Dev (Colors) 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev thinks Mahek killed his mother

Dev (Colors) 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev asks Dwani what she is hiding? Dwani says my phone? nothing.. Dev takes phone from her and sees Mahek’s video, he sees Mahek killing his mother. He thinks my mother is dead and Mahek is responsible for that? Dwani says I dint want to hide that.. DEv goes and locks himself in room. He weeps and recalls his moments with Mahek, how Mahek fooled him into thinking that his mother is alive, how she kept lying that she doesnt know anything about Mahek. He sits down and cries. Dwani comes inside and says I am sorry.. Dev cries and says my mother is dead.. she is dead. Dwani hugs him and cries, naina plays. Dwani cups his face and says I will always be with you, she kisses his forehead, he keeps crying.
Mahek is searching for Dev and comes to his house. She sees her footage in Dwani’s phone and says Dev knows about his mom. She sees Dwani and Dev sitting in each others arms and their faces close, she thinks they are kissing, she leaves from there.

Mahek sits in bath tub and cries, she recalls her intimate moments with Dev and Dev with Dwani. She says to her baby that I am sorry, I couldnt save my family, I couldnt join it together. She takes blade and recalls how Dev promised to make life for their baby.. she cries and thinks what to do?

In morning, Dwani makes tea for Dev. Dev is still hurt. Dwani thinks why they are so away when they are close. Flashback shows last night when Mahek left, Dwani tried to kiss him but Dev said that its wrong, Dwani asks if there is nothing between them? Dev puts her hands away and says we care about each other but nothing else.. he moves away, Dwani leaves hurtfully. Flashback ends. De throws his water away in anger. Dwani wipes her tears and asks him to have breakfast, he says I am not hungry. he says whatever was about to happen last night was not your fault, it was my fault, last night I was out of my mind.. you and me.. it can never happen, I dont want to hurt you but please clear that.. Dwani says I understand, what have you thought about Mahek? Dev says Mahek is dead for me.

Scene 2
Narvekar meets commissioner and other officers. Commissioner says we saw your report for Mahek’s kidnapping, it has loopholes, you said that Mahek was kidnapped by Dev but why would he do that? we found your finger prints there and also Mahek gave statement that you kidnapped her. Narvekar says they are trapping me. Officer says Mohan told us that you kidnapped Mahek and he told Kinjal too who then told Dev, when Dev went there, you were already present so she was kidnapped by you. Commissioner says you are suspended from your job, we will investigate against you. Narvekar says please dont do that, I was doing my job, its my duty and life. Commissioner says we have to do our duty, give your card and weapon to us. NArvekar gives his card and thinks that because of Dev, my reputation is destroyed, I wont spare him.

Dev thinks that I feel filthy of spending my time with Mahek, she killed my mother. Officer calls him and says Narvekar is suspended and you are free of charges. Dev ends call and says to Dwani that we are free to go, I want answers from Mahek, lets go.

Mahek looks at a diary, she sees some holes in a black page, she says what it might be? She finds a small map inside and thinks if they are important sites? She thinks that I wont find Munim easily but if I get him then I can prove that I am not Dev’s criminal, its time for Munim to bear punishment.

Narvekar meets officer, he asks where is Dev? Officer says Dev is coming back, he will reach in an hour. Narvekar thinks that Dev is in my trap.

PRECAP- Dev is coming back to city.
Narvekar says to Kinjal that I have no place for a cheater in my house, I did a mistake by bringing you here, I have brought you out of a filthy place but I think you deserve that filthy place.
Dev sees his car’s flat tyre, Dev says someone shot it. Narvekar comes there and points gun at Dev, Dwani tries to stop but Dev says its my problem, Narvekar says I have to settle a lot of matters with you, Dev says you are not the only one.
Munim is bald, he meets Apa, Apa doesnt recognize him, she asks if he has kids? Munim says I have a son but you know kids these days think fathers are their enemies, your daughter in law is not with you? she didnt return?
Mahek throws patrol in room and starts fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Since the end of the first season, I was sure that Zohra APA is dev’s mother. Now it is very much clear that Zohra APA is dev’s mother.

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    Only 4 episodes are left… Why show is ending sooooooooo sooon????????????????

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