Devanshi 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla calling Kusum and laughing. Kusum asks who is it. Omi calls out Sarla. Kusum hears this and gets shocked. She changes the sim. Kusum recalls Sarla’s doings and gets angry. She says so Sarla is behind that girl, she has done all this. Sarla asks Devanshi not to come inside house. Omi and Ashutosh ask what happened. Sarla sends Sakshi to get pot and plate. She asks her tow ash Devanshi’s feet now.

Sakshi asks why shall I wash her feet, can’t she wash her feet. Sarla says we have seen what Devanshi can do, you will also get some sense, wash her feet. Sakshi throws it and refuses. She goes. Sarla says I will see Sakshi later and washes Devanshi’s feet. She tells her that she is very happy today, she is extra ordinary. Ashutosh says let Devanshi be a common girl, don’t do this. Sarla says she did miracle today, let me do what I want. Sakshi looks on. Sarla washes Devanshi’s feet.

Rajjo tells Ishwar everything what Devanshi did, the miracle. Ishwar gets glad and moves his hand. Rajjo smiles seeing movement in his hand. Devanshi cries and says I flew in air because of this shoes, I will break it. Ashutosh asks her to forget this, none will call you Mata. Devanshi says I did not know miracle, how I flew. He says yes, even I don’t understand. He checks the shoes. Sarla comes there and sees Ashutosh. She takes the shoes.

Sarla says its Devanshi’s miracle, will Devanshi not regard me mother after knowing truth. Devanshi hugs her and says I will always be your daughter. Sarla says great, but its true that you are hundi girl, Maiyya’s special girl, just do what Maiyya says. Ashutosh asks Sarla not to feed this in Devanshi’s mind. Sarla thinks no one can break my dream.

A lady comes and asks Sarla to come fast. Sarla asks what happened. They go and see Kusum and Mohini outside their house. Sarla gets tensed. Ladies and Devanshi greet Kusum. Devanshi says its good thing Mata has come our home. Sarla says yes, she has come to our door today, to whom we used to go, she has come to meet you, you did miracle and it can’t be small thing. Kusum says yes, its not a small thing, I came to bless the girl. She gives gift to Devanshi. Devanshi gets glad.

Kusum says Maiyya is happy and sent a message, I have to talk to you in private. She goes inside the house with Sarla. She asks Sarla to have the prasad, its Maiyya’s blessings. Sarla gets tensed. She eats it and coughs. Kusum holds her and says don’t have water, else the poison in the prasad will spread in your nerves by water, you will die before time. Sarla gets shocked and tries to vomit. Kusum laughs.

She asks did you get scared, why are you playing game with me, how will you win, I came to give you shock. She says I will not kill you so easily. She says I know you are behind Devanshi’s miracle, you have stolen my special shoes, tell me. Sarla smiles and accepts it. She says I have stolen your peace too, Devanshi did miracle and devotees ran to her, they have not come to you, my wounds got healed, you insulted me and gave me wounds 7 years ago, I m your personal enemy, I have come to take revenge, you sit on throne like queen, see how I make Devanshi sit on it, and hurt you. Kusum recalls Sarla’s words. Sarla says I got Devanshi as ointment, you need this coin now. Kusum gets angry.

Kusum holds Sarla’s neck and says I will use Devanshi for my profit, you see, she will talk my language now. Omi says Devanshi is not in her room. Sarla gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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