My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 23 by Jerry

Noticing the change in Anika’s behavior, he made himself to follow the flow. Leading as she took his manly rough hands into soft fragile ones, he wished the time to stop. “Billu ji your pant is torn !” Came a faint voice. His expressions quickly changed its colour and now it was difficult to differentiate them. Embarrassed. His eyes which were dying to meet her hazel ones and drown in them were now making excuses to keep their focus down. He managed to make a quick glance towards his pant and his mouth became a perfect O. “Oh my Freaking God !!! What have you done with me ?” Shivaay managed to yell mentally and make note of his misery to the God. It seemed that he mocked him and enjoyed seeing his state. After a minute or two of silence, Shivaay finally mustered courage and looked in her eyes.

Anika looked at those puppy eyes, which looked so Cute. And then at his embarrassed state. Only she could tell how hard it was not to laugh at his condition. Cupping his face with one of her hands, she broke into fits of laughter. “My stomach…ohhhh !! Hahahaha..” She went hysteric, while Shivaay just lowered his gaze. She spared a look at him and then felt bad for him. “Let’s go home Billu ji !” She said grabbing him by his arms. “Like this ?” He questioned. “Ummm, you can’t help that.” She said. “Anika its not a cakewalk. There are so many people here.” He said trying to keep his voice as steady as possible. “Cake walk. When the hell we walked upon the cake Billu ji ?” She questioned scratching her head. He let out an exasperated sigh. Ignoring her question he again questioned for the remedy. “No other choice, I am not a boy that I can carry you in my arms, and drop you to the car.” She said frustrated.

“Well a good idea indeed, he said. I love you for that.” He said and made call to Khanna once again asking to make the place vacant while Anika was still stuck at the last few words of his sentence.

He turned towards Anika and gave a sheepish smile. “Meri Pyaari Anika !!” He said with extra sugar coated words. “Don’t even think that Mr Shivaay. You are forgetting that I…….I will…” She struggled to speak while he spoke, “Can’t you do this much for me. Forgotten the Saint Relaswami teachings..?” He asked. For some strange reason she obeyed and greatly respected the hallucination of Shivaay, the Saint Relaswami and his teaching. “But you are tooooooo heavy !!” She butted in. “I heard from Sahil that you said you can lift a wrestler and with the tip of your thumb you can throw him off.” Shivaay managed to use the information at the most appropriate time, chantomai. “Haan, I said that but..” She said fidgeting with the words which were drying out of her throat. “I am not saying to carry me on the tip of your finger. Please Anika won’t you do this much for me..?”

“Fine. Fine. Fine. ” she said fed up of the constant buttering. He passed a flying kiss to her. She gave him a disgusted look. For what seemed like a surreal dream Shivaay and Anika were lost in each other, the only difference was that Shivaay was in Anika’s arm and she was trying hard to not fail her composure.

She placed him carefully inside the car and went to sit beside him. The beads of sweat could be distinguished well from far also. He caressed her face and planted a lingering kiss over her forehead which made the colour of her cheek rose. He loved seeing that effect and smiled proud of his own significance.

O saathiya yeh kya kiya
Kyun hai samaa khwaab saa
O saathiya yeh wadiyaan
De rahin sadaa sang aa

Lost in his ocean eyes, she couldn’t help herself getting out of that. She smiled, which soothed her senses and made him be more confident about loving her this much.

Aasmaan pe chand taare
Sang jale humrahi
Baadlon pe saagaron pe
Hum chale humrahi

O.. humraahi
Haan.. o.. humraahi

O saathiya yeh kya kiya
Iss dil ne sunn liya
Geeton se tere yeh zubaan

O saathiya yeh vaada kiya
Ab se sang tere karvaan

The car was beyond care as both were still not out of their reverie. The moment was paused by the remote of their destiny which had now made plans to make them together for the rest of the lives.

Aasmaan pe chaand taare
Sang jale humraahi
Baadlon pe sagaron pe
Hum chale humraahi (x2)

O… humraahi (x4)

“Shivaay come fast, the engagement is just gotta start.” Pinky yelled to her son who was lost. “Shivaay !” She called peeping from the door. He was smiling again, while buttoning up the crisp white Sherwani in which he looked more than handsome and irresistible. She went up to him and turned his towards her. Holding his face she brushed his hair and kept a warming hand on his cheeks. “You look very good.” She complimented taking a bit of the kohl and applying it on the back of his ear. “Let me tell you, I think today Anika will not be able to keep his eyes of you.” She said grinning while he turned beetroot. Patting him on the back of his hand she strode to meet Dadi and talk about the preparations.

“Sahil, you ready ?” Anika asked as pondered more Johnson Baby Powder on his face making him feel nauseating. Smoothening the creases of his kurta pyjama, she made her way towards the venue.

“Bhaiya tell me na, did Anika di accepted your proposal ?” Rudra asked beaming while Omkara also waiting for his answer. Yes he had finally revealed to them about the truth, that Anika was not his girlfriend, but also now he loved her like Rudra love protein shakes and Omkara the truth. They were waiting for his answer and he took more time to respond. “No.” Their faces fell.

He was busy trying to be happy that soon God will have a little mercy on him and make his life a lot more beautiful. He was but as he saw the face of his brothers, he too realized that the reality was a little harsh. She has said no to his proposal. Maybe she feel suffocated around him, maybe still she found Utkarsh ice creams better, may be she want to be be free from him. All the negative thoughts suddenly hovered him.

Nobody but she standing at the threshold of the entrance noticed a tiny tear drop from his eyes. She felt pained. She was the cause of his misery she had to do something to fix it, to bring the smile back on his face.


Heya cuties !! I am back again. This time I am late as I had a lot of reasons. First of all my exams were there and my cell was kept hostage, cruelty do exist !;P
Also I am sick and is suffering from fever, my throat is gone, I can’t pronounce a syllable also. And yeah, I would really like if all of you would tell me your views regarding. I am a tiny tot, and being a student I had to mange my studies too, so if you a will not support then it makes me a little low, as I am trying to give my level best, is the story being dragged, if yes, I will surely try to do something. This story will be ending in a few more chapter, or least I will try to. Also I was not able to reply to you all in the previous chapter, sorry for that. Thank you tons,  Fffan1234, Niriha, Nikku  di, Ashwinee di, Aashi di, Fenil Bhaiya, Harika Di, Sairish, Naymaz, Tom, Zaveesha, Samm di, Sabhya,  Tanz, Banita, Anagha, Sumitha, Shivika, Shivika4eva, Alekhika, Pui,  Kanfi, Arthi, Adia23, Gayathri di and Anonymous. Thank you all for your precious feedback.
Will really be happy if you all will encourage me a bit.
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  1. Samm

    heyyo 🙂 hfd 🙂 and i hope your exams went well 🙂 finally you posted! it was a nice update, and especially loved the part where shivaay thinks anika liked ice cream more than him 😀 post next soon, but take care of your health first 🙂

    1. Jerry_36

      Heyoo Samm Di ! Happy friendship day. Yes, they went well, except Science. Yeah, i am ill no, that’s why couldn’t post earlier. Thank you so much, I am really happy that you liked that part. Will post the next one soon, thanks again for the wishes❤

  2. Superb update …. I don’t feel u r dragging continue with ur ideas ……..yeah I also think why u don’t post ur ff………….give importance to studies …… if u get free time post it …….. no don’t end it soon I love this ff very much……..

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sumitha Di ! Thank you so much. Okay, I will surely continue till some more chapters. Will surely, give time to studies. I never make my passion come in between my studies?
      Love you too, will try not to❤

  3. Pui

    Omg Jerry ! Its plain fabulous, more than I can express….Luv u 2 d moon and back ??

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Pui. I am so happy that you loved it. Love you too !!?

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    It is amazing dear… very nice as always…
    I can understand dear no need to take so much worry…took ur time for posting..nd yeah take very good care of urself… u’ll be fine soon…all the very best for ur exams as well…stay happy dear

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Zaveesha. I am glad that you liked it. Okay, I will surely follow your advice, thanks for the suggestion.
      Love you very much !??

  5. Niriha

    Awesome…..loved it

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you tons Niriha !?

  6. jerru it was awesome as usual
    Shivaay ki pant fat gayi !!!!!!!lol
    and anika picked him up hehehe
    like seriously from where do u get these kind of ideas??????????
    It was so damn funny and plzz make shivika soon together
    and one last thing don’t end it
    This is the only sivika ff I read or rather enjoy reading
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end it
    whenever u feel the story is complete , pop up with a second season
    we will all support u , u know naa I can’t live without CCD ………as my jerru writes it
    Love u jerry , u were as usual sooooooooooooo goooddddddddddd

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Naymaz Di ! Thank you so much. Just randomly, I thought to include that line and ended up with this crazy idea??
      I will surely make them one. Its not possible, it has to end but I will try continuing till more chapters.

      Actually I have one another idea in my mind a TS or something like that. As soon as I will finish this one, I will post it. Awww, that’s so sweet of you to say such kind words. Love you too❤

  7. Ashwinee

    Heyoo Jerry, first of all I am confused.
    Ki tujh pe hasun ya taras khaon.?? . the way you have written your author’s note , awww?? so innocent I really felt that a small kid is complaining about another kid.Meri shaitaan chuhiya , Teri chotisi sar mein Pata nahi kitna Sara gyaan hai. Seriously you are too good to handle so many things at a time. I know how tough it is to focus on two things which are like more than impossible to choose 1. Studies without which you can’t live and 2. Your writing,Which you can’t leave. So take your time sort things out and then start resuming your work . And one more thing more than you , your work speaks volumes so I don’t worry about your throat.!!!!! ?? but for your studies said you need to get well!!! So take care you loads ???

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Ashwinee di, thank you for such a cute reply. I am glad that you felt sympathetic to my author’s note and expressed your emotions here. Really I was hell tired and not getting the enough responses were making my muscles twitch. Thanks for the compliment too, I will surely take care of myself. Love you too dher Sara ❤

  8. Fenil

    Loved it.
    Awwww moment Shivaay in Anika’s hands.❤❤❤????????
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      Hey Dear, thank you so much for giving the feedback. Really delighted that you find my story unique. Love you too, bbye❤❤

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  11. hey Jerry… so sorry for not commemting in previous epis as i was busy with studies….. read all right now….the epi was fabulous…… anika bani shivaay ki messiah (saviour)….. hope ur exams have been good…. n get well soon…..

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Anu, thank you so much. I am so happy that you posted your opinion, was thinking that the readers are kinda bored of my story now and hence thinking to wind it up. Its okay. I am glad that you liked it. Yes they went well?
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  12. Fati

    Hi Jerry. Sorry for not commenting on the previous part and I lterally don’t know why I didn’t do that.
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      Hey Fati !
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  13. Lovely Update Jerry!!!
    Shivaay was so embarrassed just like a kid & Anika lifting Shivaay was ?
    Bechara Shivaay got depressed, surely Anika will do something….?
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    1. Jerry_36

      Shivika !!
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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sophia !
      Thank you so much. Delighted that you posted your feedback, your comment always leaves a trail of smile on my lips. I am fine, how’s uh ??

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  15. Tanz

    Ohh Jerry….you are just amazing….and this….this was just wonderful….more than wonderful….. actually magical ?
    Never in my life had I thought of something like this….. not even with the crazy Anika in my mind….. Anika lifting Shivaay….. above that Shivaay buttering Anika and Anika’s agreeing to him….She MUST be really strong….Mai Hoti toh Shivaay jaise handsome aadmi Ko bhi Wahi par chod kar bhaag aati???
    Bechara Saahil…..kitna Johnson’s baby powder lagaogi Anika?Bacche ki Jaan logo kya???This was really a torturing experience even for me..,..My prayers are with you Saahil….
    I hope Anika soon realises her love….(fingers crossed)
    And Jerry a very happy friendship day to you and also a very happy Raksha Bandhan… well aur hamara Naam Roshan karna?….And you’re not dragging it at all….infact I’m totally loving it…try not to feel low….”do your best and leave the rest”?
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    1. Anagha

      Sooo true tanz… Even I would have made a run if such a situation arise ! Can’t pick him up … Atleast in this birth. ??

    2. Jerry_36

      But if you know Shivaay would be there mai apni legs tudwake bhi usko me jaati. Cadzy about him, you will understand if you will fa in love like Anika has??

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      Okay, toh tumhari bhi prayers hai Sahil ke saath, sacchi me Anika is a real torture sometimes. Yes I think your wish would be fulfilled very soonish.
      Happy Friendship day and Raksha Bandhan to you too. Thanks for the inspiration, will follow your advice. Love ya❤

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      Thank you so much Sabhya. Your wish is my command !?

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    1. Jerry_36

      Aashi Di ! Thank you so much. I am glad that you loved it. Happy that you liked each scene that I included, love you tons❤

  18. Anagha

    Hey Jerry ❣
    Well well… Anika taking up shivaay.. out of the box thinking… Hahaha.. could she really do it?.. and the absymal situation of billuji was a treat to read… Poor guy, torn pants that toooo in the middle of hundreds of people.
    Take care chotu sis… Balance your health with studies too. And this chapter was a treat to read !.. love ya. ❤

    1. Jerry_36

      Heyoo Anagha !
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      Hey Navz !
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