Desh Ki Beti Nandini 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Episode start where it ended..that girl planed by Abhay finaly convince nandini that she is Rahul’s girlfriend..Rahul surprise to hear that and intrup .. he got angry.. Nandini feel unconfortable and leav from there.. Rahul follow her and try to stop her by holding her.. Nandini got angry and warned rahul to leav her hand and not try to convince her anymore..and she leav from there.. Rahul is angry..that girl planed by Abhay come to rahul and say to him that all this was Nandini’s plan because she don’t want to merry him and can’t reject him directly so she planed this drama.. Rahul then leav from there angrily…

At pandey home Nandini told everything about Rahul and all are upset..but Nandini pacify them..Rahul’s prents come to Nandini’s Home and talk

bad things about Nandini and blame her.. Nandini’s premts get angry hear all this ..but then Nandini explain to Rahul prents that there is no point of any reletion if trust is not there..

At PRP office Abhay told Gayatri that Nandini’s merrige praposal get breaked now..Gayatri said its good but then what next ? abhay told her that he and team working on new straterges abov wch he innform her soon…at pandey house Nandini ask her father why he not going for evening wa.. he socitey member’s as every one must have knowen abt merriage ishu.. Nandini consol him and said not to worry and face them storogly..he agree and go for walk..just then Nandini’s phone rang its Abhay..he ask Nandi that about which problem she want to disscuss with Rajvir if possible she can come to PRP office at morning and Nandini agrees.. here indraraj and his son talking and indraraj ask sushant that how suddnly Rajvir getting so much popularity ? sushant tell him that Nandini is behind this..indraraj then ask sushant to collect info about Rajvir , Nandini and Abhay came to some blood donation camp..Abhay ask Rajvir to donate blood .. Rajvir hesitate and say he hate Niddle..but then he agree to donate blood ..while doneing blood Rajvir hold Nandini’s hand because of Niddle pain..Nandini lule smile over that ..suddenly Rajvir’s phone rang… some private number..Rajvir take the call..its nun other then Rajvir’s Girlfriend.. she ask Rajvir to meet her imidietly as she is in s town. he is surprize to hear that and leaved from there…Abhay tries to stop him but Rajvir leav from there.. Nandini is surprize by Rajvir’s beiavior..…

Episode Ends there

Update Credit to: Divya

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