Desh Ki Beti Nandini 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 30th December 2013 Written Update

Dadi asks Uttara if arti’s thal is ready. Uttara was about to object it, but Swaroop stops her and says it’s ready. They go in. In kitchen, Uttara tells a servant to get arti’s thal and red water ready. After she leaves, Uttara asks Swaroop why they have to give royal treatment to Nandini. Swaroop says no matter from where Nandini came, but now she is daughter in law of this house, and they have to treat her like one. Swaroop further says, she has been doing this and that is why ruling the house. Gayatri stays busy in politics, but real deal is ruling the house. Uttara tells her to be careful from Nandini, else Nandini will take her place in 20 days. Swaroop says that’s impossible. The servant brings red water. Uttara sees hot water and adds in

red water. Swaroop sends servant out and then asks Uttara why she’s doing that. Uttara says so she can also know with whom she’s messing. The servant bring’s arti’s thal now and they take and go outside.

Nandini’s grah pravesh ceremony starts. Dadi guides her and when she steps in red water, she moves back right away and takes Rajveer’s support. Dadi gets mad. Uttara asks Nandini if she changed her mind now, but its too late. After Uttara’s comment, Nandini doesn’t say the truth. Divya teases Rajveer and Nandini saying Nandini maybe want to enter in Rajveer’s arms. Rajveer gets mad at her and leaves from there. Divya says she will take Nandini to her room, but Swaroop tells her to go and sleep as she has to wake up early for college. Gayatri then tells Akansha, but Dadi stops her asking her to take her son and make him sleep. She says servant will take her to her room. After that everyone leaves from there leaving Nandini alone.

At Nandini’s house, her mother is missing Nandini and is also worried for her. Her father says she has Rajveer with her so don’t worry. Ritu comes and says Nandini’s smile is enough to win everyone’s heart. Her mother is finally satisfied.

Rajveer is talking with Jeena on the phone. Both say that they are missing each other. Rajveer tells her Nandini’s truth that she married for money. Jeena asks if he’s sure. Rajveer asks if she’s doubting his mother. Jeena says nothing like that and then says she really wants to see him. Rajveer says if he had not promised his mother, then this situation wouldn’t come. Dadi comes and asks what situation? And what he’s doing there instead being in room with Nandini. Rajveer says he got an important call. Dadi tells him to go to his room as Nandini needs him right now. Gayatri comes and saves Rajveer. She tells Dadi that she called Rajveer for some work. Dadi asks Gayatri to leave him alone on this day. She leaves. Rajveer tells Gayatri that there is no way he can be in same room as Nandini. He can’t even see her face after he knew about money deal. Gayatri says she understands and that is why she did arrangements for Rajveer in the study room. Rajveer leaves. Gayatri says to herself farer Rajveer-Nandini stay from each other, better it will be for her, less chances for marriage truth to come out.

Nandini is applying balm on her feet. She looks at Rajveer’s photo and says she messed up everything on her first day in this house and feels bad for it. She further says she was very nervous so couldnt say that water was very hot. Right then door opens and she thinks Rajveer came. It’s Gayatri. She tells him Rajveer had some important work and she fought with him, but he said Nandini is very sensible, she would understand his situation. Nandini says yes work comes first. Gayatri says she is proud of Rajveer’s choice and Nandini says she is proud of Rajveer. Gayatri leaves.

Ritu calls Nandini and asks what she is doing. Nandini says she is about to go to sleep. Ritu says how unromantic, she had thought Rajveer and Nandini must be getting romantic and they would say her kabab mein haddi (someone interfering). Nandini says he had some important work. Ritu then tells Nandini be upset with Rajveer when he comes and puts conditions in front of him like at least one movie in a week, dinner outside, etc.. Nandini smiles and says ok and hangs. Ritu thinks Rajveer must have come as she hanged.

Rajveer can’t sleep thinking about Nandini doing all this for money, other side Nandini can’t sleep as Rajveer still has not returned. There is no water in her room, so she goes out and tries to find kitchen. In study room, Rajveer finds “Project Pandey” file and reads about Nandini. Nandini comes near the study room.

Precap: Nandini is hurt as a servant comes to call her downstairs next morning instead Rajveer or any other family member.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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