DevAkshi: Partners for Life (CHAPTER #9)

CHAPTER#9-sharing pain..

dev n sonakshi leave for the shopping for tonight…
On insisting first dey go to the ladies section..for sonakshi’s party wear….
There were many gorgeous dresses…gown..fancy dress…more were exposing as there(thailand’s) trend…n which she hate….
“Mam..this piece is the new one..n only one piece is der for will look goood on u..!”says seller man…showing a dress..

It was red in color…full shining with light work on was till knees frok front…n touching groung from back..

Indeed a gorgeous one..breathtaking..!
Sonakshi saw..but dint like it would exposing her legs..which she really hate the most….
“No..i dont wann this type of dresses…show some decent one..i mean atleast till my half legs got covered..?” Sonakshi ask the men..
Dev,who also loved that dress but at otherside he had also not liked coz of exposer…was impressed with her decentness…she,being a modern girl is really a matured n traditional girl..
“U had come to stand only..?”sona asked him breaking his cain of thoughts…
“No..but wat will i girly stuff..?”

“U have 2 sisters…n also u would have buy dem many n hav a ideas help me..!”
“Wo..actually..i had not bought any girly stuff…wenever they need..i give them money..n having no girlfriends n all…i dint bought how could i”dev said feeling embrassed..
Sonakshi,who was shocked with this thing of his was goig to shout coz he had not bought A SINGLE dress for his sister till now…

How can he..? She thought…
But she calmed herself…
“Oh..! U r really a rude one..! Obhodro..!..”
“Hey,pls dont call me that..evry one call me rude atleast u dont do this to me…it just i m not interested in this stuff”
“Y should not i..? U r..”
“Ohk i m….but pls dont say it again n again…it feels sad..evry1 calls me…but i had not expected from u..!i cnsidered u my first best frnd..”

“Ok..ok..calm.down…so u cnsidered me as ur best friend..right..?”
“Right..!” He said sadly..
“Hey,pls calm down..dont b embarass…n yaa..u can mend ur mistake.?”
” u had not gifted ur sisters till now right..? Den do it now..!!”

“Wannna b akdu..n rude den dont..if not…den mend it…!”
“Okay..u win..”
N both started to look for sona dress first…
It was already n hour or so…but till she hadnot..
It was not dat her choice was different or was that,that according to thailands trend der was more of exposing type of dress..which sonakshi dint like n dat was only the thing dev adored her once more…..
“Mam..! Here see..this dress is the most wanted piece…n only one…n may be of ur types..!”the sellsman show her a beautiful gown in baby pink colour…with a tissue work on d chest n some diamond work at d end….sleeves were long netted giving the gown simple yet elegant look…which ofcourse took sonakshi’s eye…her eyes shine as bright as dey can..!
“Perfect..!”she mumbled n signed dev to ask him….
He shows ???….
She goes to wear it in a trial room..

She wore it n was about to cm out wen lights got off…
Sonakshi was very much scared of darkness..which dev knew..he inquired about it…to which dey replied dat der was a short circuit nearby..n dat was d reason….
Dev quickly went towards d room..

“Have u changed…!???”
“Open d door..den..!”
She quickly realize dat..n opened it…
Before dev could enter or even realize that door was opn…sonakshi climbed upon him…tugging her delucate hands around his neck…
Dev,who was surprise cum shock with dis behaviour now understand her situation..dat she was hell scared…
Her face was all wet in sweat..n her eyes were moistured..

“Hey,calm down…”he rub his hands against her back..
Sonakshi was again in her dreadful past….that night came across his eyes wen she was alone in the room…her eyes were leaking her precious tears…her body was sweating..n she was in her own world of fear n dreadful past where she was alone….
On calling her almost 5 tyms dev which she came to senses…

“Sorry”she mumbled n compose herself wen she realize dat she was hugging him tightly..
Dat was der very first hug…which both of them loved…felt peace..
Now,sonakshi’s heart calmed…her heartbeat got normal…n she tried to overcm her state…
“Evrytging alright…?”

“It dont seems like..!”
“Nah.! Its nothing like dat….u r overthinking”saying so she left to the room again…to change again wen lights came..
Dev couldnt see her in d dress…but he was less bothered about that..he was thjnking about her state right now..!
After she paid…dey bought smthng for dev’s sisters…as per decided…

Den dey move to buy for dev..which was very sona helped him to do so..

Aftrr d long tiring shopping..dey went to the restaurant..
Dev was not pleased with her reply n thought to talk about that..
“Can i ask u smthng..!??”dev started
“U dont need to ask…!”

“Go for it..!”she again added as he was in his thought..
“Wat was that..!”
“That..! Wat.??”
“I dont thought that any1 could this much scared of darkness..dat was smthng else…!”
Sonakshi lookes at him…his eyes showed concern…she,for once got drowned in his deep brown eyes but soon recoverd..
“Its..its nothing like dat..!”
“Okay..if u say so.! But i m not cnvinced yet…!!”she looked at him as he said..
“No..! Dont worry i will not ask again…if u r not confortable den…its okay”he calmed her n take another bite..
Sonakshi put her folk in the plate…

“Its about…wen i was 7…”she started…
Dev stopped n startes paying attention to her..
“Maa n baba had to go to kolkata urgently becoz of my aunt death…me n dada were alone…elena was so small…may b 4-5 yrs…it was raining heavily that night….i was in my room playing with elena….n dada had gone to take sm notes from his was much tym n he had not returned…i was only there in the house..”she said as a tear escaped her eyes…
Dev nodded in no to stop her from crying..she wiped n continued…
“I was scared of lights n thundering…n that tym it was same…elena had slept..den i went to the window to see whether dada had returnes…i waited for him almost more than hour…but he dint returned..

Outside it was dark…wen i saw a light…may be of sm torch..i thought it to be dada so…my eyes were caught there..but…”now her tears again made its way to her cheek..
“But..wat..??”dev asked as she looked at him…
“But…that wasnt dada..that was some gooons…they had a big sack…2 mens were holding it…i..i was i saw gun with them..they went to the closed house infront of us…! I was shocked as no one stayed de…but wat i saw from the opened window was..??…”
She was crying vigorously..her hands wrapping her own arms in fear…
Dev put his hand on hers…

“Sh…calm down…!!”he consoled her n made her drink water…
“Wen i saw through the window…th…theeey fire the house….whoke house….but the thing i saw n cried n feared was in the sack they were holding there was a girl….may be same age…they burn her….burn her..k..killed her….i was so small to understand…just 7 years….so i js hate n scared of darkness…that dark night changed me..!!”

Sona was in a bad state…it was first tym..n dev was first person to cm to know about that dreadful night…sonakshi had not even told to her friend…not a single person….
Sona felt releived after taking out all her frustration..n suffocation…his calmnesss…n consoling version had made her heart fell..her pain decreased….after she was okay…
Both left to their place…

Now the tym was to get ready for the party…dev make sure dat sona was now feeling confortable…n had forget the pain…n sonakshi had felt releived…she had never told to anyone.? Den y DEV..?.
Her heart answered… “May be he is special..!!”
Pushing all the thoughts she left to get ready…

So how was it..?
Hope not boring that much..!
It was emotionak..but trust me the BACHELOR fullfun pack for u alll….so cmnt…to get the next update sooon…
N i will post one update bfore ramzan den may be 3-4 update whole month…as usual 1 update a week….

N i m early this tym
Here is d link to previos chapters
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Hope u liked dis alll…
Pls cmnts jz need 1-2 minutes…pls…only a word…?????
I m getting very much low…only 3-4…
dont wanna post here..but just for that 3-4..i m doing..coz i think my story no longer entertain u..!.
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Love u alll the cmntrs

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