from here. He says I don’t need this to learn this from you. She says Pavan and Devashi are coming close, he held her in arms. He says enough, don’t take Devanshi’s name in front of me. He thinks to kill Pavan and then take revenge from Devanshi. She thinks Vardaan won’t do anything, I have to kill Pavan. Maya says Pavan and Kalki are protecting Devanshi, I have to first kill them to kill Devanshi. Nutan comes there.

Maya sits like meditating and asks what happened, could you not knock before coming. Nutan says I regard you like family, what shall I do that I get prize like Kusum. Maya asks her to go and see her face. Nutan goes. Pavan asks Devanshi to take care, he will call her. Devanshi apologizes for talking rudely. He thanks he for help. He says I m doing this for myself, you don’t know what’s your place in my heart, how much I love you, I know my limits and will never cross it, but I will always have hope. He goes. He gets doctor’s call. Doctor asks him to meet him. Pavan asks how do you know I was coming to meet you. Doctor asks him to reach on address soon. Pavan agrees and leaves.

Gopi says what happened to Vardaan. Nutan says he has got mad, how did he get so much money. Gopi says you are very selfish, just use your mind, Vardaan is doing wrong with Devanshi, I won’t support her. She says if she fails, we would beg. He gets angry and goes. Kalki asks Devanshi is she sad that Pavan is gone. Devanshi says no, why will I get sad, he will come back. Kalki holds her hand. Devanshi asks what happened. Kalki kisses her and smiles.

Maya comes to them and acts good. She asks Devanshi to let her serve her, she heard many stories of Mata Devanshi. Devanshi says I m not that Mata Devanshi now, she is dead and can’t come back ever. Maya smiles seeing Kalki. Kalki tells Devanshi that she will take a servant along and go. She goes. Maya thinks how can anyone leave support in such time and go, Devanshi will leave this world. Some ladies come to meet Devanshi and ask for some solution. Devanshi says I m not any Mata. Two men come there and kill temple guards. Gopi goes and fights with them. He asks Devanshi to run away. The goon throws the knife at Devanshi, which falls down after touching her. All ladies smile. Gopi beats the man. They run away. Gopi says this is Maiyya’s miracle, Kalki has tied the thread to your house, you got saved today, see you got the proof. Kalki prays to Maiyya. Maya says none can save Devanshi.

Devanshi comes running to temple and cries. She recalls her childhood and journey. She enters the temple and sees Maiyya idol.

No Precap:
Maya asks are you thinking about me. Devanshi asks who are you. Maya says I m a devil avatar, I came to take revenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vardaan has become so evil for no reason. I hope nothing happens to Pawan and Maiyya protects Devanshi and all those dear to her.

  2. Can’t wait till Devanshi wins against Maya and Kusum Sundari dies one day. Still cannot believe that Vardaan changed so much… When will Devanshi win against all these demons??

  3. Samaira_khan

    Can anyone of u plzz tell me when is devanshi going to end?

    1. Mica

      they said September.. but i dunno the exact date..

  4. Mica

    Ty Amena, for update…
    God!!! i’m glad that finally Devanshi believes on God again…

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