A desire of star to get moon epi 17 ”ek duje ke vaaste”

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Hey all thanku so much for overwhelming response means a lot… Lots of love and i miss my many old readers as well,,come back soon plz before i end this ff coz i,m planing to end it within 30 epis and before 15th of dec lets see if i can.. And that will not be adrupt ending so chill i,ll give a proper ending….ok so here u all go for 17 epi….

Epi 17…

Vihaan,s pov
it has been an hour that i,m here ‘in cafe’ with aaliya.. And i had unlock my screen atleast 20 times to check whether i hv got any call or msg from shanaya…but no she had not what i can see is her pic as my wallpaper where she is holding her lovable puppy with cutest smile ‘my cutest angel’!! I locked the screen and start spining my cell in hand thinking about her and my eyes being fixed at floor ”its pretty strange”.. Coz she was coming to meet me.. But neither she came nor she msged and thats make me restless…
“vihaan are u listening!!” as aliyas words echos in my ears breaking the flow of thoughts my hand stopped and i place the cell on table ”yeah i,m!!” i frequently uttered and look at her…
Who gave me suspicious look
‘no u r not!!! U r just lost in world of ur own!! Whats going on?’
‘ahhhh!….. Before i could complete my cell screen flashes as i got some msg.. Displaying shanaya,s pic and aliya,s eye caught that…
‘she is pretty!! New girl freind??’ she asked..
I smiled at her pic and then moved to aliya ‘nop! Lady love!!’ and i can see that on her face that she was hell shocked……
She took few mins to convince herself that what she heard was truth and asked with much excitment’ i wana know everything from a to z tell me’ and i told her whole story…..
She further inquired’hv u confessed ur feelings to her?’
‘not yet’ i said…
“then go for it what are u waiting for?” she suggested
and i realised that before that i hv to do one other important thing ”will do it very soon” i said with a smile…..


Shravan,s pov..
Right now shanaya is in my embrace where i could protect her from anything and i,m too afraid to release her from my protecting arms..but soon that moment got disturb by ring of my cell.. And it showed caller ID “vihaan” not revealing this to shanaya i excused myself for a minute and came out of her room….
”hey sharvan… I hope i didnt disturbed u!”
”ahhh no!! Anything important??”
”yeah can we two meet tonight?? How about to hv dinner together we will talk there as well?”
‘ok.. But about what u wana talk?’
‘will tell u there!! So see u there?”
And i cut the call but until it turned into night i kept thinking about what he wana talk..

/At resturant/
i thought that i,m late but no mr vihaan is himself late.. It has been 15 mins but yet no glimpse of him and on other hand everyone is greeting me and taking selfies…Annoying!!! Not really but i,m just not in a mood of interacting…..
And finally he quickly takes his seat ‘oh i,m extremly sorry was an emergency at hospital’ he appologizes…
‘U could hv informed me that u will be late anyway so tell ur important thing ‘ i asked but still he not seems to be ready so he divert the topic ”ammm!! Lets order something before” he said…

from that till order came and we start with ours there was silence…. I start hving my dinner but i could see that he was not eating anything just playing with spoon… As some thoughts was playing with his mind.. Now i hv got some idea about what he wana talk and i had prepared myself enough to listen him calmly and with some patience.. So i gave him time and finally i got to hear something from him with a low voice ”shraa…shravan i really love u r sister” and as i raised my eyes to look him directly there was pause but he hold his courage and continues again ”plzzz listen to me once.. I really love her i know i,m well known coz of my flirty nature but that all was before meeting her now i,m completely changed…and if u wana prove than here it is itself till now i hv never asked to family of any girl before, Confessing my feeling to girl…. And i,ll confess my feelings to her only and only if u think that i,m the one for her…. U hv the only rite to decide good and bad for him…. But i assure u that i will keep her happy whole life and will protect her from every sorrow like u hv done till now……he let out the whole thing in one breath…..
Words may decieve but eyes cant lie and this time his sencierity is clear in his eyes..

Now i,m sure that he is the only one for her but yet”what if she dont loves u. Has she said anything regarding this?’ and he smiled like it was joke and replied ‘its ok if she dont its not condition that if i love her she also hv to.. Atleast then she think me as of her friend that would be enough for me’….’ok! and what if i say i hv better match for her?? I threw my other question….
“u may have.. U can find someone for her who is better in looks and status than me but u will never get someone who can love her more than me”…..

Today i met another vihaan and that was too way impresive… ” full marks doctor vihaan!” i said with satisfactory smile over my face… “means….” i cuted his line ”means i hv no objection with this i cant find anyone better than u..for her” he smiled broadly and said ”thanku soo much” ”no need to be formal but confess this to shanaya soon she is waiting for this” and this time his smile was more wider coz he got my hint.. “Okay i,ll take a leave now as i hv a concert”.


few days pass vihaan did not contacted shanaya as he was planing great surprise for her but his that behaviour hurted her and at last she got his text to meet him at xyz place and she agreed….
Same day sharman were also out as sharvan wanted to tell sumo about shanaya and vihaan and as she heard this she was extremely happy but the veiw she just saw faded away her smile and her that face made sharvan to turn and what he saw was vihaan siting on his knees before aliya… And all words echos in his mind that vihaan said to him that day’now i,m completely changed’ anger grew in him so he just moved and all he respond to situation was a slap to vihaan…. That action of sharvan was too furious that none can make out what just happend sumo,vihaan or aliya……
“so thats u r truth right??? What u said that u hv changed?? U can never vihaan never!!! I feel so dumb that i trust u” sharvan said with his high pitch…
“sharvan!…” vihaan tried to explain but sharvan not let him to do so ”not a word more..not a single word” he raised his finger….

Just then aliya spoke ”enough mr sharvan just becoz u r celeb this doesnot mean that u hv rite to hurt anyones respect how dare u to slap him…. And before reacting to a situation just take a moment to understand what is happening..” sharvan was upto say something when suman holds his hand ”let her speak sharvan”
aliya continues ‘what u guyz thought? That he was purposing me??? No he was just preparing to purpose shanaya as he wants that moment to be perfect one’
and hearing that sharvan was extremly guilty and all he can do is to appologize ‘i,m soooo sorryy vihaan’… “its ok.. Sharvan i didnot mind at all after all we are family now”and give a hug to sharvan…. Sumo and aliya smiled at their brotherhood..

And then soon shanaya entered ”wowww!!! What is happening?”
all four looked into her direction and vihaans eyes glowed up seeing her ”y u all r looking me like this tell me whats going on?” she said with a giggle…
And then crakers starts to burst in sky glittering it up
shanaya looks all around with joy…
Vihaan-i think now i hv to do that infront of u all
sumo-go ahead
sharvan smiles
and vihaan starts to move towards shanaya and stops just infront of her and at once he sat on his knees ” i cant wait anymore! I LOVE U SHANAYA” and his words echos in atmosphere not less than 5 mins.. Air was filled with his feelings ‘i love u shanaya’ and that plays a beautiful smile over her face with some tears of happiness… ” u dont know how much i love…i love u more than anything in this world i will keep loving u like that till my last…. The day i saw u for the first time my eyes captured ur face like that i was seeing it everywhere… And i wana keep looking at this face for the rest of my life…will u give me the rite?????

Shanaya was just seeing him with wide smile and some tears in her eyes…
“my legs are paining say yes plzzz” and shanaya shook her head ”yes”
and vihaan got up and hugged her lifting her up” rose petals falls at them and again crakers bursts and sharman and aliya clap taking out vihaan and shanaya from their world both feels awkward and when trio joined them shanaya hugged shravan in shyness hiding her face who,smiled at her innocence…
“okay guyz time to take a leave” aaliya caught everyones attetion…
“Why? And where” vihaan protested
aliya- ‘back to london!!’
sharvan-atleast stay till their wedding its going to be soon.
Shanaya-yeah plzzzz
aliya-i wish i could
but hv an important work
vihaan-more important than ur friend?
Aaliya-ohhh vihaan my part is played here know i guess thats because i came here so that ur story can progress destiny has written our part at some places at some time and after we played it we hv to moved on for our next role right???
Vihaan gave a not intrested look…. And everyone was silent…
“Com,on thats how u all will bid bye to me” aliya said…
And at last everyone bid her bye nicely and she leaves after sometime….

so how was it????????
Idk why but i feel like epis are getting bor huhhhh though donot know whats wrong but they look bor.anyways give ur reviews over this would love to hear from u guyzzz about this take care lots of love….


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  1. _pari_alisha

    Ok i know there are uncountable mistakes nd i applogize for that

  2. Ariana

    Paroooooooo….(lol I’m so used to calling u just paro than di n all those stuff) but…
    SORRY!!! I read ur previous chap too but couldn’t comment
    Pls forgive me. I couldn’t even breath off easily those days. Luckily tmrw is a half school day so I’m up late and making up for not commenting….
    Anyways for the stry- sooooooooo gd! Brilliant!! Finally Shanaya n vivaan all have a happy lyf. Now waiting for shraman completion.
    Post soon
    Take care
    Love u honey

    1. _pari_alisha

      Its okkkkkk…. No worries for being late….. I understand nd thanku soooooooo much glad u liked it…..

      And sharman confession will be in next epi as that will be LAST one….. Ok plzzz no slippers now plzzzzz love u take care

  3. Prettypreeti

    Parii diii I just lovedur r sooo good one.
    No probg galtiyaan hoti gain.
    I loved it.
    Sorry I m commenting short .
    But just too good.
    Love u.
    Post soon

    1. _pari_alisha

      Awwww preeti thanku sooo much…. Its ok for short comment will post soon take care loads of loveeeee

  4. simply amazing diii…
    happy for shanaya and vihaan waiting for shraman<3

    1. _pari_alisha

      Awww thanku love glad u like it,,,, and sharman part is in next one… hope u will like it take care

  5. hey pari it was just amazing. & cutest one…
    superb episode yaar. just loved it.
    post next one soon..
    lots of love.
    take care…

    1. _pari_alisha

      Thanku sooo much reema will post soon glad u like it,,,,

      lots of love take care!

  6. WeirdSister

    Hey…is ur name alsiha?
    I m so used to calling u angel..that now it feels a bit odd to call u that..but that’s a beautiful name!!!!!
    So from today I will call u that..
    Coming to d epi..
    Vihaan was adorably cute..
    Loved d proposal part….!
    Plz continue aid d story..its not going boring..things r moving quick.. Nd so its good..
    Post soon..
    Love u loads..!
    Take care

    1. _pari_alisha

      Yeah my name is alisha… U can call me angel/alisha as u like sweetie……

      And thanku sooooo much glad u like it….. But i,m gona end this in next part..that is 18th….. I hv to,,,
      hope u will like next part

      take care lots of love

  7. _pari_alisha


    hope u

  8. Ruchi

    Hey Pari…
    how r u dear??
    why u r ending this ff in next part?
    this ff is not at all boring …
    we all love ur ff …
    Anyways the epi was superb …
    poor Vihaan… Bina matlb m thappad pad gya…
    take care…
    Lots of love

    1. _pari_alisha

      Awww ruchi u all had always supported me and that means alot but story has almost ended na better end it in next part….
      I,m good how r u thanku sooo much take care 🙂

  9. Alina

    Hey Alisha..so finally got time..huhh
    How could you say this yr that it’s boring..yes Shraman scenes were less but vihaan shanaya one was not bad..i loved the proposal part to the core..n shanaya shy in front of her bro ?? Overall episode is awesome..

    1. _pari_alisha

      Awwwww alinaaaa thnku sooooooo much glad u liked it…..

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey pari api !!!! Mind blowing episode … just spectaculous .. nd that Confession was cute .. it made me go awestruck :* .. that was really beautiful .. Awwwedorable part ..
    Nd heard abt u r ending this FF ..
    Well !!! m not at all angry r hurt if u end this bcz good things hv to come to an end .. so excited to read ‘Last Part’ .. though it’s updated bt phr b excited 😛

    Take care ..

    Nd again m a latee commentor . So Sooorrryyyyy ..

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