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The Episode starts with lady praising Kusum for the miracle. She says the baraat would have returned if you did not help, keep your feet on my hand, I won’t let you step on ground. Kusum walks on the people’s hands. They chant her name. Devanshi looks on. Kusum asks them to get up. She stops Devanshi and says I have to make a big announcement. Devanshi thinks what will she do now. Kusum gets seated. The lady asks Devanshi and Ishwar to sit. They sit. Kusum says I have to make an imp announcement, Maiyya wants to tell something to you all. Ishwar asks what’s this drama now. She says you all know, nothing right is happening in Jwalapuri, I thought a lot, why this is happening, Maiyya told me that people’s heart is in money, not her, greed came in people’s heart, you have seen Omi and Sarla, what

happened with them when greed entered their heart. Devanshi cries.

Kusum says Maiyya wants you to forget this, I m making big temple of Maiyya, I request you all to forget your helplessness, donate with a big heart, Maiyya said if person donates much, his life will have much happiness, Maiyya will bless you all via me there. Lady agrees and says we will come to see miracle and take blessings. Kusum blesses her and smiles.

Nutan and Gopi taunt and joke on Sakshi. Nutan tells about Vardaan and Devanshi’s marriage. Sakshi goes angrily. Devanshi goes to a dhaba. She asks for Shikhar. An old man asks her is she finding magician Shikhar. She says yes, can you tell me where I can meet him. He jokes.

He does shayari. She says I have to meet Shikhar. He says come after me, I will make you meet him. He looks at her. He asks from where did you come, are you a fairy, my heart is white like my beard, did you get married, or are you unmarried like me. She asks why are you saying me baba. He says now matter ends, come with me. She hopes he is taking her to right place. He asks her to come inside the house. He shows magic and turns to his young avatar. He says you don’t need to worry, I m magician and take disguise too to earn money.

She shuts door. He acts and says you are thinking wrong, I can’t do any bad work. She asks him does he always talk nonsense. He asks her to stay away and talk. He says I m handsome, but my character is not Dheela. She asks him for help. He asks what help. She asks his name. He says Shikhar. She says I want to learn your magic. He says you are beautiful and foolish, you think I will teach you this art, sorry. She says I m not doing this for money, I m ready to give you money, please teach me, its imp for me, come with me. He says my dad taught me one thing, if girl is beautiful, she is liar, its bad to trust her, I won’t come, my dad taught me to beware of beautiful girls. She thinks to do anything to convince him. She gets a stick and apologizes to Maiyya. She hits on his head. He faints. She feels sorry to do this, I have to do this to bring Kusum’s fake miracle in front of everyone.

Kusum says you see Sakshi, how I earn back my lost money, people will donate money. Devanshi can’t do anything. Sakshi asks how will you do this. Kusum asks her to see it, Vardaan and Devanshi’s marriage is close, did you think what to do. Sakshi says no. Kusum says think how to break marriage, go. Sakshi goes. Kusum says Sakshi is useless, but I have to keep her, she is Devanshi’s biggest weakness, I can make her my weapon.

Vardaan asks Devanshi where was she. She says I was at Kaki’s house, there was much work. He says I know what Kusum did there, see what I did for you. She sees the gifts and asks how is this. He says you tell me your importance in my life. She counts and says 14 gifts, we stayed away for 14 years. He says one gift for every year. Piya re…..plays………….. He shows her jewelry, bangles. She signs its good. He shows the bridal saree. She gets her fav laddoos in one gift. He says its your fav laddoo. She says I like it even now. She eats laddoo. He asks her to have it like she used to have it in childhood. She eats. He laughs. She opens a box and finds it empty. She says its empty. He says your maang is also empty, I will fill color in it, its some days for our marriage. She thinks I wish I could think for us, I m happy but worried too, how will I stop Kusum’s fake miracle.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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