Destiny’s play – A FF on YRKKH (Episode 24)

Episode 24

At Goenka house.
Kartik: akshu said that kairav asked everyone to assemble in home. But where is he?? Along with him akshu and aru also missing??

Shravan: uncle just wait for some time you will get all your answers.

Anand: but shravan where are they even Birla brothers are also missing. We have lot of work for the engagement preparations.

Shefali: but akshu bhabhi asked everyone to assemble in home. Is everything ok?? Is there any serious matter??

Shravan: matter is so serious but kairav can only tell. Let’s wait.

Kairav: uski koi zarurat nahi hai shravan. I came back (to Anand) papa if Ani came in front of you what will you do??

Anand: why are you asking me that question?? If she comes in front of me then I would first ask her where was she all these years then will hug her tightly.

Akshu: then do it tauji. Anisha bhabhi just get in.
Anisha came everyone is shocked to see her alive.

Anand hugged Ani tightly and asked her: where were you?? Do you how much we missed you. I think you know everything.

Harsh: akshu beta you all left hospital just because you all came to know about Anisha right??

Akshu: yes papa. We are sorry.

Manish: this much have happened and we have no idea about it. Kairav you all joined with them?? Very bad.

Kairav: kya karun bade papa me bhi unke bhaiya aur jiju bhi hai naa?? Isliye main nahi bataya. And regarding burning wounds of Ani, I have spoke to akshu she knows plastic surgeon in London and also she has spoken with the doctor and she said she will perform the surgery on this Monday. I mean before their pre wedding functions starts.

Dadi: Anand beta we want to have our kairav and Anisha’s marriage also to happen because they too have just reconciled just now and they deserve this. So tomorrow along with other kairav and Anisha’s engagement will also happen. Is it ok for you??

Anand: why will we have problem in conducting our daughter’s wedding. We have no objection dadiji.

Kartik: aap ne bahut accha socha hai dadi. You are very intelligent and smart like me. After all you are Kartik Goenka ki dadi hai.

Kairav/akshu/aru: papa aapka drama bandh kardo. Please. Buddhe hokar bhi aapka ye dramebaazi aapne nahi choda. Please hamare tharah mat karna.

Anisha: Haan papa they are right. Please stop this.

Kartik: I won’t do that because meri beti ne kaha.

Kairav: thank you Ani. And to celebrate your return back in everyone’s life especially my life I will make pancakes that too with my hand. Ok??

Anisha: thanks kairav. My mouth is watering to eat the pancakes. Do it fast. Please.

Akshu: not fare bhaiya. Biwi aagayi toh Behan paraya hogaya. Me aap se bilkul baat karunga?? She turns her face.

Aru: bilkul sahi kaha akshu. Ab woh hamara bhaiya nahi hai Anisha bhabhi ka husband ban chuka hai so we have become strangers to him.

Kairav: what are you both saying?? I am always your brother only first. Then only I am Ani ki husband. Ab bas karo yeh nautanki. I will make pancakes for all the younger generation. (To shravan) shravan tu bas Mera help kar do. Aur bade log sab baahar jaaogi hamara sagai ke preparations ke liye. Is it ok for all??

All: yes.
With that elders left and younger generation settled in dinning table except kairav and shravan as they were in kitchen.

Shravan: just sing a song na akshu. I am eager to listen to your live concert now. Please.

All: yes. Sing na akshu/ bhabhi.

Akshu: ok.
She started singing tujhme rab dikhta hai

Na kuch pucha
Na kuch manga
Tune dil se diya
Jo diya

Na kuch bola
Na kuch tola
Muskura ke diya
Jo diya

Tu hi dhoop tu hi chaya
Tu hi apna paraya
Aur kuch na janu
Bas itna hi janu

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara main kiya karoon
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara main kiya karoon
Sajde sar jhukta hai
Yaara main kiya karoon
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara main kiya karoon

Suddenly she started coughing heavily and fainted.

All: akshu/ bhabhi.
Abhi: akshu open your eyes akshu. He pats her cheeks. But no response he immediately took her in bridal style and asked Neil to get the car ready.

Abhi: akshu.. akshu.. kya hua hai tujhe?? Just be with me nothing will happen to you.
They reached the hospital 🏥 and akshu is rushed to emergency room along with abhi, parth Neil and aru. Others were waiting outside.

Precap: what happened to akshu?? Is she ok??

Also new entries are going to come in next chapter. Wait till then.
I am so sorry for late update. Now a days I am busy with my studies and also my semester exam is going on so I am not able to post regularly. Will try to post regularly.

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