Devanshi 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla thinking why did Kusum call all women in morning. Mohan throws a white cloth over the women. They all get shocked and try to get out of that cloth. They throw the cloth and ask Mohan whats happening. Mohan says Mata will tell you when she comes, she has seen a dream. They ask what dream. Kusum comes in widow clothes. They all get shocked. Rajjo asks why did you wear white clothes today. Kusum says so that the women have color in their lives always, I saw such dream in morning that I got helpless to wear white clothes. Rajjo asks what dream. She tells her strange dream of white colors falling on all the women, Ghungroo Wali Maiyya said big danger will come on the village, it will kill all men of the village and make all women widows. They all get shocked.

Nutan rushes to Gopi. She holds Kusum’s hand and says save all of us. Ladies say yes, save us, our kids will become orphans. Kusum says same way, I requested to Maiyya and cried, then Maiyya has shown me the way. Mohan looks at her drama. The lady says we will walk on it, even if that way is tough. Kusum says in problem, Maa has to give test, not kids. Whatever is needed to save this village, I will do it, maybe someone has not done it before, I m not ordinary woman, Maiyya gave me this responsibility. Gopi asks what will you do. Kusum says sacrifice of my most beloved thing, I will save every woman’s husband, I will sacrifice my husband. They all get shocked.

Rajjo says what are you saying, Kusum says this has to happen, I m lucky that Maiyya has chosen me, history knows that a good man’s sacrifice is given to end evil, there is no one in nearby villagers who is better than Ishwar, so Maiyya has commanded to sacrifice Ishwar. They get shocked. Kusum says I told Maiyya that I will become dead after my husband dies, take my sacrifice, but Maiyya said I have to bear this, so I m ready to do this to save the village. Rajjo cries. Kusum says if I don’t become widow, all women will become widow, look at me, I have worn widow clothes to obey Maiyya, its not easy for me, but I have to do this.

Lady tells Sarla that Devanshi’s miracle got less infront of Mata’s decision, there can’t be any bigger heart than her. They all chant Kusum’s name. Sarla looks on. Kusum looks at Sarla and thinks this is her reply to Sarla. Media comes to cover Ishwar’s funeral. Sarla tells Omi that I have not seen such mean and clever woman till now, she is a devil, she is eating her husband to save herself. Omi asks her to shut up, why do we see this, lets leave and go home. Sarla says I won’t go till I see her drama.

Devanshi prays for Ishwar. Sakshi pushes her angrily. Ashutosh scolds Sakshi. Devanshi says Ishwar is my friend, I want to go to him. Ashutosh says I can’t take you there, there will be crowd. Ishwar is brought for Maha Samadhi. Devanshi feels bad and thinks sorry to not tell Ashutosh, but I have to go to save my friend. She leaves from the house. Kusum acts seeing Ishwar and cries. Devanshi is on the way and running. Kusum does rituals. Media says its Maha sacrifice by Kusum. Ashutosh gets food and looks for Devanshi. Sakshi says don’t know where she went. He wonders if she went to Samadhi. A man stops Devanshi from falling in quicksand and tells about the quicksand, its magical, its taken life and given life to many, there are herbs in quicksand, it cures deadly diseases. He says if someone falls in this quicksand, they can die. He goes. Devanshi look on. Kusum smiles.

Kusum acts and does drama. She takes the firetorch to light the funeral pyre. Devanshi enters quicksand to get the herbs for Ishwar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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