Devanshi 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi making wedding vows and taking rounds. Kusum says this is a sin, stop her. Everyone look on and cry. Devanshi sits with Vardaan and takes mangalsutra from his pocket. She holds him. She makes him hold the mangalsutra and wears the mangalsutra. His hands fall down. Ishwar cries. Devanshi takes the sindoor. She says this is the last ritual, after this, we will become husband and wife, I will see how my fate problems come in between my happiness. She makes Vardaan hold sindoor and fill her maang. Kusum says he is dead, this is sin, marriage does not happen with any dead man, leave him. Devanshi says its my belief, not my stubbornness, I trust my Maiyya, she has just snatched things from me, today she has to return my Vardaan to me.

She holds Vardaan’s hand. Vardaan moves his fingers. Devanshi and everyone get shocked. Devanshi cries and says I knew Maiyya will keep my belief, she will not let anything happen to Vardaan. Ishwar gets glad. Vardaan fills sindoor in her maang. Everyone happily cry. Ishwar cries and says you are really Maiyya’s ansh. Kusum gets shocked. Ishwar says you have brought Vardaan back to life. Devanshi cries. Ishwar hugs Vardaan and cries. Kusum holds her head.

Doctor checks Vardaan’s breath and says its a miracle, Devanshi medical science fell short in front of your belief, I checked his pulse, I can’t believe he got alive. Kusum angrily goes. Ishwar hugs Vardaan. Doctor says his breath came back, he will get conscious, we have to take him to hospital and know his internal injuries, I have to do his checkup. Devanshi sees Kusum gone. She thinks of Kusum’s words. She thinks I will get you punished for every crime today. She leaves.

Kusum thinks of Ishwar’s words and thinks how did this miracle happen. Devanshi is on the way and shouts Kusum Sundari. Mohan comes to Kusum. She says you did not see this, we have shown fake miracles till now, today Devanshi has done miracle and brought Vardaan back to life. Mohan asks what nonsense, do you also belief that Devanshi is Mata’s ansh, maybe my man did not check Vardaan right. She says doctor said Vardaan is dead, I can’t get mistaken, I have checked Vardaan, he was dead, how can he get alive. Devanshi comes to house and shouts Kusum Sundari.

Kusum asks Mohan don’t you think its miracle, do you think Vardaan was alive. Mohan says I also think its a miracle, you got hidden here, I think you are foolish. She says you are making fun of me, one got saved from fire and other cheated death and became alive, how did this happen. Devanshi comes there and shocks them. She says its because of belief, the man you killed is still alive, I told him you can kill him, he did not believe me. Mohan comes between them. Devanshi stares at him. He gets back.

Kusum says when Vardaan did not listen to you, why will others listen, none will believe you without proof. Devanshi says you said right. She sees a knife there and picks it. Kusum says leave it, stop. Devanshi scares her. Devanshi gets her piece of jewelry and shows camera in it. She says I knew it very well, that you will just act in front of everyone, you will do something, so I gave you this gift. FB shows Devanshi fitting a camera in maang tika. She says your real face is caught in this, police won’t need any proof now. Kusum gets angry. Devanshi shows her the knife and warns her to stay back. Mohan runs away. Kusum says Mohan….Shikhar comes there with police. He asks inspector to take Kusum to jail, Kusum can tell pravachan to prisoners now. Devanshi says Mohan is along with her, he is her crime partner. Inspector says I don’t have proof to arrest Kusum. Devanshi shows the proof, and says this camera has all her crimes recorded in it, we trust laws. Inspector arrests Kusum.

Ishwar says Kusum is gone, you became bahu of this house, all evil ended. Devanshi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    yuuhuuuuu… thank you Amena for fast update..YAY!!!!
    damn it!!!…. i hold my breath to see this marriage *sound big lie, how to hold breath naaa 😛

    huh! i hate Devanshi when suddenly she left Vardhaan and busy to chase Kusum sundari, but then…hmmmm…..she choose her brain over heart, she can’t let kusum go with prove….

  2. superb episide.don’t want kusum back

  3. Awesome episode. Helly rocked it.
    Has anyone know more about the off air news?

  4. awesom….vaaav she is lookin damn cute in that bridal attire

  5. want to c that mrg scen but shud vait till tomro…..finally devdan got married…..

  6. i think off air news is true…. c how they r rushing the story….still hope fr the best….vlll miss helly very badly….

    1. Mica

      yups..seemed it is,..uugghhh i hate myself, i ever cracked a joke to Kakali about SR going off air and the only about 2 week later, the news of SR going off air happened.. again the same case happen to Devanshi,
      few time ago, i cracked a joke about the new show Savitri Hospital will replace Devanshi.. and damn it!!!! it will happen..huaaaaa
      even we will missing Helly after this, wish she will comeback soon. but at least she gets something big from Devanshi na…. her acting skill improved much.

      1. Is it right that savitri devi serial is replacing devanshi? Then 6pm ka show koin sa hai. 5:30pm ko bhag… bhag serial hai yesterday promo dheka dha.
        Even I heard the off air news but I have a belief that it will be wrong but yeah kya hua hai?

      2. Kakali

        Nope,SDSNC isn’t replacing DS..!! That serial time slot is may be around 6-7 PM..!
        Gd mrng.

      3. Kakali

        Yooo, it’s better if she takea a break for a while *slap myself.
        Yeah, she is having exam in June or July may be. huh all I can wish the best for her.!
        she knows what to do with her carrier more than us.! We are just here to give our pov and suggestions but the final and BEST(I believe) decision she will take for her and HER FANS, I mean for us!
        Pray that she touches the height of success,making us more proud…!! Can I cry now? ?

    2. Kakali

      Yups Sanu, DS is moving towards it’s end..!! This show will wrap up in July may be..!!
      Yoo, will miss Helly very badly. I just pray and wish the best for her. She tried this awesome concept and we know she rocked her role..!!
      She will come for us soon..!! We will be soon watching her..!! *hug

      1. Thanks kakali for the information. I will also miss helly a lot. She is my favourite. I am from kerala so I don’t know much about the happening behind the serials. That’s why asked about the off air news

      2. Mica

        Kakuuuu… huh! is it sooo ????? well maybe it’s best for her, to take a break for awhile and concentration to her study.. it’s crucial time for her study , isn’t ? it’s time for her to graduate from college right ?

      3. Mica

        Let’s me poke your eyes first then cry 😛
        yeah even i believe it soo….all the best for her na….
        uugghhhh.. i can’t wait to see her as wife of Vardhaan Chaudary

  7. ekdam perfect serial…devanshi..ak aisi ladki ki kahani hai jo burayio ko jhelte-jhelte(struggle) karte karte self ki sachhayi dundhne nikal padti hai jo kal aur aaj ke dikhaya gaya hai.

  8. I am glad this show is going off air..stupid show.stupid helly jelly..who do they think they r trying to fool…thank god..this is ending soon..

    1. Mica

      relax Deepu…..take a deep breath, i think this show is not that stupid, superstition happen among us right ? if we take moral value, this show better than others i think.
      and about Helly, she is not stupid. She chooses the best serial for her, i don’t know i love when she took this serial over other common serial as she should acting at outdoor set full difficulties rather than take a shoot at cozy living room.
      hmmmmm, what i’m blabbering as maybe you can’t digest this.

      did they try to fooling people ? hmmm…. i dunno what you talking about as it’s entertainment with some moral value… still i said superstition happen among us as even in my country there was a big case about superstition which has same story as kusum sundari
      so many followers, and the one who worshiped is murderer also, but even after his crime at police now, still his followers believe him.. scared thought, right ?

    2. Kakali

      Depaali,you seem too much obsessed with this serial? hmm you know it is stupid. WHYM waah don’t tell me you are a regular viewer as you know it is stupid? isn’t it?
      Helly is stupid? Really? DO UPDATE YOUR MIND DEAR! You can use playstore.
      No one would try to fool a FOOL!! Soo take a chill pill dear!! Enjoy your day with bread and jelly..!!
      Have a good day ahead..!! ;-*

  9. Kakali

    The precap is tooo blissful to watch..! I couldn’t hold back my tears seeing the happiness in her eyes..!!
    The episode was full of fire! I loved when she left Vardhan n went to haunt Kusum sundari, that woman needed punishment n Devanshi did that. I love it..!! The fire in ger eyes were urghhh, it burned down the world if kusum sundari..!! Awesome..!
    Thnk u Amena mam for update..!!
    Good Morning ev1.. Have a good day ahead..!! ;-*

    1. Mica

      Kakuuuu… did you notice something fishy between Mohan and Shikar ?

      1. Kakali

        Plzzzzzz noooo! Don’t think like that.! I got a doubt but thinking as it’s moving towards end, I avoided it.
        Micaaaaaaaa,don’t tell me CVS upto something more kinda urghh turning of shades(White to grey)Omg!! *stab u with spoon.

  10. hmmm…mica..good, Best answer for deepali..

  11. good monig guys….hey i saw that mrg vdo…..yaar she is tooo good…her determined face ufff i’ll die….. she rocked the scen….n mica yaar plz use ur jok to thos seriels vch running frm years…(wink)…..

    1. Mica

      wooaahh no Sanu.. i can’t do that again naaa.. not good 😛
      btw, ty Gayatri

  12. yyup hope so kakali dear…..helly vll com back vd bang…..she vll rock her evry roll….vsh for her good carear….

  13. mica about wt ur talking..(mohan n shikher) .plz i dont want shikhar as negetive….

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