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Devanshi 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum coming to Sarla’s house. Sarla gets shocked seeing her. Kusum blesses her and asks what is all this happening. Devanshi runs to that beggar and says you were hungry, see what I got for you, halwa puri. She falls and the food falls on the ground. She gets sad and thinks what to do now. She sees laddoos and smiles. She says so what if halwa puri fell, I will get laddoos for you. She asks vendor to give laddoos to the beggar.

The vendor says I opened this shop to fill my family’s stomach, not for beggars, run from here. Devanshi gets sad and recalls Sarla’s words. She thinks laddoos will come to me, as I m Devi’s avatar. She asks beggar not to worry, I will get laddoo for you. She asks laddoo to come to her, its Choti Mata’s command, come in my palm. Beggar

and vendor look on. Devanshi asks laddoo to come. She says its first time, that’s why, wait. She calls laddoo to come, listen to me, its my command. Beggar says its fine, you thought so much for me, its big thing, I will eat food anywhere, don’t worry. He goes.

Devanshi says if I have powers, why did laddoo not come to me, whats use to be special to Maiyya. Kusum asks Sarla again. Sarla gets afraid. Kusum asks did you do anything wrong that you are scared. Sarla says no, its your blessings that we came back to village, so I kept jagrata at home and Shanti puja for peace. Devanshi comes there and says laddoos did not come to me, I have no powers, I know everything. Sarla gets tensed. Devanshi greets Kusum. Sarla says I made her sit as Mata’s avatar as she has saved Mohini’s respect. Kusum says yes, you need puja paath, you will get forgiven by Mata. Sarla says yes.

Kusum tells Devanshi that everyone can’t become Mata, Ghungroo wali Mata chooses one to bless everyone, like I came to bless you, you saved Mohini’s respect, have the laddoos and enjoy. Devanshi smiles seeing laddoos. Kusum goes. Sarla is angry and says Devanshi would have told truth to Kusum, I will see her. Devanshi comes. Sarla asks where did you go. Devanshi says I took laddoos for beggar. Sarla asks did you take all laddoos. Devanshi says I took one laddoo. Sarla asks is he your relative.

Devanshi says I took halwa puri for beggar and it fell down, I have no powers, laddoos did not come to me, Kusum also said everyone is not chosen by Mata, shall I believe you or Kusum. Sarla thinks what is happening. She says you believe what I tell you, you did wrong thing to steal bhog Prasad and taken for beggar, you have hurt my heart a lot by raising question one, why will world believe me then, they will call me liar. She punishes Devanshi and makes her stand outside the house. She asks her not to come out of the round and goes. Devanshi stands all day and prays to Maiyya, asking her to solve Sarla’s problems, I m not a good girl to hurt her heart, I will ask Sarla always, make her smile. Sakshi comes home from Devanshi and sees Devanshi. Devanshi asks her to go home, have food and take rest, you would be tired.

Sakshi says yes, studies is tough, my hands get tired of writing, you do my homework. Devanshi thinks of Sarla’s words and says no, you do it, else Lord will get annoyed. Sakshi asks why. Devanshi says you won’t understand, go inside. Sakshi says donlt make excuses, don’t do. She goes. Sarla opens the door and takes Sakshi inside the house. Devanshi gets sad. Mohan comes to Sarla’s house and sees Devanshi lying inside the round circle. He recalls talking to Kusum and says great, I came here today, this girl is my big problem. He takes out a knife and looks at Devanshi, while she is asleep.

Devanshi sees the water flood and rushes to save the harvest sacks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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