Devanshi 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 23rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi forgiving Mohan. Vardaan gets annoyed and goes. She says Vardaan and my marriage will happen. Nutan scolds her. She says its insult of Kusum’s decision. Devanshi says marriage is happening by Maiyya’s decision, else why would Maiyya save me from Samadhi, I did all this on Kusum’s saying, I know you all have trust on Maiyya, when Maiyya is with me, I m sure you all will bless me. Lady says Devanshi is right, Maiyya saved her, it means its Maiyya’s yes. Ishwar says Maiyya saved Devanshi many times, Devanshi is forgiving the man who made her orphan. The man says its true. The people agree to keep the marriage. Kusum says fine, this marriage will happen, I invite you all.

Vardaan asks Devanshi does she wish to become Devi. She says no, I just want to become a good human. He asks her to go. She asks him to talk to lighten heart and make mind peaceful. Ishwar looks on. Vardaan says you can say Kusum is right and we should not marry. He goes. She asks Ishwar to explain Vardaan. He asks her to explain Vardaan.

Devanshi goes to Vardaan via room window and says I had to come here because your room door is closed. She takes Shikhar’s help and shows magic. She gives him flowers. Vardaan puts it down. She says its fine, and gives him their childhood pic, asking him to throw this and show. He asks her not to trouble. He sees the pic and calms down. She says we are going to become husband and wife, we have to respect each other’s decision, else how will this work. He agrees and says I will bear Mohan for your sake. Devanshi gets glad. Shikhar comes and apologizes to Vardaan. Vardaan asks him to go, shall I not spend time with my would be wife. Shikhar goes.

Its morning, Kusum throws water on Mohan and wakes him up. She says you are staying in past and mehendi arrangements are happening, go and see, will you do something to stop marriage. Mohan says I think Vardaan served me a lot, see if I got sprain. Kusum asks are you mad, will I massage your legs. He says yes, you are just namesake Mata, you are weak and want me to support you. Ishwar tells Devanshi that my wife would have given you much jewelry if she was here, I just have these bangles. Kusum kept all jewelry. I just have this. Devanshi takes bangles and cries. She says its not just bangles, its her blessings. Vardaan comes. Ishwar says its your mum’s bangles. Vardaan says Kusum has big heart to give bangles to Devanshi. Ishwar and Devanshi look on. Devanshi touches bangles to their foreheads and says I m getting you your mum’s blessings. He asks who wants Kusum’s blessings. She thinks how to tell you Kusum has snatched your mum.

Kusum massages Mohan’s legs. Mohan says I will tell you my plan. He shows a mandap. She asks what’s this, its mehendi mandap. He burns it. She asks will you burn me. He says not you, Vardaan and Devanshi, its laak mandap like it was made for Pandavas, They will do inside mandap and fire will be ignited there, you don’t go behind them.

Devanshi faints. Vardaan holds her. He sprinkles water on her. She gets conscious. She says I m fine, I did not feel good before entering this mandap, so I want Kusum to enter the mandap before me and Vardaan, to make the mandap pure. She asks Kusum not to refuse. Kusum worries and thinks how did Devanshi know Mohan’s plan. Nutan asks Kusum to come. Kusum says even if I walk in mandap, Devanshi has doubt on mandap, that will not end, we will do mehendi rasam at home. They all go.

Mohan says how did it go wrong. Devanshi comes to him and says I have forgiven you, but not forgotten your sins, you joined hands with Kusum and doing this, I know Kusum’s secrets and intentions, I challenge you, I will become Vardaan’s wife, I have forgiven you so that enemy stays in front of eyes, if you try to harm me or anyone, I will not leave you. He takes a knife and walks after her. She turns to him.

Kusum laughs and says baraat and mandap are ready, but bride and groom. Devanshi gets shocked and shouts Vardaan, seeing him unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    Amenaaaaaa maaaaaammm.. thank you so much *hug tight

    wooaahh i can’t stop laughing to see Devu tried to convinced Vardhaaan.. huh! this Vardhaan just lookalike a kid 😀 :D, unromantic person ever,,,, Ganbatte Devanshiii, you should pamper him alot later…
    i love this Mohan.. annoyed person ever, gooosshhh he troubled Kusum 😀

    yay! Golu is back and Helly, you are soo beautiful on that attire….

  2. hi,friend,s our sources inform that vardaan will handicapped and devanshi take a big decision.she will marry…”handicapped” vardaan.ohe shocking..what do you next.? Let us see.

    1. Mica

      is it soooo ? gooosshhhhh i’ll wait for it… well i think it’s CVS effort to extend the story and to give justice to everyone, at least devdhaan fans won’t get upset and disappointment by their marriage and the villagers won’t believe Devanshi that mean the story will process further.. wish the best luck for Devanshi team….

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