Dev (Colors) 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev traps Praful smartly

Dev (Colors) 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Praful breaks sweetdish jar and acts like it was an accident. Praful asks to bring gloves to get glass pieces. Eisha says I will help you, Praful says you might get hurt from glass, I will do it, she tries to help but he asks her to stop it. He puts all sweetdish in his bag and says I will throw you out, I should leave now. Dev says whats the hurry? Praful says best of luck for your investigation. He leaves.

Praful comes out of Eisha’s house, he puts sweetdish bag in dustbin. He recalls his interactions with Dev. He smirks and says Dev welldone, you played well, after so much time someone has made me feel fear, just because of you someone has seen my real face but I am still not in your hands.

Eisha’s mother asks Dev what he wants to ask? Dev asks Eisha from how much time she is with professor Praful? Dwani says please cooperate with us, we are finding a man who have killed ten girls, Eisha says whats my link? Dev says you have affair with Praful and he killed Bhawna, Eisha says stop blaming him. Dev says you are Praful’s next target, you wont believe us so let us show the file, he shows her pictures of girls he had affair with, Dev he likes girls who have curly hair, Dwani says Bhawna had curly hair like you. Bhawna says what proof do you people have against him? They see their dog dead on floor. Eisha runs to him and sees him not moving. Dev says he is dead, they are stunned.

Praful is driving. He takes out his sim and breaks it. He goes out of cab and leaves his phone there.

Eisha and family cries over dog. Dev sees that dog had eaten sweetdish which Praful mistakenly left on floor. Dev shows it to Eisha and says this sweetdish had poison, he came to kill your family with those sweets. Eisha looks on.

Professor burns all picture of girls and goes to sleep. Door bell rings, he opens door to find police with Dev. Narvekar says we have search warrant to search this place. Praful asks what happened? Narvekar says you tried to kill Eisha’s family with poisoned sweets. Dev says dog died because of it. Praful says this is not right.

Mahek is working on laptop. Apa comes there and says food is ready. Mahek says I ate one hour back. Apa says you have a baby to take care of, come on.

In police station, Narvekar gets call from his hacker Afzal, Afzal says I tried to hack Mahek’s computer but she had strong firewalls. Flashback shows how Afzal was Meera’s friend. He says Meera was my friend too, I will keep trying.

Scene 1
Dev investigates Praful. Dev says Eisha have confessed her affair with you, you wanted to kill her like you did with Bhawna but you got agitated after I warned you, you went to her house to kill her family too. Praful says you can say anything but prove that I killed Bhawna and I didnt have any affair with Eisha, Eisha doesnt have proof too, what do you want to prove? Dev says you brought sweets which had poison, we have witnesses. Praful says I brought sweets but you held them and might have poisoned it to trap me, witnesses saw that too. Narvekar is watching their talk through camera. Praful says I went to meet Eisha’s family because I feel like she needs mental treatment, she is always behind me, you have no proof against me, I want a lawyer for me, did you find any traces in my house for poison? Dev says I touches sweets jar but I didnt open it then how could I enter poison in it? Praful says you might have had poison in your hands, spread it around jar and it mixed in sweets when jar broke.

Dev comes to Eisha and asks if she has photos with Praful? she says no, he never let me take photos from my phone. Dev says he is denying affair with you, we dont have proofs against him, he poisoned sweets but he has claim that I touched the jar and could have added poison in it. Dev says we should find about his past, we will find something. Dev says to Narvekar that we will let Praful go and tell him that he won, we have to befriend him.

Dev brings tea for Praful and says you have close relation with curly hair, did someone with curly hair break your heart? what about your family? Praful says I am alone. Dev says my father is a criminal, I am weird too, your father was not like mine? Praful says my father was a university professor, I never had a good relation with him, he died in a suicide.. enough for you? Dev says we did a mistake, we dont have a proof against you, we were just following a pattern, you can go. Praful says I won and you lost, I will file harassment case against you. Dev thinks that he will try to attack Eisha.

Eisha is crying in police station. She says to Dwani that how can he do this with me? Praful comes there and says Eisha you need treatment, he leaves.
Officer shows Lokesh who is Praful’s father’s article. Dev sees his picture and says there is a link, his father have curly hair and he died by eating cyanide. He says his father taught at St. Marie college, we have to go there, did his father really do suicide or he killed him too?

PRECAP- Dev and Dwani meets Lokesh’s college head. Dwani asks why he did suicide? Head says it was a mystery. Dev says what about Praful? Head says he helped police in that case, police found Geeta and Lokesh’s body in near jungle. Dev says to Dwani that when he finds out that I have caught his lie, he will lose control.
In college, Praful slaps Eisha infront of all and says who do you think I am? I can make you go missing in a minute and nobody would know. All students hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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