Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 25)

hellooooo….how r u all?….i know i am very late this time…so sorry…i am late becoz i had no idea what to write and what not…i thought i will just write whatever comes in my mind…so here i go with the episode
recap: gauri and omkara take help from rudra soumya anika n shivaye for the NGO rescue mission….soumya and rudra come to know that they are going to work together…somya discusses her plan with all

the episode starts with gauri and omkara getting discharged from the hospital…shivaye pays gauri’s bill too
anika: billu ji..why are u paying gauri’s bill? we dont need any favour from u
shivaye: firstly stop calling me with that name…and about the bill….i will cut that amount from ur salary! happy?
anika: fine
anika leaves while rudy comes
rudra: anika dee is very independent…
shivaye: that is the only thing i like about her
shivaye leaves and rudra is shocked
om too hears this

om: did i hear something wrong?
rudy: both of us cannot hear wrong….yippie…shivaye bhaiyya likes something in anika dee
om and rudra get happy …anika soumya come with gauri
gauri: omkara…get ready we will be visiting gurpreeth’s place in an hour
omkara: sure…
soumya: rudra..are the secret cameras ready?
rudra: i have arranged everything…u get ready with the costumes…
anika: are u sure…he will hire u?
shivaye: positive

anika: okay…all the best..
shivaye: u guys get started with ur plan..anika and i will join u later….ok?
anika: where r we going?
shivaye: today is not a holiday…u need to come and work…we will be joing later
Soumya: yes anika…u n shivaye bhaiyya will be joining later…now we need to go
shivaye: come on anika…i will drop u home first…freshen up and come with me
anika: i will go by myself…gauri and soumya…u said that u will be meeting in an hour…so come we will go home together freshen up and then leave for our respective work
gauri and soumya agree…and anika leaves
shivaye: whats her problem…y cant she simply agree to what i say
omkara: thats what anika is…she only does the things she likes
rudra: this makes her different from others

shivaye stares anika
rudy: shivaye bhaiyya…anika dee left the place…i think we can leave now
shivaye: umm..yeah..come lets go
omru smile
one hour later
shivomru are waiting for anika gauri n soumya
shivaye: u people be careful…if u have any prblm just call me…i will be there…ok?
rudy: relax bhaiyya…when rudy is here….
soumya: problems are everywhere
om and gauri laugh
rudra: sumo!!

anika: gauri and omkara…here are ur costumes…u can change..soumya and rudra…these r urs
rudra: thanq anika dee
gauri omkara and soumya rudra change…gauri and omkara dress up as the same foreign couple who met gurpreeth earlier…while soumya and rudra dress up as servants
shivaye: ok so all set?
gauri: yes…first omkara and i will meet gurpreeth…15 min later both of u …rudra and soumya will come to him for the job…he will hire u…we will stay there for nyt…bade bhaiyya and anika will enter gurpreeth’s place with soumya and rudra’s help…they will steal the ngo papers from his office….and all done!!!

anika: but y will he hire soumya and rudra as his servants?
omkara: becoz we have enquired that they need a servant..we will replace the actual servants…
shivaye: ok this is the medicine u need to mix in their food so that he will stay unconscious for the whole nyt
soumya: everything is set and under control….we need to execute this plan very well
rudra: soumya…this is mangalsutra and it has a hidden camera…so that we can capture all his evil doings and expose him in public..the same footage will help u in getting ur dream job…i have fixed the other camera in my shirt button
soumya: ok so lets go
gauri omkara rudra and soumya leave….

shivaye: now we shall go to oberoi mansion
anika: sure
anika and shivaye reach oberoi mansion…anika is about to leave
shivaye: anika
anika: haan billu ji
shivaye gets irritated
shivaye: stop calling me that.

anika: but its ur name
dadi: billu..
shivaye: dadiii…dont call me billu plzz
dadi: where were u yesterday?
shivaye: dadi thats a long story…now i need to go…i have a lot of work to do
shivaye leaves
anika and dadi laugh
the episode ends

precap: shivika in trouble

this was the episode frnds…hope u liked it…let me know ur views.,..sorryy for the late update

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