My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day – Chapter 1 by Jerry

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Rudra stomped towards his room from gym as he knows that his two dearest brothers will be waiting for him. He rushed inside and started to blabber about the girls who were impressed by his body. At least the efforts didn’t go in vain, he thought. Fed up of his daily stories omkara asked “other than this anything interesting you wanted to share.” Rudra ran his mind mentally playing the video record of his full day. He suddenly became serious and replied “yeah !! I went to Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) and…..” His voice trailed as shivaay spoke in between “rudra I know what you want to say ! There you met a girl and she was impressed by you.” Rudra frowned as he interrupted him. He said “bhaiya let me complete. I went as it is opened recently and chubby wanted a break. When we reached there we found the manager beautiful. Not only in looks but from inside. She was a very kind hearted girl. So I asked her to be my friend and showed my abs. She ruffled my hair and said you are like my brother to me ! Thou I felt bad but was happy that I got such a sister. We sat there and chatted after her work ended.” Rudra completed with a puppy face as it was unusual that some beautiful girl made him her brother. Both the brothers burst out laughing at this ! Rudra once again spoke “shivaay bhaiya I think you should meet her. I felt a connection with her. A brotherly one and don’t laugh at this.” He was angry. And at least should make friends with her she will surely give you company as you know me and o have many friends….haina o.” Omkara blushed as he knew he was indirectly teasing her about gauri. He met her recently at the art gallery when she came for learning his artistic style and he was attracted to her slightly. Thou it was not love but he knew somewhere he liked her deeply.

Shivaay was going to say something when his phone rang. He attended the call in his usual SSO style by slightly keeping his arm away from his body. Nevertheless he was charming but was a eligible bachelor. His mother is tired of asking him to get married and every time he refuses it. He spoke in his phone “yes Mr desai, the deal will be signed, you just come to my home.” At the another end Mr desai spoke to sign the deal at the new restaurant Cafe Coffee Day as he has recently heard about it from his relatives a lot. “But Mr desai why not in our house?” At last he agreed as the deal was very important and could take the Oberoi Empire to another level. On asking by rudra continuously he explained where he has to go. Rudra exclaimed happily and mentally thanking the god for listening his so called prayers. He spoke excitedly “bhaiya, you know you are soon going to be friends with her. Really happy for you. Congratulations !!” Shivaay replied uninterested looking into his phone “rudra stop day dreaming. I am just going there for a business purpose. You know na this deal….” “Will add wings to Oberoi empire” omru completed for him giving a dull expression. Shivaay smiled and went to sleep. Deep down in his head he was thinking about her. He wanted to meet her. He slapped himself mentally thinking now days rudra is having a great influence on him.

Shivaay woke up and freshened up and came down for breakfast. “Shivaay this deal is very important. You made to it. Good” tej praised his son very much aware of his talent. Shivaay was going to say something but was interrupted by the womens of this house asking him “is there anything we can discuss other than deals on the breakfast table.” Omru agreed to it. The rest of breakfast table was filled with giggles and laughter’s of everyone sharing their precious ‘family time’ moment.

Shivaay was waiting for Mr desai as he hate being waiting for someone. He is a tadibaaz. Mr desai entered the restaurant apologizing him about being late. Shivaay nodded. He ordered espresso and Mr desai ordered a tea. As they were discussing about the deals the waiter was passing by them carrying orders for another table, his leg got intangled with the freshly new carpet resulting the whole liquid thing falling over shivaay’s new red three piece suit. He glared at the waiter and the shouted “fhat the wuck !! You….how dare you spill coffee on my tuxedo. Don’t you know it is one of the most expensive suit. I will ruin you….just call the manager. I said call the manager.”

A girl practically 24 years of age came to the table where the chaos was happening dressed in a sky blue colour saree, hair tied in a ponytail with a puff making her look adorable. As soon as he saw her his anger went to another land. He read the plate attached to her saree- Anika, The Manager. He looked at her and her. She apologized on behalf of the waiter “sir I m extremely sorry, don’t shout like this. I know it was his fault but he didn’t did it intentionally. Come I will show you the washroom sir”. He nodded and then followed her. Anika gave a resurring look to the waiter. He thanked her for saving his job. Everyone there was always fond of her. Shivaay saw this and remincsed rudra’s words.


Heya cuties !! I am here again. I have given four os and one ts. This is my first ff, so do support me, along with the silent readers. I don’t know in how many chapters will it end. Hope you all like it. Thank you for reading❤

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  1. Good one jarry thank you

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much for commenting devraj☺

  2. Anyakhan32

    Hey cutiepie..the starting was awsm..
    Rudy and annika bond is lovely..It give me a heart warming feeling.Annika’s charm did work on shivaay and I hope it will lead to a love story soon…
    This part was lovely and I hope to get the next part soon..

    love yaa,

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Anya !! Thank you so much for commenting. You took time to type. Really sweet of you. Glad that you liked it. Just submitted the next part☺

  3. Mrunal

    hey dea….
    this is fabulous yaar….
    like as usual… i had expected this from a great writer like u…
    i couldn’t control my laughter when rudy told annika’s reaction….
    very excited for this one….
    amazing job…
    hats off to u….

    1. Jerry_36

      Awwww….thank you so much Mrunal di. Your words are always like a booster to me. Glad that I made you laugh. Will try to make it more exciting for you??

  4. Savera

    Loved it jerry

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Savera di?

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