Desh Ki Beti Nandini 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 26th December 2013 Written Update

Everyone’s is dancing. Ritu pulls Rajveer and Nandini for dance. Rajveer is trying to leave from there, but he’s surrounded by everyone. Nandini’s family and neighbors pull Rajveer’s family for dance. Uttara, Swaroop, and her husband get very irritated. Rajveer finally succeeds in leaving from there quietly. Abhay’s secretary notices it and she informs Abhay. Abhay informs Gayatri and she is shocked.

Rajveer goes in some special car and changes his clothes. He tricks the guards and is able to leave from there. Gayatri and Abhay come there and ask the guards for Rajveer. They tell them that Rajveer is inside. Abhay and Gayatri don’t see Rajveer inside. Abhay calls Rajveer, but he has left his phone in the car. Gayatri and Abhi

are very worried.

Rajveer enters Jeena’s house right when she cuts her wrist. She tells Rajveer that he is hers and she can’t see him with anyone else and then falls unconscious. Rajveer doesn’t know what to do. He calls Abhay for help. Abhay asks him where he is, but he doesn’t say anything and asks for doctor whom they can trust. Abhay informs Gayatri about this. By now everyone knows that Rajveer is missing. Gayatri tells everyone that Rajveer ate something bad and he’s not feeling well. He will be back soon. Gayatri and Abhay contact Rajveer and asks him to come back right away. Rajveer says he can’t as Jeena needs him. Gayatri tells him doctor is there and asks him to come to wedding right away as pheres time is running out. Rajveer says okay. After doctor’s treatment, Jeena regains consciousness. Doctor tells Rajveer that he gave her injection and she will fall asleep soon. Jeena tells Rajveer that she knows he can’t say no to his mother and that is why she had to do this to stop him. She asks him to stay with her. Rajveer says he’s there and it seems Jeena falls asleep.

Inderraj comes to Gayatri and asks if Rajveer ran away. Gayatri tells him that it’s his habit to run away, not Rajveer or his family’s. Inderraj gets shut.

Inderraj’s son tells him that he has informed everyone from media and their name won’t come anywhere.

Nandini’s family and Rajveer’s family try to meet Rajveer, but Gayatri stops everyone saying he’s feeling better and joining everyone very soon. Nandini calls Rajveer, but no one picks up. Gayatri asks everyone to start pheres preparations. Priest keeps calling Rajveer. Nandini’s mother sends her father to see Rajveer. Her father comes near the car and Gayatri notices it so she says “Rajveer please get ready soon, pheres time is running out”. Hearing this, Nandini’s father leaves from there. Nandini comes to the mandap and now they are waiting for Rajveer.

Gayatri brings the groom (face covered with sehra) to the mandap and Nandini and her family are finally relieved.

Precap: Nandini and the groom take pheres and they finally get married. Ritu tells her jiju not to feel shy and remove the sehra now, they are married now. The groom is slowly taking off the sehra.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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