Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Promo

Hey all!!!!

First of all, sorry for not uploading the episodes…

I’ll be taking break for 2 weeks due to my GATE exam. I’ll be updating the episodes from 10th Feb regularly.

Now, I’ll just give the update of the upcoming happenings in the series. Do support me. Original episode will be out on 10th feb for sure.


Wedding talks!!!

Ram-Sita’s romance!!!

Urmila falls on Lakshman’s arms!!!

Mandavi and Bharat spend time together!!!

Shatrughan and Shruthakirthi meet at the temple!!!

Avantika and Adithya’s romance!!!

Swastika meet Rana!!!

Swastika and Adithya’s romance!!!

Panchali becomes pregnant which makes Subhadra jealous!!!

Karn-Urvi’s romance!!!

Arjun-Subhadra’s talk!!!

Wedding of Ram-Sita, Lakshman-Urmila, Bharat-Mandavi, Shatrughan-Shruthakirthi!!!!

Rana’s truth comes out!!!!

Swastika becomes pregnant!!!!

Bhoomika worries about second child of Adithya!!!!

Avantika’s pregnancy mood swings make her feel jealous of Swastika and Adithya!!!!

Arjun’s cornation along with Draupadi which makes Subhadra angrier!!!!

Bhoomika accepts Avantika!!!

Bhoomika and Nakshatra advice Panchali, Subhadra, Swastika and Avantika for leading a happy life!!!!

There will be more scenes in Ayodhya!!!

Rana’s attraction towards Swastika grow more!!!!

Arjun-Subhadra consummation!!!!

Urvi’s pregnancy!!!!

The War starts!!!!!

This is not just the promo for one episode, this is the future happenings!!!

Don’t forget to read the new episodes from 10th feb!!!! Do support me!!!! Thanks in advance!!!

  1. Jasminerahul

    Oh no…how did arjun agree to get intimate with Subhadra?
    Sad to see avantika becoming jealous.But if Aditya swastika romance is in full swing what will Adi do?

  2. Radhakrishn

    The promo is very interesting.

  3. Wow ! Intresting twists ahead .
    All the Best For your GATE exam .

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