Desh Ki Beti Nandini 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 1st January 2014 Written Update

Nandini is talking with her family on the phone and some money matter comes. Nandini tells her mother that there is no need to break their FD, and there is 5000 rupees in her savings account. Rajveer hears it and gets confused why Nandini’s family is short of money now. After she hangs, Rajveer asks her why she has to worry about money now. Nandini is confused. He tells her to take money from here and give to her family. Nandini says she would never ever give this family’s money to her family, and even if she does that, her parents wouldn’t agree. This is against their values and her parents won’t even drink water of Nandini’s sasural. She goes on saying that they are a middle class family, but they believe in hard earned money.

Gayatri is planning with Abhay about their campaigns. Rajveer storms in and takes his frustration out at Gayatri. He says he thought so much wrong about Nandini when she’s exactly like how he had thought at first. He also says that it’s unfortunate that his mother is Gayatri. He asks Gayatri to tell the truth, but she is quiet. She tries a lot to not tell anything to Rajveer, but in end she has to tell him the truth as he threatens to tell everything to Nandini. Gayatri tells him Nandini didn’t take any money and she lied to Rajveer because she was afraid this marriage wouldn’t happen then. Nandini married him because she loves him and she was told that Rajveer also loves her. Rajveer asks how she can do this with someone. She has spoiled his, Nandini’s, and Jeena’s lives. Gayatri says she will take care of Nandini. They just have to act for 2 months. Rajveer says this will never end, she will come up with new plans after elections. Gayatri says middle class people only see dreams, they don’t come true. Rajveer says this is ridiculous. How she cannot think about Nandini’s emotions. He says he will go and tell everything to Nandini. Gayatri stops him and says she did wrong so she won’t let Rajveer be bad in front of Nandini. She asks him to give her four days as many general public has already got lots of hopes from Rajveer and she can’t disappoint them. Rajveer says fine, but if she doesn’t tell her the truth by then, then he will tell her. He leaves.

Abhay asks Gayatri why she told him the truth. Gayatri says she had no other option and now at least she made sure Rajveer will be quiet for 4 days. He asks her what they will do next. She tells him its his job and if he wants to save it, then think of something.

Rajveer is upset with himself as he misbehaved with Nandini. He’s running faster and faster on treadmill. He almost falls down and Nandini comes and gives him support on the last moment. She tells him to be careful. Rajveer says sorry to her for his behavior. Nandini says he doesn’t need to be sorry for anything.

Abhay calls Gayatri and tells his plan to send Nandini away from Rajveer.

Nandini’s family is missing her. Right then Gayatri calls them and asks them to come tomorrow and take Nandini with them for pag rasham ritual.

Nandini comes to Gayatri to ask about Rajveer’s favorite dish. Gayatri says he has some important meeting and he will take dinner there. She then tells Nandini that her parents are coming tomorrow to take her. Uttara hears it and says she will have to welcome Nandini’s parents well.

Nandini is going to her room and meets Rajveer. She asks him if he had dinner after his meeting. Rajveer is confused. Nandini says Gayatri told her about it. Rajveer says in his mind what he will say to hide Gayatri’s lie now. He asks her if she ate. Nandini says yes. He tells her to go rest and he leaves. Nandini feels Rajveer is hiding something.

Precap: Nandini asks Rajveer to tell her what’s bothering him. She says she has full faith on him that he would never lie to her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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